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  1. Looked like his cruciste ligament got ripped to shreds
  2. Nothing like that. Got outsprinted after a cruyf turn and pushed Zaha in the back. Probably would have gone out for a throw without the push
  3. Palace are also executing their gameplan brilliantly, so well organized
  4. Probably could have been a red, but no real complaints that it wasnt. 50/50
  5. Tore Andre Flo was far worse then both
  6. On a set piece in our own end. put his arms around and ran some guy over, back to the ball
  7. Cahills was just as blatant and wasnt called either
  8. When is it ever? Bar the one or two token penalties a year its never called. Cahill did the exact same thing, just mauled a guy over never even looking at the ball
  9. Ref has been fine. Were fouling players all over the shop here, need to get it together
  10. I take immense pleasure seeing them so incredibly butt-hurt
  11. Not sure if this has been posted or not
  12. That sounds pretty cool. Mine tried to lick the TV when Willian took his freekick. Not quite the same
  13. Matic seems like the epitome of a confidence player, hopefully that goal gave him enough boost to get through the season.
  14. What I found funny reading the cocks gameday thread was how much it looks likelike ours when it comes to the the ref and commentators being "biased". Funny how the team you support is always shafted by the refs lol