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  1. He was Bond when I was a kid so he was Bond to me. 89 is a great innings, RIP.
  2. Watched Christine on a long flight yesterday. It's a true story of a frustrated and depressed news reporter in the 1970s who attempts to commit suicide live on air. The first hour or so is very slow moving but the last hour, as her behaviour starts to become more erratic, is very griping. The acting and direction is excellent.
  3. That's good to know, probably well deserved - I've not watched serious two yet so I've still got that to look forward to.
  4. I think Liverpool care much more about Man Utd and Everton than us. But anyway... this is the unpopular opinion thread so I guess I'm doing it right.
  5. I hate Rangers and Celtic equally and all this old firm sectarian bollocks can f**k right off. I don't really care about Liverpool and find our seemingly one-way obsession a bit embarrassing. Scholes was a much better player than Lampard (although Lampard's achievements are remarkable and he fully deserves legendary status). Referees get too much criticism from fans who get to see multiple slow motion replays of each incident from every conceivable angle.
  6. I started watching Taskmaster recently. It's shown on Dave but is also available via the UKTV Play catch-up service. It's a kind of panel show (yes I know...) where a bunch of comedian's have to complete a series of amusing tasks and are then judged back in the studio by the hosts (Greg Davies and Alex Horne). Mindless fluff but very funny at times.
  7. Yeah, I'm definitely going to take a pass on that one. I just realised I'm going to be travelling on Monday night so probably wont be able to see our match. Whoever scheduled this weekend's football wants shooting. At least I should be home on Friday to see us win the league.
  8. Hahaha - what an excellent start to the weekend. Although it sucks that there are no other matches I care about until Monday.
  9. It feels very wrong watching football on a Friday evening. Anyway... Hoping for a similarly dull second half.
  10. I'm surprised there is so much opposition to the idea of sin bins here. Yellow cards alone are pretty toothless on their own and nothing ruins a game like a red card (which ideally would only be issued for the most serious of offences, unfortunately this is far from the case), so a sin bin could be a useful intermediate between the two. There are also plenty of situations in football where players will deliberately commit yellow card offences in order to gain their side an advantage or to stop an opponent's attack; if this would meant their side would also be a man down for a period of time then maybe those players would think twice. I can't really think of a good argument against sin bins other than "CHANGE IS BAD!".
  11. Honestly no, I didn't notice any. I quite enjoyed seeing him getting some well-deserved stick but if there was any kind of racial abuse then that definitely crosses the line. But some people seem to have forgotten that our own fans have been involved in a few similar/worse incidents in recent years.
  12. What is his big game record, really? I see people tend to assume it's not very good, but I thought this had been debunked here some time ago. Anyway, assuming it's true and he does struggle in 'big games', then it's important to remember that he's playing in quite a mediocre team, so the opportunities to score will obviously be much less when they're up against superior top-four opposition. If he was playing for Chelsea then there would be very few games where he didn't get at least a few good opportunities. At the moment we are creating a lot of good goal-scoring opportunities that are being wasted, and I'm very confident that Lukaku would improve that.
  13. Messi never did much against us either... You could put any striker up front for Everton today and they weren't going to score. If he had been playing for us, however, then we would have won by more than three goals. Strikers tend to score less goals when they're playing against a better team, that's nothing new. At a club like Chelsea that would be much less likely.
  14. I've no interest in watching his 5 minute rant but I have seen the twitter video, and as far as I'm aware "you're f**king sh*t", "what's the score?" and "come this way, you fat c**t" are not racist insults.
  15. At least good old Cech is doing his best. Shame about the shower of sh*t in front of him.