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  1. He will leave for Madrid but you're very naive if you think he'll leave THIS summer. That won't happen until at least next year. Also, Madrid are apparently giving Asensio a chance to prove himself. So that's going to take another season for them. Chelsea aren't going to sell this summer either. Not until we've had another go at the CL with him. This is Chelsea we're talking about. Let's use some logic based on history and how this club is run. Leave all the sensationalism from the papers out of this. Also, Ronaldo isn't becoming a #9. It's just the way Zidane plays his formation sometimes that sees him drift centrally every now and then waiting for a cross.
  2. If we don't win it, it will be us blowing it. Because regardless of how they finish, if we do our jobs, we win it.
  3. I don't think you lot realize that they NEED to equal our 13 game win streak in other to win the title. A streak that's the highest in league history. Easier said than done. We'll see.
  4. Judging by comments from Conte and the boys, that's the mentality they have too. So I don't see any need for panic.
  5. Lot of doom and gloom here 4 points ahead. Amazing. First of all, as history as proven, it doesn't matter how sh*t a form Arsenal are in, when they play Spurs, they almost always beat Spurs. Besides, Arsenal have a new found confidence and have been playing 3 at the back the past few games trying to get top 4 so that game at the weekend is even more important for them than it is for Spurs, believe it or not. Arsenal will also want to spoil their party seeing as it's the last NLD at WHL. Don't underestimate that fixture. West Ham....all you have to do is ask Spurs fans. No matter how bad they're playing, they raise their game several levels when it's time to play Spurs. And they play it in their stadium too, in front of their own fans. You better believe they'll be up for that game. And yes, Hull will need points on the last day so that is by no means an easy match for them either. Not to mention Leicester has shown this evening that even though they have nothing more to play for, they'd still like to get 3 points. I think in your effort to express how we're overestimating Spurs' fixtures, you've gone on to underestimate it all. You've also ignored the fact that Spurs have lost a lot of points away from home this season and 3 of their last 5 games are away while we have 3 of our last 5 at home. Finally, if we focus on ourselves and win all our games (even if we lose to Everton this weekend) nothing Spurs do will matter. They can win their last 5 games with 7-0 scorelines each, it won't matter if we pull out 1-0 wins to close out the season.
  6. Let's hope Koeman tries to outdo himself again by playing 3 at the back against us.
  7. Spurs aren't winning BOTH Palace and Arsenal. I'd put 100 quid on that.
  8. Ahead of us how? It would be a 1 point difference worst case scenario.
  9. Because they played a tough match against Liverpool on Sunday and he's got his eye on the Burnley match at the weekend. Doesn't mean they can't get something against Spurs though.
  10. Big Sam has already beaten all other London teams, he needs to complete it with a win against Spurs tomorrow. Hopefully they win 3-2.
  11. Well done to Costa finally playing well tonight. Hopefully he can keep it up to see out the season. Still worried about our defence though. The way it's looking, Lukaku is sure to score at the weekend, seeing as we never keep ex Chelsea players from scoring.
  12. Definitely won't be this summer but it's possible next summer. Hopefully he leads us to a CL title before he leaves.
  13. Would love a win and a clean sheet here. 3-0 Chelsea, hopefully. I want to see Ake, Willian and Cesc in the team. I assume Diego and Hazard are definitely starting. Hopefully Diego can be up for it for these last 6 games.
  14. Nope. Next.