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  1. I can't believe he's still only 23. He would give us a good option anywhere down the right hand side. I still see him mostly as an attacking player but he definitely has the physical attributes to make a good wing back, and did a good job there for Arsenal towards the end of last season. Unfortunately experienced wing backs are hard to find, since so few teams have been playing this system until recently, so it may be necessary to look at players who could adapt to the role if we want to strengthen that position. In the current market I wouldn't be surprised if he went for 20-30 million or more. If we can get 20 million for Ake then this guy is definitely worth spending a few tens of millions on.
  2. It can be hard to find any decent films at the cinema in summer, but It Comes At Night is great. A relatively short, bare-bones horror movie where the tension comes from the characters themselves and their mutual paranoia and distrust.
  3. It's a bit bland, but that probably makes it more wearable for blokes down the pub. And I've always seen Nike as the chavviest sportswear brand going back to my schooldays. 60 quid is way too much for something that will cost about 50p to manufacture in a sweatshop somewhere. I guess it goes to show how the ridiculous amounts of money teams are throwing around at the moment ultimately comes from the fans.
  4. You also have to consider the player's wishes. You can't force them to go abroad. And United and Arsenal have hardly been setting the PL alight as a result of us selling to them. Edit - my preference would be to keep him. The fact that people are worried about him strengthening United clearly shows that he can be of some use to us, and if we can get him playing anywhere close to his best then he will be invaluable.
  5. I'm of the opinion that, if he's useful enough that we should not be happy to take United's money, then we should be keeping him. I find the idea that we should not sell to them because they (supposedly) would not sell to us a bit childish. Football is business and it's not like there's loads of European clubs fighting to sign him.
  6. I really, really hate this prick. I will be distraught if I ever see him in Chelsea blue. I hope he f**ks off to the USA or China for one final final cash in.
  7. If Costa's claims are true then it strongly indicates that Conte has at least one high-profile signing done and dusted. Most likely this will be Lukaku but I guess we'll find out soon enough. I'd still prefer to keep Costa, sort his head out, and get him playing as he was at the beginning of last season. Even if we have landed Lukaku, with the combined demands of the UCL and PL we would be in a far better position if we had both of them available. In any case I think this is going to be an interesting transfer window.
  8. Except that they have "SAMSUNG" and "YOKOHAMA TYRES" in massive letters on the front. But if other people are ok with that then that's fine with me.
  9. They're all much of a muchness to me, tiny little changes designed to extort as much money as possible from fans. Personally I wouldn't pay £40-50 to be a walking advertisement for Samsung or Yokohama Tyres.
  10. I think our players are already in the off-season frame of mind. I'm grateful to Cahil at least for keeping us in the game.
  11. He was Bond when I was a kid so he was Bond to me. 89 is a great innings, RIP.
  12. Watched Christine on a long flight yesterday. It's a true story of a frustrated and depressed news reporter in the 1970s who attempts to commit suicide live on air. The first hour or so is very slow moving but the last hour, as her behaviour starts to become more erratic, is very griping. The acting and direction is excellent.
  13. That's good to know, probably well deserved - I've not watched serious two yet so I've still got that to look forward to.
  14. I think Liverpool care much more about Man Utd and Everton than us. But anyway... this is the unpopular opinion thread so I guess I'm doing it right.
  15. I hate Rangers and Celtic equally and all this old firm sectarian bollocks can f**k right off. I don't really care about Liverpool and find our seemingly one-way obsession a bit embarrassing. Scholes was a much better player than Lampard (although Lampard's achievements are remarkable and he fully deserves legendary status). Referees get too much criticism from fans who get to see multiple slow motion replays of each incident from every conceivable angle.