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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    That would be my ideal scenario, I think the relationship might be too far gone though. People really need to consider the reason why we're in the current situation. It's not Conte's fault we only added numbers to the squad in the summer without actually strengthening. It also didn't help that we over-achieved last season, giving the impression our squad is stronger than it is. Swap Conte for somebody else and the problem still exists, and sooner or later the next guy's going to end up in the same boat.
  2. Marcos Alonso

    I agree it should have been a red but the rules about retrospective action are really f**ked up. I don't understand why Young's reckless tackle on Aguero last week doesn't qualify for review but Alonso's does. It's probably some technicality regarding the wording in the refs report, "didn't see it" vs "saw it, did nothing". It's stupid but that's football for you.
  3. It's interesting to see people put the comeback down to Morata being "out of the way" and nothing to do with the change in system and bringing on an extra attacking player. We looked shaky again when Conte reverted back to the original system but no, clearly it's all Morata's fault. Glad to see Giroud do well though. Made an impact and deserves a lot of praise and probably deserves the starting spot next week. Despite the win I'm convinced the situation with Conte is beyond resolution now. It's not the first time this has happened. If we get a new manager in the summer I hope the club continue to support him beyond the first season to avoid the same thing happening all over again.
  4. Giroud has hardly done it for us when he has started, but considering Morata's current form (not helped by the complete lack of service) I'd probably give Giroud s start next week.
  5. Thank f**k for half time. We've not been outplayed or anything but we don't look like scoring and our defense is far from its best. It does feel like a nothing game with a few players coasting through the half, so maybe a good time to bring on some players with something to prove.
  6. Except if it had been the other way we'd have people screaming about the great anti-Chelsea conspiracy.
  7. I agree, this thread is already shaping up to be a sh*tshow without a ball even being kicked.
  8. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    Oh please? Do you disagree that they didn't make the most of the chances given to them? Neither of them did anything to earn more starts than they actually got this season. They are both doing much better at the loan clubs where competition for places is less. Isn't that a good thing? It doesn't surprise me that people like you are ignoring the truth to twist the situation into yet another thing to complain about.
  9. You don't half post an absolute load of old bollocks. You can't seriously believe the sh*te you come out with.
  10. Rudiger picking timewasting Zabaleta up off the ground and standing him on his feet was the highlight for me. It was a decent enough performance, we really should have won that. I would blame sloppy defending more than anything else, it has cost us repeatedly this season. That save from Joe Hart after Giroud's header was world class. He won them the point.
  11. f**ksake. On the plus side, there's still time to get the winner.
  12. Looked level to me. Attackers should be given the benefit of the doubt in marginal decisions such as that.
  13. Last Movie You Watched

    Yeah it's a brilliant film. There was also a TV series (City of Men) that is also pretty good, I remember it being a bit less dark than then the film.
  14. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    Kenedy, like Batshuayi, has been mostly poor when he's played for us. To say they were not used is just wrong. The only difference with Kenedy is we tended to play him out of position at wing back when he's clearly more comfortable on the left wing, and unfortunately for him that position happens to belong to Hazard. Glad he's doing well though, clearly the loan was the right move.
  15. RIP Ray Wilkins

    I only just heard about this. Terrible news. He will be remember fondly by everybody who has any interest in football.