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  1. Why aren't we looking at Serge Aurier? Has an attitude problem at PSG but so did Anelka everywhere before Chelsea and after Chelsea. Only player that has maintained his attitude problem here that I can remember over the last 15-17 years is Costa. I tend to think Conte can work on this lad. On the pitch, he's a fantastic RB and he'd be perfect for us. Apparently United and Juventus are looking to get him. Not sure why there hasn't been any reported interest on our part. Really don't want to see Azpi at RWB.
  2. I was just about to say that picture could have been from any city lol.
  3. We should probably release the entire first team and play the youth from top to bottom. We'd not only save money but also make a lot of money on sales, ehy?
  4. Allegri already shut the rumours down. He's not leaving.
  5. The fact that it's a specialist position makes it that much more important. Or are you not listening to yourself? Spend 60m everywhere else and you're find with it but spend 60m on perhaps the most important position in our team based on our formation and you're throwing a fit? Football fans do my head in.
  6. Don't you know Alonso is the greatest LB in the history of football? I think it's a bubble that will burst eventually.
  7. Oh what happened? NOW you care about the price again? Pick one opinion and stick with it mate. Stop flip flopping.
  8. You really are clueless mate. Sorry to say.
  9. Money. Juve can't match what we'll offer him. We're offering much more. More than double his current wages. Plus it's not like we're a nothing Anzi Mackhachkala (sp?) club anyway. We're a few additions away from Real/Barca/Bayern/Juve level in Europe so it's not a downgrade either. Plus there are reports that his family never really settled in Turin and would love a move to a city like London (who doesn't?). Throw in the fact that we have quite a few Brazilians AND we have Conte too and it's not that far fetched when you think about it.
  10. I really don't care that much. I hardly expect anything when England are playing anyway. I guarantee you we'll get to the quarter final in Russia next year and lose in embarrassing fashion again. Maybe even earlier. Only 1 real world class English player at the moment and that's Kane. Alli looks really good but he still has to prove his consistency. I think we have something with Baker and I'd love for Conte to at least give him a chance in pre-season to impress. He's a really good talent imo and I think he's level headed enough to grab the chance if given. On topic: Courtois Azpi Luiz VVD (New RWB) Kante Bakayoko Sandro Pedro Hazard Lukaku Really wish we could get a new RWB from somewhere. I hope Conte's not planning to depend on Moses on that wing all season again or even Azpi. Sanchez would be nice but I don't see that happening. Short of Sanchez, I don't know who else we could get that would be a legit upgrade on Pedro at the moment. Not the biggest fan of James Rodriguez.
  11. You have no idea what you're posting.
  12. Yeah you've definitely been living under a rock. He'll be putting pen to paper before the end of this week. The Premier League is not some Olympian, insurmountable league. Players come in and tear the league apart every year. Enough with that "adapt to the Premier League" talk already.
  13. I'd fall in love with Jose again if he took Matic off our hands for 40 mil tbh.
  14. You couldn't possibly be talking about the same Ousmane Dembele who's a forward, right? Or is there another player named 'Ousama Dembele' who's a midfielder?