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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Nothing short of world class
  2. Those exact words were said when we fired José. Just saying. No dont get me wrong, Im not in favour of firing Conte, but if its true hes looking to opt out in the summer Id rather be done with it and het someone new in.
  3. This makes no sense. The last three times we fired a manager we either won the CL or League almost immidiately after. Doesnt that mean we should sack him? Ecoecting the same result and all. I really dont get this love affair with keeping a manager for years and years. No top club does this. Having a stable core of players is much more important. A mew manager with fresh ideas and a new outlook is often a good thing
  4. I wonder who Cahill thought was at fault there, keeps screaming at everyone else when he has been the one at fault. He HAS to do so much work in regards to motovating and organizing because everything else is really subpar
  5. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I have to admit, after watching Matic lull around being absonute w**k for the better part of the last 3 seasons I thought to myself « well this guy cant possibly be worse». Boy was I wrong
  6. I dont. In fact I just said the teo yellows were incorrect. Nice try though
  7. Yes he was and yes it was. FFS you could clearly see his foot move inwards fron the touch. If Hazard failed to get a call like that you would be beside yourself
  8. Have you aver tried sprinting at full speed and having your foot clipped? Why does he have to stay on his feet? Incidents like that have been pens for the better part of a decade. Not all referee decions going against us are disgracefull refereeing.
  9. That half is the worst Ive seen us since Mourinho, absonutely awful on all fronts
  10. Just saw these two incidents again, extremely soft. No way thats a red card offense.
  11. Yes they would, because it was a clear penalty
  12. He is sprinting at full pace and Courtois clips his leg. It was clear as day. Yes he exagurates the contact, but its a clear pen
  13. The defending from Cahill on the pen is just vintage Cahill, no clue where Delofeu is and when he realises its too late. no idea what the complaining regarding the penalty is about, clear as day. If we didnt get that call it would be uproar on here
  14. Its dangerous every f**kin time a pass gets played behind Cahill. Hes not in position and hes got zero recover speed. Seems more teams then Bournemouth have figured this out
  15. Honestly think we are better off tbh. Goes to show managers should have f**k all to say with transfers. Absolute shambles of a player. Would rather have Mikel back