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  1. jack_super_class

    Anybody caught your eye at the World Cup?

    Carillo from Peru
  2. jack_super_class


    Nope not when we sold Mata.
  3. jack_super_class


    Well we apparently wanted Nani as part of the Mata deal and Utd said no.
  4. jack_super_class

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He could be our Moussa Dembele, if we play 433 next season he has a great chance of getting games in a 3 man midfield.
  5. jack_super_class


    Only sell if we get Martial in return. Stop strengthening our rivals because they would never sell to us.
  6. jack_super_class

    Eden Hazard

    I think he wants to play in a more attacking team than anything else.
  7. jack_super_class


    Isn't Malcom going to Inter Milan?. Its ok selling Willian but the problem is replacing him with a player as good as or better, im not confident we can do that.
  8. jack_super_class

    Anthony Martial

    Yeah but not many times. I would be surprised if Chelsea bought him to play outwide.
  9. jack_super_class

    Random Rumours

    I will rather have Ndidi Seri and Ndidi are different types of players.
  10. jack_super_class

    Anthony Martial

    Martial is better than both and Giroud isn't a long term option.
  11. jack_super_class

    Random Rumours

    good didnt want Lemar anyway.
  12. jack_super_class

    Kenedy Leaving?

    I'd keep him to be honest, at least give the new manager a chance to see him in pre season.
  13. jack_super_class

    Anthony Martial

    Mo Chelsea target Anthony Martial’s agent has confirmed that his client wants to leave Manchester United this window. @liamhungate
  14. jack_super_class

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    PSG will be too busy all summer trying to keep hold of Neymar from Real Madrid.
  15. jack_super_class


    Just because he was moaning about transfers didnt mean he wanted the club to buy bang average players. He was moaning because we wernt getting the top targets like Walker,Sandro Lukaku etc.