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  1. This squad is too thin IMO. Also while I consider Bakayoko and Morata to be very talented, I certainly think they're a work in progress.
  2. Seems like a routine win. How did our support respond to Chelsea's least favourite son? I hope they gave him the proper 'welcome'.
  3. I'm reasonably happy with that side. Drinkwater will provide more creativity than Bakayoko would.
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I did say earlier that he was inconsistent and has lapses of concentration. I expect those issues to resolve themselves somewhat as he matures.
  5. Not a dreadful result in isolation considering we had to fly back from Baku, had less time to prepare than Liverpool and were playing in Anfield, but this probably ends our chances of catching Man City. Was surprised that Cahill and Drinkwater started. How did they go?
  6. Would play Rudiger instead of Cahill in the 3-5-2. Cahill is fine when there's an aerial threat but he struggles against pacy players who press him.
  7. I thought it was correct simply because it was a professional foul where the defender made no real attempt to win the ball, plus he was the last man and impeding an obvious goal-scoring opportunity? Agree that you wouldn't often see those given in England though. Kompany's foul on Vardy on Saturday was far more egregious.
  8. Willian

    Looked better than he has for a long time, albeit against Qarabag.
  9. I'm surprised by how easily we won. I expected Qarabag to put up stouter resistance after their heroics vs Atletico Madrid but nothing doing. Two silly penalties were given away (the red card was correct too because it was a professional foul and the defender made no attempt to win the ball), Willian finished off a great team move and then scored one of his long-range specials. As far as I can tell we also never really got out of second gear. Glad to have qualified after Roma lost, now we should look to top the group.
  10. I fell asleep when we were 2-0 down because I was confident of the win. Glad to see it was justified.
  11. Tottenham's players look like they've not adjusted to the PL well after their midweek rigours.
  12. Emanalo The Problem

    I'm not sure what to think about Emenalo or his departure. I have called him names in the distant past on this forum, but to be fair it was never entirely clear what his role was. Eventually, I developed the impression that he was originally a scout who moved into a more senior role wherein he was responsible for initiating senior player signings, but maybe that's wrong. His credentials for such a role were certainly dubious but we have brought in some quality players and surprise packets during his time. Maybe he deserves some credit for that after all. Best of wishes to him.
  13. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    I've criticised him in recent times, but he's always been very effective in the air and it showed today against Lukaku/Fellaini. Kudos.
  14. Cahill brought on because of Lukaku's height? I wouldn't mind Drinkwater sub for Cesc if we have the lead. He's definitely more solid defensively.
  15. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Been below his usual high standards overall, but shunting him to wing-back doesn't help.