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  1. January is rarely a good time to purchase reinforcements, you get a lot less value for money and top players are rarely available. Would be happy to wait untill summer
  2. While I dont agree with the rest of your post, this is spot on. A dynamic central midfielder would also help Kanté out a lot
  3. Thats like saying Moses finishing isnt quite at Costas Level. Nobody is expecting it to be, but theres a massive gap there and theres plenty of room for improvement. Fact is, when we play teams that press high, Matic and Kantè togethter will always put us under a lot of pressure.
  4. Desperately need someone to come in when Matic plays like this. Even Hull managed to press us high up the field which forced us to either punt the ball upfield or have Hazard/Pedro drop deep and try to tale om 2-3 men to get the ball into the opposition area. The dippers are going to have a field day if we dont sort it out. Id rather play Fabregas or even Chalobah then Matic when we go to Anfield.
  5. If we win both, its done in all but theory
  6. Really need a second here, dont want to give Hull a way in
  7. And thats usually the case. Swings and roundabouts as they say. There is no agenda here, premier league refs are just sh*te
  8. Soooo Hull should have had a penalty. Guess nobody is complainkng about that lol
  9. Well they are right. Was a clear freekick. Refs been absolute dogsh*t, both ways
  10. I would have been pissed if we conceded a penalty like that
  11. A draw here would be perfect. Love watching Baldiola lose it on the sidelines, absolutely hillarious
  12. Odd comment to make seeing how a Dembele-Kanté pairing would be a absomutely ideal and the best CM duo in the league. Dembele is exactly the kind of player we need
  13. Depends entirely on the contract, but since he is (at least rumoured to be) looking at a salary increase it would overwrite the current contract. A contract extension of his current deal makes little sense for any of the parties involved
  14. Yeah, theres no way Boro are selling Gibson in January. Giving them a back up striker certainly isnt going to change that
  15. Would get nowere near the starting 11 in those teams at current level.