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  1. £10M apparently with no buyback clause. Bargain of the summer that.
  2. Thats fake aswell
  3. Some people still underrating Van Dijk it seems.
  4. Give Charly Musonda a chance, he's more talented than Salah who Liverpool just spent £35M quid on.
  5. Sandro and Hazard on the same wing
  6. Do they really care? clubs tap up players all the time i expect Southampton do it too. Money talks and if Liverpool offer enough they will let him go
  7. I dont think people think Lukaku wont score goals for us its more his overall play and can he do it agasint the best teams in Europe is the question.
  8. Thats a big call and you are underrating Essien, finding a player like Essien is near on impossible. If this guy is just half the player Essien is we will be lucky.
  9. There ridiculous reported asking price.
  10. I miss the days when you could get a quality striker like Anelka for £15million.
  11. Wont sell him especially now with new owners.
  12. We signed him yet?
  13. The problem is that every club in Europe will also be after him.
  14. I get the impression that he wants to leave permanently.
  15. He did the same thing against Arsenal away once aswell, can't remember if it was on Arteta or Cazorla but he was good at it.