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  1. Xfaxtor

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Probably because our season ended 3 days ago and our current manager is still employed
  2. Xfaxtor

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I think we can all agree this comes with alot of risk. But the players central to City winning the title last year who werent already in the squad when Pep joined: Ederson and Sané. Lets not act like he bought 11 new players. He transformed the team with players already in place. Ade KdB a wirld class central midfielder and turned Sterling into one of the vest wingers in the league
  3. Xfaxtor

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Anyways. Would welcome Sarri here with open arms. Not sure we would win much, but our matches would be fun to watch again. This quote also makes me think he wouldnt throw a fit over over our transfers: Maurizio Sarri on Transfer Market] . "Transfer Market is the refuge of the weak. It is for those who can't train their players. I'm a coach. Give me a group of players ...
  4. Xfaxtor

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Just goes to show managers shouldnt have final say on buying players. Conte has a terrible record bringing players in yet for some reason folks thinks he should have more say
  5. Xfaxtor

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The days of the manager having final say in players brought in and out are over. If Conte expected that then there has been some severe miscommunication going on. But then again thats the reason he left Juve so he has a history there. Considering the performance of the two players he wanted and got he should be treading carefully
  6. Xfaxtor

    Victor Moses

    Yeah Im no fan of Moses, but he is miles better then Zappacosta
  7. Xfaxtor

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    This for me. Conte has been outsmarted in the second half og almost every game we have played this year. Poch pushed Son out wide and made him run against Alonso. Dele Alli was also pushed out wide and we couldnt cope with the change. Conte made his usual move of chucking Giroud on but it didnt seem to be any plan behind it what do ever, its just tossing on another striker for the sake of it. I mean we ended up hoofing it to Willian ffs. The complete inability to change a game and to have a plan B, his constant moaning about players not beeing good enough and the overreliance on players he pined for in Morata and Bakayoko despite them beeing absolute dross for most of the year has been the biggest factor of our play this season imo. The fact that we have had more games (CL and Semifinal of the LC) hasnt helped either. Of the things that are wrong with the club atm, Conte is the easiest to change. Saying the board has to go for not spending enough money is just assinine, thats Romans call and he isnt going anywere.
  8. So again, not something under her control. Do you think shes not workkng on a budget from Roman? If you think she has carte blanche on transfer fees and is being purposely stingey I have no idea what to tell you. Roman fires employees left and right as he pleases, the fact that she still has a job means she is doing exactly as instructed. Im interested in hearing how you think fact that Mourinho not wanting to play KdB, Salah or Lukaku is somehow the fault of the negotiator.
  9. I think its mostly down to him not having much confidence in our 2 strikers, for me i think he needs to be given more control on players brought in Considering how the players Conte wanted has performed I think he should have less say and not more
  10. Xfaxtor

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Would much rather Spurs won tbh, this makes getting the top 4 much, much harder
  11. Xfaxtor

    *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    There seems to be a lot of that going around. Hazard, Bakayoko, Pedro and even to a small degree Barkley has struggled trying to play roles they have no business playing. It seems Antonio is insisting on trying to fit square pegs into round holes for some reason
  12. Xfaxtor


    The main problem with our midfield is that we dont have, players who actually compliment eachother. Everything Matic does, Kanté does at a much higher level and the two are too much alike to okay together. They need a dynamic passer who can dictate play and carry the ball up field. While I agree that Bakaoyoko is dreadfull it doesnt help that Conte is using him in a role he has no idea how to do. He is too much like Matic. For some reason Conte has talked about having two ballwinners in midfield, that might work if you have a third midfielder, but in a pivot its very limiting. Funny thing is United is struggling with the exact same problem. Herrera was one of their best players last year, but he is useless next to Matic. They have tried mitigating the problem by playing Pogba out of position, but that clearly didnt work out and now they are in desperate need for another CM next to Matic
  13. What does Grankovskaia have to do with the players we have bought? Shes a negotiater for cryin out loud
  14. That facial expression from Hazard says it all. If you didnt knew anything about the two teams uou eould think it was a match between the champions and a side battling relegation
  15. You dont think Haz is at his best chasing long clearences? I was expecting a gulf in quality, but this is just sad