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  1. Good goal by Blackburn.
  2. Over the years, i have seen a lot of people say that goal was overrated. I don't know how they can say that. Pretty much everybody that was watching it was completely shocked by it, it took me a few seconds to realise what he had just done. When a goal does that to somebody, you know it's something special. He was also playing against the best goalkeeper and defence in the world at the time.
  3. This was one of my favourite moments of that night The delayed reaction from the one with the glasses get's me every time.
  4. Then you had MOTD laughing it off because one of the pundits is friends with Joey Barton
  5. With a lot of teams you hear people say "it's always the odd few that spoil it for the rest" but with Millwall fans it always seems to be the opposite, it's more than the odd few. It's like being a prick just comes natural to those lot.
  6. I'm all for bringing the youngsters forward but i would still go with Terry over any of them right now. If Terry was happy with playing a similar role next season, i would be very happy for him to get another year on his contract. Next season we will have a lot more fixtures and i would rather see experience partnered up with youth for the odd game rather than see two younger players playing together.
  7. Terry for me. Looked solid, like he had been playing regular football all season.
  8. Sometimes we forget that F.A cup ties away from home against sides like this are never easy. If people are worried by that performance today, then they just need to look at City. 0-0 against Huddersfield away and they played a pretty strong team too.
  9. Not a great performance, but we are through. It's never easy away to sides like this in the F.A cup. Second half was much better than the first, offensively we were pretty frustrating. Moses especially was frustrating. He got forward well all day, but his final ball was extremely poor. Defensively we looked a bit all over the place in the first half, the second half was much better though. I would still trust a 36 year old Terry over the younger players we have. He doesn't have the pace but everything else was pretty much spot on.
  10. COSTA !!! He really needed that.
  11. Goodness me, Moses final ball today is one of the worst i have ever seen. It's every single time. It's such a shame because he's doing everything else really well.
  12. His final ball has always been poor though. He would be one of the best wing backs in the world if he sorted that out. He does everything else well.
  13. Lovely goal, brilliant team play.
  14. Costa would have buried that a few weeks back.
  15. Every cross from Moses is hitting the first defender.