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  1. Tragic news about Tiote. He was a decent destroyer. RIP.
  2. Only pre-historic stuff.
  3. Well that's disappointing. We were comprehensively outplayed. Must do better.
  4. Will be interesting to see how Aaron Mooy performs with them in the PL should they get promoted.
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He's taken his chances very well against weak PL opposition. I think he will thrive in a lesser PL side which doesn't expect much from its striker beyond poaching goals - his speed and runs behind the defence would make him a real threat to any high defensive line.
  6. Epic finish to an epic season - a fitting send off for Chelsea's greatest ever defender. Who needs the most PL points when you have the most PL wins? On another note, although he's faced relatively weak PL opposition it is heartening to see Michy take his chances when offered. He is certainly more limited than Costa at his best, but he's an impressive poacher.
  7. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    A real striker's finish tonight.
  8. I missed this game but from what I saw it seemed like good entertainment combined with some poor defending from both sides. You could tell that JT and Zouma haven't played regularly for quite a while. I was half expecting Conte to roll out the reserves for this game because he has done it before (LC vs West Ham). I don't really see this game as being evidence of anything besides the fact that Batshuayi is a good poacher. Also nice drives from Azpi and Cesc.
  9. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    He's quality, but better than Carvalho, Desailly and even Gallas? Big call.
  10. The overall quality of their play IMO is not an improvement over Van Gaal's despite Zlatan and Pogba's presence. I think you have a real chance if: 1) Tottenham adjust to Wembley quickly 2) Dele Alli, Kane, Eriksen and Pochettino are retained 3) Janssen improves so that Tottenham aren't quite as reliant upon Kane as their main striker - it also allows you to change formations if you are struggling to penetrate. Tottenham IMO do occasionally have this issue, particularly when they play away. Also arguably makes it harder to rotate properly for European games
  11. Tottenham hasn't performed this well in the league since 1962/63. I bet @Spudulike is pleased. Certainly they're superior to Redknapp's side, which while entertaining and talented was tactically naive.
  12. I sympathise with this argument, but I'm not sure they deserve to be Top 4 after all that is said and done. At least Liverpool have lifted their game against the stronger sides whereas Arsenal have often sunk without a trace in the big games. Plus I am amused at the thought of Arsenal swanning around on Thursday night. There is a certain monotony to them making Top 4 and then getting drilled in the last 16 of the CL.
  13. "Man City clearly deserve to be first, because their GD is greater."
  14. I'm actually glad Liverpool won, if only to stop Arsenal getting into the Top 4.