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  1. Isn't Wenger's raison d'etre simply to qualify Arsenal for the CL every year? If he fails to do that, then what is it? The only other reason one would bother offering him a 2 year contract at this point is to try and transition on from him in an orderly manner. I suppose bundling him out the door overnight won't automatically rid the club of his influence, plus it would potentially be much more destabilising than transitioning him out.
  2. Part of City's problem is that while they certainly create a lot, they don't finish all that well.
  3. No St. Totteringham's day then LOL. I wouldn't rule out Tottenham burning out at the very end of the season though. Arsenal almost certainly won't overtake them though because they look completely demoralised.
  4. Pedro Caixinha? He won a Liga MX title with Santos Laguna, but Liga MX is a lot more even than the SPL. It will be interesting to see how he goes.
  5. Tottenham are very difficult at home. Let's see how they go away.
  6. Another away game, another 3 points. Doing our 'title credentials' no harm.
  7. A really scrappy win, but you need wins like these if you are going to win the PL. I thought that Conte's team selection might have cost us 2 points, but it was great to see Cahill atone for the penalty. On to our rivals then...
  8. We were more and more undisciplined as the half went on, particularly Costa. He needs a rocket. Also getting Cesc into the game might not hurt, if only to control the tempo.
  9. This is brilliant. We blow the lead again. Costa needs a rocket.
  10. Costa going back to old habits. Looking at the Willian goal, that was really smart placement and clever thinking because the keeper obviously expected him to fire it into the crowd of waiting players and was completely wrong-footed.
  11. Hmmm...don't see the need for Matic against Stoke, especially since Hazard is missing. Stoke have also proven they can frustrate better sides. A bit too defensive a lineup for mine.
  12. I meant in the second leg, sorry. The first leg arguably flattered Leicester, agreed.
  13. Would be very interesting to see Huddersfield in the PL. Aaron Mooy is PL-quality IMO.
  14. I always said that City's defence would give the opposition a chance. Not surprised that a free-scoring side like Monaco put six past them. It is surprising how inflexible Pep can be at times. EDIT: As for Leicester they continue to make history. Sevilla are a good side but Leicester played them off the park.