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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    If Sol is a person who 'speaks his mind' then his mind is clearly malfunctioning.
  2. One guy in particular has been saying that Barcelona will 'humiliate' us for months, now is mysteriously absent. Let's hope the next few results go well too, we're better off without these miserable bell ends.
  3. Regarding Christensen's pass - it was a bad pass, the wrong pass, and the fact that Fabregas/Azpilicueta failed to dig him out of the hole doesn't change that fact. On the plus side, you can pretty much guarantee that he will never do anything like that again. He will be a slightly better player as a result of the experience gained last night.
  4. Respectable result but a bit frustrated given the circumstances. Our tactics were spot on, kept Barcelona locked out for the most part. Maybe, just maybe, this manager of ours knows a thing or two about football?
  5. I guess Conte thought now isn't a good time to start with unfit/out of form strikers. It's likely we will throw somebody on later on when everybody else is starting to tire. I'm pretty sure we've had more good results than bad when playing with Hazard as a false number 9.
  6. You'd think that anybody not suffering from complete memory loss would know better than to write off our chances in a big match like this, but still we have people doing just that. One of the best things about football is that anybody can beat anybody on their day. I've skimmed through that Barcelona forum that was posted in here earlier and it's quite interesting. Most of them seem to be very apprehensive. Many of them are worried about Hazard. They also worry that Conte will set us up to be too hard to break down. They are worried that their fatigued/ageing team will not be able to press long periods They are worried about their reliance on Messi and the possibility of him being pocketed by Kante. One guy was even praising Drinkwater... It's good to get some outside perspective sometimes.
  7. Last Movie You Watched

    The Florida Project - Took a while to get used to the unusual style (mostly first-time actors and children with natural/unscripted dialogue) but once I got used to that it was very engrossing. The story revolves around a destitute mother and her young daughter living in a slum motel on the outskirts of Disney World in Florida. A very unusual film that will not be for everybody, but highly recommended if you're open to watching something different.
  8. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    The End of the f**king World is the new best thing on Netflix. It's a short British dark-comedy series about a teenage psychopath who befriends a troubled girl with the intention to murder her, however they get into a series of tangles together and develop a deep bond. It starts off a bit like a young Dexter but is so much better than that.
  9. I missed the first ten minutes and have only just noticed that Hazard isn't playing, which is a great compliment to our front three today. A good half of football and we're talking our chances. Couldn't have hoped for better preparation for next week.
  10. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    I don't think Amazon Prime's all that great for TV, they have some good stuff like Mr Robot and American Gods but they're a bit different to the stuff you typically like. I've not seen The Bureau yet (French political/spy thing) but it has been getting rave reviews and has been on my to-watch list for ages, so if you like Spiral it might be worth checking out.
  11. Eden Hazard

    Good points about Real. Looking at their recent transfer activity I was surprised to see that they haven't splashed 'big' money on anybody since James Rodriquez in 2014 for £67 million. Since then, the oldest and most expensive outfield player they have signed was Morata (£27 million, 23 years old) in 2016. So a big money offer for Hazard would be very out of character for them these days, which is of some comfort.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    So it's guesswork then. A 'situation' implies to me a long standing, serious back problem rather than an injury, which may have contributed to his drop in form in December. That would be my guess anyway.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    Why is it the assumption that Morata is inventing his back problem? Is this based on actual evidence or complete guess work?
  14. Alvaro Morata

    I believe he also has been suffering from a persistent back injury...
  15. We officially have an incompetent board

    I work with a lot of different customers in a male dominated industry, but the most demanding (and sometimes intimidating) customers tend to be female. I'm sure that Gravoskaia's gender does not hold her back in the negotiating room. There have been a number of truly moronic comments on Granovskaia recently. I wonder what decade those people are living in.