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  1. They are beating Bayern 2-0 at the moment. Bayern aren't playing with anywhere near the same intensity they were showing against us though. Ribery has also gone off with another injury, the guy is as injury prone as Robben.
  2. A very good and tough work out from us. That was probably just what we needed really.
  3. Batshuayi with another pre season goal. 3-2.
  4. And Arsenal beating them 3-2, that would never happen in a competitive game.
  5. In a friendly these things happen quite often.
  6. They have had far more games though as a team.
  7. Haha, did anyone see that Wenger Out sign ?
  8. Courtois is struggling with his kicking today.
  9. One needed to track Lewandowski's run and the other should have got closer to Muller. Both backing off just invited Muller to shoot.
  10. I agree. Players in teams like Bayern Munich don't panic when closed down quickly and will play through the small gaps. In the Champions League i think we will need to be very careful with that. Closing players down is a strength, but it can also become a weakness if 2 or 3 players are taken out of the game from one simple pass.
  11. Very slow start, Bayern were about 10 gears ahead of us to begin with, we came into the game after the drinks break though and deserved that goal i thought.
  12. Bayern themselves had a shocker the other day though, they got battered 4-0 by AC Milan. It's best not to read too much into friendlies.
  13. Before anybody panics, just remember that this is only our 2nd pre season game, this is Bayern's 7th.