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  1. What about a bid for Capoue? had a good season at Watford. I have always rated him.
  2. Never heard of him, anyone who is similar to Dembele i need to watch.
  3. So he leaves Chelsea because he isn't playing and wants to play more, so they think he should go to Man Utd and do the same. JT will go somewhere like WestBrom so he can carry on playing in the PL and plays for a team that will protect him and be defensive.
  4. I get the feeling we will be going for Traore from Boro in the summer.
  5. Isn't Kante a replacement for Ramires?.
  6. the guy is so underrated, i hardly ever hear pundits rave about him like they do Kante.
  7. Arent Inter Milan loaded again now?. Pretty sure it would take alot of money.
  8. Everyone looks bad when you play agains't that tank Dembele.
  9. True but i think Tim Krul maybe homegrown (may need to check) which makes it even better.
  10. They paid up yet?.
  11. Shame this guy is always injured, Mourinho never used him enough.
  12. Tim Krul as a backup goalie if we sell Begovic is a great shout.
  13. Because the fight for top players between the top clubs in so competitive you have to get them early. Man City went big on Sane and Jesus and it looks like a gamble paid off but both really young. If city didn't sign them early and waited i expect Bayern Munich or Real Madrid would of got them before them.
  14. I hope the clubs learns from this and starts putting more buy back clauses in contacts.
  15. With Ake and Christensen back next season dont really feel we need a centre back now. However if we were to buy i prefer Van Dijk, Laporte and Ben Gibson over Keane.