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  1. If i could agree with this 10 times then i would. I thought BT were terrible last night, worse than they have ever been. They tried to create a narrative for United and it didn't sit right with me at all. We weren't the only ones that thought this either. I was seeing a lot of people on Twitter that were angry with them too.
  2. I have been happier with Willian this season more than i have in any other season since he joined us. I think he's been more effective as a squad player being rotated with Pedro.
  3. I see signing Djilobodji as a positive now. We made a profit on him and he helped relegate Sunderland
  4. They have been this way all season. Even when there were other English sides in the competition, the only team they got excited for was United. You would think United were in the Champions League playing against the very best players in the world. The only competition they have faced in this tournament is teams that would struggle for a top half finish in the Premier League and teams that would struggle to avoid relegation in the Premier League.
  5. Well, that was boring.
  6. Ajax should have scored that, what a terrible shot that was. Sums up their evening.
  7. I think Ajax were the perfect team for Mourinho to come up against. Physically weak and are constantly looking to score the perfect goal. Mourinho has been dealing with teams like this since his Porto days.
  8. Did anybody catch what Jake Humphrey said on BT Sport ? He said this: "Biggest game of the season, not just for United, but for all of us." The guy is embarrassing. I can't believe that BT Sport are making me miss ITV
  9. The defender should be throwing his head at that......Terry would never have let United score that goal.
  10. Definitely over now. It's been easy for United, Ajax haven't done anything.
  11. Worst first half i have seen in a final for years. Terrible football, terrible atmosphere and terrible commentary.
  12. It can't be helping Traore's performance with that animal on his head......
  13. I don't know how they managed it, but BT have found someone worse than Michael Owen. Owen Hargreaves is the worst i have heard so far .
  14. I agree. The Champions League trophy looks boring.
  15. Does anyone else feel that BT going on about what happened in Manchester is really tasteless ? It feels like they are trying to make a story out of it to connect it to United if they just doesn't feel right.