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  1. Remembering liverpool vs chelsea 0-2

    My favourite reply was "Chelsea are f**king c**ts wish i was f**king dead" After already laughing at the replies before it, this one finished me off, and this was on the first page out of 59
  2. Remembering liverpool vs chelsea 0-2

    Outside of us actually winning trophies, it's up there as one of my favourite moments in football. It felt so satisfying seeing us beat them when they were so confident of winning the title. Seeing Gerrard miss control and then slip not so long after his "this does not slip" speech was something you only see in football. Then you had Gerrard trying desperately to have another one of his Stevie Me moments with his wasteful long range shots. Next we had Liverpool fans getting more and more desperate as time went on. Then in the last few seconds one of their ex players runs through on goal and set's up Willian for a tap in. The best thing to take out of that day was knowing that we saved football. If Liverpool had got anything out of that game they would have gone on to win the title and we would still be hearing about it today. The media wanted Liverpool to win the title and were trying to make out that most football fans wanted Liverpool to win the title too, but it couldn't have been further from the truth. A great day of football that still makes me smile to this day
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Missed out on Chamberlain ? no, we dodger a bloody bullet.
  4. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Robson-Kanu......what the f**k was that ? Terrible miss.
  5. Comfortable. Look's ready to start for the first 11 now i think. Passing at times was great, the ball was stuck to him like glue at times and he could easily have had a goal for himself but he played it to Batshuayi instead.
  6. Not necessarily. Look at Pedro, he's skinny and he's had a great career. Willian is skinny too, as is Jesus, Silva, Mata, Rashford, Mahrez. It's a myth that you need to be well built to cope in football. I think for wingers, it's better to have less meat on them, too much muscle could slow them down.
  7. Good performance all over. I hope we see more of Musonda this season, i also think Christensen and Rudiger should be ahead of Cahill now and i also think they could give Luiz some tough competition too.
  8. Solid again from Christensen. Great competition at CB this season. Him and Rudiger have looked impressive.
  9. With the way things have been going for us of late, i was expecting a red card.
  10. He was born in 2000.......the young footballers these days make me feel old.
  11. Would have loved to see Hazard take that himself, but great team play by him.
  12. Why am i not surprised that the United game was the game that was going to be on Sky I think Sky and BT has televised every single one of their games so far this season.
  13. What a pass that was from Fabregas, great first touch from Musonda too, it just needed the finish.
  14. Squad players doing all they have been asked to do so far today. Good stuff.