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  1. These half and half scarves are stupid

    What a stupid thing to get worked up over, IMHO.
  2. What a gripping finish. 1-0 is so flattering to United but at least it kept things interesting right until the end.
  3. That was a beautiful header. Textbook.
  4. Last Movie You Watched

    The new Blade Runner is very good and needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible with a good sound system. It also has quite an interesting, multilayered story. Ryan Gosling does well at playing these kind of emotionally dead outsider types. Killing Of A Sacred Deer is a very strange film. A weird, disturbing story but also darkly funny at times. I really liked it but I think a lot of people will find the deliberately clunky/wooden dialogue off-putting.
  5. I think Gerrard spoke a lot of sense. All this chopping and changing in the back three can't be good for the defensive unit on the whole. And I know Cahill isn't the most talented of our centre backs, but after he went off we looked sloppier than ever at the back.
  6. Since the substitutions we've been playing and defending like a team who just hooked off their captain.
  7. Firstly, how do you take chances without creating them first? Secondly, why the f**k are you going on about freshness/rotation and what does that have to do with my post? Those are both rhetorical questions by the way - no need to answer them.
  8. I swear some of you don't actually watch the matches. We're playing well, creating chances, and are only behind because of a couple of freak moments. sh*t happens sometimes.
  9. We're playing some lovely football though. Keep this up and it won't be 1-0 for long.
  10. Morata's nonchalant reaction almost tricks you into thinking that wasn't a bad miss.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    To be fair, the 'Rumour Mill' is usually a fairly tongue in check round up of the bollocks being reported in the tabloids. Today's subheading is "today's fluff is crying like a fire in the sun". Rather than getting all outraged over the state of tabloid journalism, it would be far better if people just stopped paying them attention.
  12. IPTV - VPN help

    I find them pretty good, although a couple of times lately I've had to switch around between channels during matches. It's mildly annoying but I've always been able to find a decent stream.
  13. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    Four at the back appears more effective when the opposition have been set up to play against three at the back, and vice versa. It's not like we haven't experimented with this revolutionary new four at the back idea for many years. Maybe we have to switch formations for every match to really keep the opposition on their toes.
  14. Gary Cahill should be dropped

    I'm not on any other football forums so unfamiliar with this twatblanket but that that confirms my suspicion.
  15. That was an interesting match. A massively important result for many reasons, and obviously it's great to see Batshuayi and Willian making such important contributions. Having both of those at their best will make a huge difference going forwards. When Kante is back we will be a lot more solid in midfield, which seems to be our achiles heel at the moment. Add Drinkwater to that and things are looking quite positive.