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  1. It's like Sunderland want to get relegated.
  2. I can't believe that nobody has tried to get Seamus Coleman off Everton over the years. I think he's a top wing back and would be perfect for our system. He's been playing below his level for some time now in my opinion.
  3. Oh no, i'm not liking this anymore. My lead is getting smaller and smaller and my predictions have been terrible of late
  4. Hazard isn't the only player in the league that has this problem though. The top players are always getting kicked all over, but they fight through it. I do agree that he needs more protection though. He more often than not get's the foul, but the fouls are so cynical, the refs should be booking these players. The top players are being punished for being better than other players in this league, it's always been this way. No wonder why they tend to bugger off to Spain in the end. It's not like i want the Premier League to be soft like La Liga, but it's damn frustrating watching the top players constantly getting hacked down.
  5. What ?
  6. 4 points, it's Liverpool who are in 4th at the moment, Arsenal are 2nd.
  7. These clubs can give us all of the money in the world for the likes of Courtois, Hazard and Costa, but we shouldn't take it. Courtois is finally starting to show why he was seen as one of the best in the world at Atletico Madrid. You can't replace that. The same goes for Hazard and Costa. Hazard's form has dipped in recent games but him and Costa are pretty much irreplaceable. Talent like Hazard doesn't come around often, and goalscorers like Costa are incredibly hard to find. We haven't had luck with strikers over the years, why would we want to put ourselves in the position where it could take us years to find another one ?
  8. I don't think he will ever get that confidence back that he had when first re-signed for us. The Matic that would out-muscle the likes of Yaya Toure, the Matic that would break opposition attacks and quickly set us up on an attack of our own so easily, that Matic is gone i think. It wasn't long ago that he was being rated as the best DM in the world by some. He's not as bad as last season, nowhere near it, but he's also nowhere near as good as he used to be for us. I know that Fabregas isn't brilliant defensively, but i would still rather he played over Matic in most games. It's not like Matic is so great defensively himself these days. At least with Fabregas we would have someone who can pick a pass out without needing to think about it for 5 seconds.
  9. Has anyone else noticed that when he makes saves, he doesn't push the ball back into the danger zone so much anymore ? He used to be terrible for doing this and it was one of my main criticisms of him. These days he is pushing the ball to the side or out for a corner. Anywhere is better than pushing it back into the middle of the penalty area.
  10. I thought he was pretty average against Leicester. Both Pedro and Willian had a far better game than he did. He's nowhere near the form he was in in the first quarter of the season. He's stopped running at people of late. It's back to short bursts then stopping and playing a short pass.
  11. This is just moaning for the sake of moaning. The defence is the least of our problems right now. It's not perfect, but nothing IS in football. The main things i am concerned about when it comes to defenders is how they work as a group and how many goals they leak. At the moment, we have been excellent with both of these things, so i see no real reason to be so concerned. You need to remember how we were defensively at the start of the season, we couldn't keep clean sheets and we were giving teams plenty of chances to score against us. The way we are now is a million miles better than what it was.
  12. I'm a bit worried about Hazard's form at the moment, he seem's to be dropping by the game. At times it's like watching the Hazard of last season. He's not taking players on, he's miss placing passes, he's not shooting much and not really getting involved in the games. He's had one decent game in the last 7 Premier League games and that was the one he scored a penalty in, the game against Stoke. I really hope he picks up his form in the next 2 games. He's our most talented player and we need our most talented players in form going into games against teams like Liverpool and Arsenal.
  13. Not a great performance but job done. 8 points clear going into 2 very very big games. Moses was my man of the match. I thought he got forward well, he created a goal, and defended well.
  14. I love the way Fabregas directs play when he's not on the ball. He's always pointing to where the ball needs to play. He's a major influence when he's on the field.
  15. Fabregas should have started today, and now we are seeing why.