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  1. Very important win, and a win coming back from a wobble too! At least we look awesome going forward, despite work being needed at the back. Onwards and upwards as always, plus last time we were scoring 3 goals a game (and conceding more than normal) we won the league too! ;)
  2. Well not many defenders score more than that man, so at least that shuts up some of the haters! :D
  3. Kante certainly looks good in this system, he's actually pretty dangerous going forward!
  4. FIVE times that same ball. What the hell?
  5. Wow 3 times the same shot, 3rd time they score. Sort it out!
  6. lol those Arsenal players playing with bricks for boots? xD
  7. We got lucky with the Arsenal miss, but other than that we're looking pretty bloody good!
  8. Nice result, better than I expected to be honest. Some good performances and Hazard showing why he's the star man! Still disappointed in Morata though, he just isn't quality enough, and can't see him getting out of this form (I miss Diego!). Onwards and upwards, top of the league!
  9. I think he did that weird technique in pre-season in one of our penalty shoot outs! Bit risky but worked this time! 2-0 up before half time is a brilliant scoreline considering the game.
  10. Out of all positions available the keeper is the least tactical and Kepa should 100% start, no reason not to at all especially as it's 'only' Huddersfield. As long as he can jump on both legs and use both arms, why would you not start him? lol Really not sure what our best 11 is now though with Sarri's new formation/ideas, so will be intrigued to see who starts.
  11. AlwaysRight

    Thibaut Courtois

    He isn't married, his ex girlfriend and two kids live in Spain (she is Spanish).
  12. AlwaysRight

    Mateo Kovačić

    No mention on the article about a buy out price if all goes well this season, which unfortunately means Real Madrid probably want him back at some point. Doh!
  13. AlwaysRight

    Mateo Kovačić

    He's 5 foot 10. Not tall, but not small like some of our players.