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  1. bluedave

    Premier league winter break

    Oh whatever. I certainly don't have to run >10k several times per week. And I even have time (sometimes) to have completely pointless arguments with strangers on the internet.
  2. bluedave

    Premier league winter break

    That's not really what physically demanding means... I wonder if your objection to the midwinter break is simply because you can't stomach the idea of Morata potentially having a nice break in February, if he's even still with us.
  3. bluedave

    Premier league winter break

    To be fair, most of our jobs aren't quite as physically demanding as that of a modern professional football player.
  4. bluedave

    Premier league winter break

    February, apparently.
  5. bluedave

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I spent all of 30 seconds researching this and there are zero reliable reports saying Blanc will take over at Chelsea.
  6. bluedave

    Andre Schurrle Appreciation Thread

    I remember him as being mostly crap but would have the odd game here and there where he looked amazing. And then he got injured/ill and was just crap after that. His popularity on here always seemed pretty arbitrary to me.
  7. bluedave

    Film Discussion thread

    I watched Prevenge on a flight recently. It's basically about a pregnant woman who's unborn child makes her kill lots of people to somehow avenge the death of her boyfriend/baby's father. It's no classic but was enjoyable enough and quite funny in places.
  8. bluedave

    Film Discussion thread

    That sounds like exactly the sort if thing I'd have enjoyed as kid.
  9. bluedave

    Next Chelsea Manager

    So the release clause no longer applies but the current stand off between Sarri and Napoli means that it could take a while for everything to be resolved. In the meantime, Conte has not been sacked and is still our manager.
  10. bluedave

    Thibaut Courtois

    I wonder how many of those would be available if Courtois left? That's the only thing that counts. It doesn't matter if there's 100 better goalkeepers out there if we have no chance of signing any of them. I've seen Courtois get stick for seemingly not making enough spectacular Hollywood saves, which is weird to me. You only have to look back at that period earlier this year where Caballero had a run of games to realise that you only really appreciate a top goalkeeper when you no longer have one.
  11. bluedave


    Was he drunk? I saw him 1-2 years ago and he was good. Not the best I've seen but definitely one of the better ones.
  12. bluedave

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    It seems to be something along the lines of "I shoot with my leg". It really is nobody's business though unless he start's getting Nazi tats or something.
  13. bluedave

    Last Movie You Watched

    Yeah I thought so too, like why don't they just go and live by the bloody river? I guess if they did that it would make for a very boring film. I quite enjoyed it though.
  14. bluedave

    Alvaro Morata

    Yeah. He had an excellent start and looked decent until December. Then he got suspended/injured and never regained his form/confidence, but we were also playing sh*t football so I'm inclined to cut him some slack.
  15. bluedave

    Alvaro Morata

    Nope, why only January? The whole season counts. It would have been crazy to drop Morata in January to keep Batshuayi, when Morata had been playing well for the most part and Batshuayi had done nothing to indicate that he was ready to start for us.