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  1. He was banned from entering in 2016 for the Champions League clash With Arsenal if I remember correct, probably been resolved by now
  2. And the fact that Koemann has basically said that any player who doesnt want to sign a new contract can f**k off. Cant see a scenario were Barkley and Lukaku are Everton players NeXT year. Which is quite odd ofr Barkley, cause were will he og? Notgood eough for any of the top six, so he will either be a rotational squad player or take a step Down and sign for someone like Southampton, Stoke or West Ham. Quite odd really
  3. Might been a bit harsh, but he still refused to take a penalty because he came on as a late sub AND because he didnt get to play, striker leaving John Terry to take one and then blaming the manager when he ended up taking it because he knew he was going to miss. He played a lot of great games for us but he was a massive primadonna with all of the sane attitude problems that plagued his career
  4. Anelka was a bit of a c**t here too, big part of why several managers lost the dressing room and pretty much pissed away his penalty in Moscow because he wasnt getting along with Grant. Wouldnt touch Aurier tbh, not Worth the risk.
  5. Yeah that was kinda my point, doesnt make sense unless a deal is already place
  6. Yeah there are literally NO buzz around Lukaku. He has publicly stated hes on the move and its complete silence from both Everton and his camp. Doesnt make sense
  7. Thats a picture from March FFS
  8. Seems legit
  9. For all the critisism the board has gotten over the last few years for beeing tight, not backing the manager and taking for ever with their targets we are noe rumoured to sign a young, world class player before July and people are still f**king complaining. Lmao
  10. Honestly Id much rather have Nate being that backup then Matic.
  11. Just imagine the possibillity of seeing a Fellaini/Matic pairing in central midfield and you will feel all warm inside
  12. Could he though? Im not so sure. Hes gettin on in age, had a poor season from his standards and is too injury prone to be counted on as the main man for an entire season. Cant see any of the top teams going for him and Im sure hed still like to get paid Close to what he is today. An English side or perhaps PSG are the only team that can offer him that.
  13. Rumoured that Aguero mihjt be included in a deal for Sanchez. Would nake sense for Arsenal
  14. Aké has most likely said he doesnt want to be a squad player. Which is fair enough, but he wont be a starter here so only other option is to sell him really. Which is a shame, would have been good player to have in a pinch
  15. So we are actualky replacing Matic AND offloading him on Utd? Yeah surely we arent that lucky