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  1. Oh this will be tough, especially with our defence leaking goals. Win this and IMO we've almost certainly won the title, but Costa/Hazard will need to fire at the very least.
  2. If we win the title, he'll quite possibly be the main reason why.
  3. Seems that 'dropping' him for Batshuayi was the right move. His second goal was classic Costa - knocking defenders out of the way before slamming it into the corner.
  4. Finally the drought is over. Maybe that 'drop' for Batshuayi sent a message to him. He has looked better today than he has of late.
  5. Why has our defence fallen to bits in recent times?
  6. Hazard is a champ. That's his highest number of PL goals in a season for us.
  7. It took me about a week for the symptoms to dissipate entirely. I was bedridden for much of that time.
  8. He was also last years Ivanovic too, since he was even worse then. Also, 3-5-2 against Southampton? Didn't this tactic backfire against Crystal Palace? We need to win this badly. Am a little worried about a comedown after that smash-and-grab Wembley win.
  9. Now remember the nursery rhyme kids: WITH A KNICK KNACK PADDY WACK GIVE THE DOG A BONE, NORTH LONDONERS f**k OFF HOME!
  10. An upset win? LOL. Hopefully this will take the wind out of Tottenham's sail, but we still have a very important game to play versus Southamption! COME ON CHELSEA!
  11. Where the hell was that from Matic for...the past several weeks? Great goal!
  12. Now that's a sub you can take to the bank!
  13. Does he really rate Chalobah that little?
  14. Why Willian? Why not Pedro? Hell, why not Matic? Willian has scored two goals, even if not from open-play.
  15. No goals from open play yet LOL. Nonetheless, is Willian cementing his place in the side for the next game?