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  1. We have failed to beat this lot 3 times out of the last 4 games, and they tend to get all of the big decision's in their favour when they face us. Ashley Barnes not getting sent off for nearly causing 3 serious injuries to our players, Cahill and Fabregas being sent off at the start of the season, i think it's time for a little payback.
  2. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Willian shouldn't be a candidate for player of the season for us, he's played well from January to March, the rest of the season he has been really poor, especially for the first 5 months of the season. Azpilicueta has probably had his worst season for us, and Alonso only turned up for half of the season. Kante and Rudiger are the only ones that have been consistent from start to finish. Hazard was alongside them until his form dropped.
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    The only gripe i have with that team of the year is the positions. Eriksen in the centre of 4-3-3 midfield? That makes no sense. It should be a defensive minded player in there.
  4. Marcos Alonso

    A nice surprise to see one of our lot in there. Probably deserved it more last season than he did this season, but i'll take it.
  5. Rate the signings

    It's hard to rate the January signings, it's usually better to give them a rating next season, especially when they are just coming back from big injuries like Barkley and Emerson are. Caballero - 7 - I think as a backup, he's done well enough, an upgrade on Begovic in my opinion. Rudiger - 8 - Best of the lot. After his performances at the Confederations Cup, i was looking forward to see how he would do for us, and i think he's been good. He's quick, passes well, got himself a few goals and most importantly, he defends well. He's been one of our most consistent players this season. Zappacosta - 5 - An average player playing like an average player does. I personally think he wasn't worth spending money on. Aina may not be any better, but i would rather he was given a chance and we kept the money back for next season to see if we could have got somebody better. Bakayoko - 3 - Even a 3 may be too kind, he's been awful. He wasn't anything special or even somebody that stood out at Monaco last season. I was against the signing from the beginning and his performances on the pitch prove me right. I was hoping to be wrong, but with some players, you can just tell that they aren't good enough. I'm shocked that we had him on our radar for so long, i don't know what the scouts seen in him. Drinkwater - 4 - Waste of money. He's a solid player.......for a mid table team. Probably deserved more chances than he has been given because of the poor form of Bakayoko and Fabregas, but he was never good enough for us in the first place. £30m+ for Drinkwater? even in today's market that is way too much money. In this inflated market, he's £15m at the very most. If Drinkwater is worth £30m+, then the players we sold or sent out on loan are worth double that. Morata - 6 - A good first quarter of the season, awful since his injury though. I was unsure about us signing him at the time because he couldn't hold a place as number 1 striker at two top clubs, and now it makes sense why. The guy is soft, mentally and physically, too soft for a striker, especially in this league. Goes down too easily, always moans at the ref, misses a lot of good chances, he's got all of the traits you don't want in your number 1 striker. He needs to improve in many areas if he is going to be this world class striker that some people said he was going to be before we signed him. Hopefully next season he makes improvements, we need it if we are going to become challengers again. Barkley - N/A - Can't really rate a player that has been out injured. Best to evaluate him next season. Emerson - N/A - Not even been given a chance. Possible the wrong time to sign him seeing as he lacks any match fitness. Giroud - 7 - Not somebody i wanted at the club, but he's done ok with the chances he has been given. He's not a top level striker but he's a very good impact sub. Two very poor transfer windows in my opinion, up there with the worst in the Abramovich era.
  6. Marcos Alonso

    Grown man, boot to the back of the leg, it really isn't THAT bad. It's not like Alonso went full speed and put as much force as he could into it either. It's a red card by law, but in reality, it wasn't all that bad. If the ref said he seen it but thought it wasn't even a foul, then he shouldn't be a ref.
  7. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Players told to fake celebrate Actors paid to be fans CGI fans See, this is why the there should be a rule that only Chelsea should be allowed to win titles
  8. Marcos Alonso

    Wasn't even given as a foul. So if it's not a foul, then the ref didn't see it right? Why was Vertonghen not banned? oh right, because unlike the Alonso challenge, it wasn't mentioned heavily by the media
  9. Marcos Alonso

    I wouldn't call it an awful challenge, the player probably barely felt it. Me and my brother were doing worse to each other in the back garden as kids and that never hurt. I'm not saying it's not a red card, i just don't think the actually challenge was really all that bad. A foot into the back of the leg doesn't hurt that much, at most it's going to bend the leg........which is something the leg is supposed to do. If it was the front of the leg, then i would say it was an awful challenge.
  10. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Just when things were on the up for him. Bad news for him, Belgium, Dortmund and us.
  11. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    .......again. It's not the first time it's happened. It's happened to him with Barcelona and Bayern Munich. It's like i said a few weeks ago, we would never have won the title last season with Guardiola as manager. He would never be able to build a team on limited funds.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    He lacks a spine. Against West Ham, he was actually performing pretty well, because he just got on with things, against Southampton, it was the opposite. Against Southampton, it was back to having tantrums. His tantrums remind me of Ronaldo's tantrums, maybe that is who he picked it up from.
  13. Thibaut Courtois

    I thought the same thing at the time. Although i have my criticisms of Courtois, De Gea would not have been able to hold onto the ball like that, he would have had to push it over the bar and people would be saying it was a brilliant save.
  14. MOTD Chelsea rant

    I agree, and i'm usually one of the first to criticise the media. They mentioned it, but they didn't go overboard with it like they have done in the past. It was a quick mention, and then they moved on.