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  1. dan_cfc

    Random Rumours

    Not the most exciting of signings but he has been pretty solid and improved a lot since he moved there, if he is available for a decent price I don't see a problem. Agree about Ake would have loved to have kept him but I think was between him and Christensen and most people would say that Christensen has the higher potential.
  2. dan_cfc

    Random Rumours

    We're in talks to sign Savic from Atletico apparently according to SSN.
  3. dan_cfc

    Falling behind in the Transfer Market?

    Not too worried just yet, more worried about the managerial situation seeing as no one has come out and backed Conte and no one has a clue on potential replacements.
  4. dan_cfc

    Jody morris to derby

    Good luck to them both, think we can expect a few of the young lads joining them on loan now.
  5. dan_cfc

    England vs Nigeria (Friendly)

    Can't believe McGuire seems to be ahead of Cahill in the pecking order, for all his faults Gaz is still England's best centre back by a mile. sh*t game mind same old boring England 1st half was decent but probably more down to Nigeria not turning up til the second half. Good to see the Nigerian Pirlo Again.
  6. dan_cfc

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Bit late but... hahahhahahaha
  7. dan_cfc

    Robert Lewandowski

    Probably Batshuyai
  8. dan_cfc

    Robert Lewandowski

    Why? Belotti has only scored 10 times in serie a this season hardly an upgrade on Morata & Giroud let alone Lewandowski.
  9. dan_cfc

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Personally I don't think any of these managers are better than Conte, if given full control over incoming transfers and outgoing I truly believe we'll win the league again. Sadly that's not how the club operates and it does look as though bridges have been completely burnt with the board and players so probably best we move on and that does look to be happening sooner rather than later. It looks to be between Sarri and Enrique, don't know much about Sarri only what's been said on this thread but I have to admit the lack of trophies worries me but more than happy to be proved wrong. You would think if it is either of those 2 managers big money would need to be spent in order to get the team playing their style of football.
  10. dan_cfc

    Robert Lewandowski

    Would be an incredible signing he's still world class he's never really been blessed with pace anyway so being almost 30 shouldn't matter, scored 29 goals in the bundesliga this season averaging a goal every 75minutes.
  11. dan_cfc


    Pathetic behaviour actually embarrassed for him you would expect it off Musonda but not from someone like Willian.
  12. GET IN CHELS! Rudigar and Hazard absolutely immense today.
  13. Nothing quite like FA Cup final day, starting to feel the nerves and excitement now! Come on Chelsea smash these plastic day tripping w**kers and win it for Ray. UTC!
  14. dan_cfc

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    Great to see some of the old boys in action again, shame about the injuries would have loved to see a bit more of Franco magic.
  15. dan_cfc


    I don't think so either RLC on the other hand should definitely be in the squad he's been terrific this year when not injured, played out of position too.