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  1. I did wonder if that was what you meant. There were some scenes that were clearly heavy-handed homages to Apocalypse Now, but it completely lacks the artistry (for want of a better word) of that film.
  2. Punching Henry - Unfortunately not a reference to Thierry Henry, this is a low-key comedy from stand-up comedian/folk singer Henry Philips. He plays himself as a struggling comic trying to retain his integrity in the LA entertainment industry even though it greatly harms his chances of ever being successful. Also features several well-known comedians including Tig Notaro, Sarah Silverman and Doug Stanhope (who was particularly good if only for a short time). It moves at a relaxed pace and the humour is mostly quite subtle and witty, which probably explains the relatively low rating on IMDB. I really liked it. No... 'King' Kong. A CGI sh*t-fest.
  3. Just got back from seeing Kong: Skull Island. What a load of stupid nonsense. If it wasn't for John C Reilly I don't think I could have made it to the end.
  4. That article is almost as much of a mess as the game. Anyway... I've finally started playing The Talos Principle after buying it ages ago. Great stuff, I love a good head-scratcher.
  5. I must have read a different interview to many on here. In the version I read he clearly stated that he intends to stay for at least two more years, and there was no mention anywhere of him being 'unhappy'. Although he has no immediate plans to leave, he was quite non-committal regarding his future. I don''t have a problem with that, I'm sure most of our 'star' players feel the same way even if they don't say it. Professional football players have such short careers you can't blame them for leaving the door open for whatever opportunities that might come their way.
  6. That was hilarious. This scoreline quite suits me too.
  7. Get Out - What a great film. At heart it's a very clever and original take on the psychological horror genre, but it also contains a fair amount of humour and social commentary. It starts off with a typically awkward meet-the-parents type scenario and gradually morphs into something much more sinister. Well worth seeing at the cinema, if possible.
  8. The change seems to have sparked us to life.
  9. Time to throw Batshuayi in at the deep end, I think. Costa's walking a tightrope and I can't see him making it to the end of the game without losing his head. Maybe Conte can talk some sense into him though, so who knows. I expect (and hope) to see Fab to come on at some point, maybe for Matic or for Pedro (who will almost certainly get taken off anyway), depending on whether we're still chasing a goal.
  10. Because a lot of officials would probably have missed it. It was a very good call. Most of the fans thought it was an offside call.
  11. We were lucky there, saved by a very good call from the officials.
  12. I don't think you need to know somebody personally to know if they are happy/sad, etc., it's usually pretty obvious. I'm questioning whether it's possible to take two players who, at times, exhibit similar ill-tempered behaviour and to say definitively that in one case it's caused by frustration (good) and in the other case, by arrogance (bad). Unless you know these people personally, it will require a significant prejudgment of their personalities (based on what, post-match interviews? badly translated tabloid articles?) to reach that kind of conclusion.
  13. Nope, but I wouldn't hold that against it.
  14. Ah oh, I didn't realise you knew them personally!