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  1. I think this is why we are so desperate for an upgrade in CM next season. Someone that has some of Fabs passing qualities and some of Matic combatitive nature. When either is out we lack what the other bring
  2. Then why is he all over the shop every time he gets a game? Or minutes? He doesnt make the proper runs, he has no idea how to press and his off the ball positioning is usually awful. It doesnt matter if its intentional or not
  3. I think its much more likely that Conte isnt happy with what he sees in training as far as exetuting the type of movements Conte wants, every time I see him play, he is literally all over the shop. I dont buy into this "Conte didnt want him". Theres no way we would force someone like that on our new manager. Its much more likely that we didnt get what we thought when we made the purchase.
  4. Thought Kanté and Fab was excellent today and really showed they should be starting againdt these types of teams with Matic coning in towards the end to seal the win.
  5. Costa ❤ Never gone four games without scoring in the PL. Hazard had had a pretty good game as well, great assist
  6. You also need goals. Which Fab deliveers. Im sure you are very happy with his performance today. lmao just kidding, I know youre not
  7. What on earth was Moses doing? Just let Llorente go and wathched the ball sail over his head
  8. Need to get another goal from this dominating spell. If we go 2-0 up before the half its a done deal
  9. Yeah Im not sure I would like Stamford Bridge to ne renamed Tsingtao Stadium
  10. Problem is its getting so overused, its lost it meaning. If Jonathan Nolan can write a Television series about how humans build a park full of Androids for their own amusement only to realise the androids managed to develop a conscious mind, then surely someone could write about a game of football that ended 5-3.
  11. WAtching this I am so thankfull our board never bent over backwards to for Everton on Stones. Just an awful defender
  12. Problem isnt his dribbling or ability to beat a man. Its knowing when to do it and when to pass/cross thats his problem. His crossing isnt that sh*t either, granted it was awful against Wolves but thats not a fair reflection of it imo. The problem is he never looks up when crossing, he just smashes it across so it looks like he openly misses the man when the problem is that he never knew were the man was to begin with. Practicing crossing wont help with this. Like others have mentioned, this is the reason he never made it at the top level as a winger. His outpout is fairly good for a wingback
  13. Quality finish by Pedro that, just lethal inside the box
  14. Willian in a nutshell there. Does brilliantly to win the ball and start the counter then instead og playing Costa who could have been through on goal he decides to dribble towards the center and ends up getting fouled
  15. I dont think this means what you think it means