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  1. It was a disgusting tackle from Neil Taylor. The intent was clear for all to see and he shouldn't get away with only a 3 game ban for that. With lunges like that, there is always a huge risk of breaking a players leg and this time it has happened. Neil Taylor should be getting a long ban from football, not just international football either. He should be banned from ALL football for a long time. I'm also sick of people coming out and saying "he isn't that type of player" when players make challenges like this. Neil Taylor obviously is that type of player seeing as he has potentially ended another players career. Just say it as you see it. That was a cowards tackle and he shouldn't let off lightly for it. There isn't anything worse in football than seeing someone trying to seriously injure another footballer. If Suarez can get a long term ban for biting, then Neil Taylor deserves just as much ( probably more ) for what he did tonight. He didn't even look like he gave a sh*t about what he did either, he was actually complaining about the foul given against him. I would not be at all surprised if Coleman doesn't fully recover from this. He's out for a year at least with that injury and it's going to take a long time for him to get anywhere near match fitness again. By then he could be into his 30's. This type of injury has happened at possibly the worst time in his career.
  2. Bury 1 - 3 Fleetwood Town Coventry 0 - 1 Bristol Rovers Gillingham 1 - 1 Peterborough Northampton 2 - 1 Oxford Utd Oldham 0 - 2 Sheff Utd Strawberry 0 - 2 Bolton
  3. I watched on ITV and had to laugh at how much praise they were giving England. Changing to a back 3 is a good idea and i hope we stick with it, but i don't for a second think England will go far with with the players we have. England last night were trying their hardest to beat Germany. Germany weren't taking it serious at all and they still won. One wonder strike from Germany was enough to beat England and that is all it takes these days. England don't have winners in their side, they have a few, but a lot of them are used to losing. They don't have that superstar player either. That one superstar player can turn an average team into a winning team. Just look at Portugal. A very average team, probably worse than England, but the difference is that they have Ronaldo.
  4. Anyone else tired of seeing these kind of interviews given when international football takes place ?
  5. Joey Barton also said he was better than Lampard, Gerrard and Wilshere once too. The guy is full of sh*te, always has been, always will be. He'll probably be a regular pundit with BBC when he retires. They love their ex footballers who talk sh*te.
  6. What about all of the refs that give Barcelona big decisions at vital moments in games ? I would like to know how they came to the conclusion that this ref definitely cheated. Yes he got a big decision wrong, but i have seen much worse over the years.
  7. He's one of the Monaco players i am least interested in.
  8. The funniest thing is that Firmino can actually see that Lallana messed that up and he still half celebrates
  9. What was that rubbish Guardiola was coming out with in that interview ? He was talking like a manager that just managed the last game of his career
  10. Sky are going a bit over the top with this game. It was a good game, but i have seen much better this season. With the way they are talking, you would think it was the best game of the season.
  11. Oh i agree, i think he is world class too and would love him here with us, but he does seem to have a habit of missing great chances.
  12. No more proper football now until April 1st. sh*tty international break on the way.
  13. What is wrong with Aguero ? is he a bottler ? He is a brilliant footballer, but at the most crucial moments, he misses. He's a bit like Higuain in the big games.
  14. What the f**k Lallana