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  1. Think players like Lamps and Shearer aren't exactly begging for money. Especially Lamps who was earning over 100k/week while Pogba was still trying to get a pro contract. Someone needs to tell Jose.
  2. Article is spot on about Jose. "f**k off Jose" and "Judas"(don't think anyone really said that but hey!) were probably a bit too far but actually having a go at Jose was fully justified. We gave him a warm welcome when he came around in October. But since then he has gone out of his way to slag off our new manager, our team, our style of play and even us fans who f**king stood by him all the way and turned on the players last season because of him. We f**king chanted his name at the top of our voices when he had us 17th. Respect is reciprocal. If he shuts up from this point forward, he might just start to gain that goodwill back. Favorite part of the article for me:
  3. You'll regret it. 98% of the time, they're bloody awful and clueless. This is the 2%.
  4. Because I'm not deaf either. I wasn't at the game but it was hardly ear bursting in the stadium. You're embarrassing yourself at this point.
  5. That's not what proves you're up Jose's arse. You're here f**king trying to make a case for Herrera not hearing Smalling's instruction because the stadium was supposedly too loud. Stamford Bridge is hardly 98k Camp Nou mate.
  6. If he can hear his manager on the touchline, he can definitely hear Smalling who's on the pitch and only a few yards away from him. He's not f**king deaf. You're twisting yourself in a nut trying to defend Jose and United at every turn. You'd fit right in at RedCafe.
  7. Yet he has a worse record against Chelsea than he did with any other team. Hardly worked like a charm, did it?
  8. Herrera was right in front of Smalling. Go back and watch the footage again. Hardly as far away from Smalling as Rashford or Mhkitaryan.
  9. Get out of Jose's arse. You're clearly not reasoning properly. There's a reason the league rules allow captains to talk to the refs. There's a reason teams have captains. It's not Oliver's fault Smalling didn't tell the rest of his team mates (or didn't feel the need to tell them).
  10. That went over my head. You're correct.
  11. Haven't said you shouldn't state your opinion. I've even defended some c**t in this thread despite how far off Jose's arse he is. Public forum, freedom of opinion. But back to the topic, you can't always have it your way. Games have been few and far between this season. No need to complain about game time for certain players. I'm sure they fully understand. I'd bet you Ake probably would have been benched by now. They've been on a terrible run since January and Ake probably would have been sat at some point out of desperation. Rather have him back us up here. If we make deep runs in all comps next season, we'll probably play 60 games give or take. If Ake gets around 20 games out of that, no one will complain. Let's not be so hasty to throw the youngsters in. I'd understand if Jose was the manager but Conte in his career hasn't shied away from playing youngsters (most obvious example being playing Pogba) so I'm sure he has a plan and he knows what he's doing. So again, relax.
  12. They've lost to Hull in the League Cup and Saint Etienne in the Europa League though. Not really unbeaten. Plus there's been like 10 draws in that run so it's hardly a mind blowing run. There's a reason they've spent 100 days stuck in 6th position even though they shaved off a few points. But yes, they're better than they were earlier in the season.
  13. Good thing we're paying Conte to implement what he wants. Not what you want.
  14. Don't forget the tap in Willian carved out for him too. It was harder to miss than score and he somehow missed it. Any kind of contact at all and it would have gone in. Should have gotten an easy brace.