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  1. All good mate. I'm sure the boys will make you feel better with 3 points today.
  2. It indicates it's his opinion that they will win the league. Why are we even talking about this? We've gone totally off the point of my initial post. Not sure why he took it as an attack.
  3. Well that's not what your post said. This is what it said. Not "may", "will". So forgive me if I didn't read it as a may. And no one is attacking you for thinking that either way. Calm your tits ffs. You stated your opinion and we stated ours. It wouldn't be a forum if we didn't have a difference of opinions. Pointing out Conte's progress is not attacking you mate. Christ. For example, you say Jose always wins in his 2nd seasons, which is fair. But Jose had never been out of the top 3 in his career before last season and he may well end this season outside the top 3, maybe even the top 4. Nothing about the current climate of the league and present day Jose suggests it'll all follow the historical trend in his career. That's me pointing out my view on it. It's not an attack on you.
  4. We underrate Conte yet again. If Conte gets the players he actually wants in the summer, who's to say we don't retain the title (assuming we win this season)? Nobody expected him to be challenging for the title this year anyway. Everyone thought it would be Pep and Jose. Granted we all expect Pep and Jose to be better next season but logically, you'd expect Conte's team to be even better. But I bet the narrative going into next season among fans and the media will once again be Pep vs Jose, sidelining Conte. In a way, I like that. Takes the pressure off him and lets him focus.
  5. They've hit their peak this season imo. I don't think they can play better than this, at least not this season. It would be interesting to see how they do in the last month and half of the season. They play 4 of the top 6 in that stretch if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Rather have City win. Would be nice to have a 10 point lead going to Anfield.
  7. I've just checked the scores and found out Liverpool have lost to Swansea and United are about to lose to Stoke. Wow. I had assumed this round of fixtures would be easy for every top 6 team except City and Spurs. Amazing. Edit: Spoke too soon. Rooney equalizes. Probably for the better. Rather have them in the CL than Spurs or Liverpool.
  8. Time to move this thread then. Good luck Bamfordinho!
  9. Got a feeling this was all a long game by that c**t Mendes to get even more wages from Chelsea for Costa than was being offered. Seems like he'll get his way in the end. I feel the club need to have some sort of clause that would reprimand him from rubbish behavior mid season. This is getting tiring.
  10. Blimey! Best thing I've seen all day!
  11. Never thought I'd see the day.
  12. Didn't have to post this video mate. I watched it and all of a sudden I feel all the rage of 8 years ago all over again. I almost want to punch that bald c**t through my screen. Then again, I shouldn't have hit the play button.
  13. Christ. What has gotten into Juventus? Looks like the Atari logo ffs!
  14. That is beautiful.
  15. I'd be shocked if Chelsea didn't go in for him in the summer. Doesn't matter if we succeed with our bid or not. Just rattle the cage at the Emirates. Of course if we did in fact get him, it would be AMAZING. A front three of Hazard-Costa-Sanchez is CL trophy quality. We'd be challenging for the CL right away. I wouldn't mind if we spent 65m getting him. But based on Conte's comments, it doesn't seem to me like he fancies spending heavily any one player so I don't know how possible that would be. Either way, we need an upgrade on Willian/Pedro on the right side that can match (or surpass) Hazard's quality on the left, along with one or two other signings if we want to win the CL next season.....which of course we should be aiming for. Would be a perfect end to the Bridge as it is today.