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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    It seems believable, and would also help explain why he was so sh*t for us from January onwards. I remember there were also a lot of rumours that the club refused to allow him his big money move to China, so for me the most likely scenario is that he wanted to go and was told he can leave but only at the and of the season. I'm not sure what Costa was trying to achieve by publicising the text, but it seems likely that he had wanted to leave for some time, and Atletico were his second choice after the Chinese interest disappeared. Anyway, he's undoubtedly a brilliant goal scorer when fit and when he actually wants to play for the club. He'll probably score a sh*t load of goals for Atletico but I believe the decision to go was his and not ours, so no regrets.
  2. That would have been an amazing goal. This is the first chance I've had to get a proper look at a few of these players and I like what I see.
  3. Nice goal, and it clearly meant a lot to him. Great to see.
  4. Willian

    These c**ts always have to have somebody to pile on. My money's on Cahill.
  5. I'm assuming a back three of Cahill, Rudiger and Azpilicueta in the next match. That doesn't seem so bad.
  6. Yeah probably, and he seemed to have a go at Sanchez off the ball shortly before he got sent off. He's developed into a very good defender but he still has that side to him.
  7. Stupid by Luiz, especially considering he was already on a yellow and it was in such a harmless area of the pitch. There's no way a challenge like that will escape either a yellow or a red. You'd have to be an absolute moron to defend that. I have to say I did see it coming though, he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about something. Holding on for a point is not bad in terms of damage limitation. And to be honest, we didn't really deserve and more than that.
  8. That yellow has to be for dissent. Maybe/maybe not a foul, but if so then there should have been a foul for a similar offense on Morata earlier in the game.
  9. I really hope Conte sees this thread. He'll never truly succeed as a manager unless he takes on board the advise of genuine experts.
  10. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    I'd never heard of Nick's Law, sounds good. I just got finished with Game of Thrones season 7 and found it a bit disappointing. It seems to have been dumbed down a bit and has more of a hollywood action movie feel at times. Some people will probably like that though. The new Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman episodes are absolute class.
  11. Alvaro Morata

    Unfortunately 'they', also known as Chelsea Football Club, can only ban Chelsea fans from attending Chelsea matches. We cannot ban Spurs fans from attending Spurs matches. We'll probably ban a couple of people as a PR exercise and then soon enough it will be yesterday's news. Tough sh*t for the knuckleheads unlucky enough to get banned. Should have known better.
  12. Broadcast Bias

    Yeah, this thread is pretty stupid really.
  13. Deadline Day Drama

    Well that wasn't so bad. I'd like to think a few people will be feeling a bit silly now. That would require some degree of self-awareness though, so I doubt it. Anyway, our big signings already look very good and we are stronger in most areas. I would have liked to get Llorente but I guess that means we haven't given up on Batsuayi just yet. We all know he's capable of better than his recent performances at least.
  14. Fernando Llorente

    I don't know for sure that we were serious about signing him. Maybe Batshuayi's good performances in preseason prevented us from making a serious move for a striker earlier, and his recent poor form and rumours of a loan move have forced our hand. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to stop other clubs bidding for players we might be interested in.