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  1. Are people forgetting the fact that you need "flat track bullies" to win the league? I mean thats the main reason we lead the league by 10 points, our dominant record over teams from 7-20
  2. So... is there any teoretical chance of us clinching the title at OT?
  3. My thoughts as well. Some decent saves for sure, but looked to be making a lot of fuss about pretty standard saves
  4. Last? LoL cmon. Just because you think he should be "smashing" them in instead of watching the keeper make a move doesnt mean hes not a great penalty taker. So because he missed a couple last year are we suddenly going to pretend he didnt slot home somethibg like 20 in a row?
  5. Cahill vs Rashford is a matchup Cahill will lose every time. Hopefully thats the first and last
  6. That second yellow lol, what a gift
  7. United pressing high up the pitch
  8. Were in Norway are you from?
  9. Cant wait for this one, most excited Ive been for a game all season. Its on my birthday as well so should be a fun day.
  10. 10 points clear now, title is as good as ours
  11. Actually, no team with 66 points or more after 27 games has ever been caught. It would be a historical collapse
  12. Good time to bring Matic on.
  13. LoL he had to reach back with his left foot. For anyone whos played football thats an awfull pass to receive at full sprint
  14. Hardly on a plate that pass, a good yard behind him