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  1. Wouldn't say our Midfield is Dog sh*t but Matic alone isn't far off, if there has been one weak link this season is probably has to be him.. His passing today aswell as most of the season was quite pathetic and his lack of pace really does get us into some trouble on counters. Bakayoko seems the most touted replacement not seen too much of him but he looks far more athletic than Matic which we are crying out for.
  2. Most of the players were playing as if they were on their holidays already.. Moses is an absolute tit for that dive in a period we were finally getting some success out of the game that was completely moronic and I hope Conte has ripped into him. No excuses we were sh*te but the first goal should never have counted anyone with a brain could see that. The long wait for the new season starts now and time to reflect on what was an amazing season considering where most people thought we would end up early on in the season! UTC.
  3. Class player would love him here, would suit us perfectly with his lightening pace on the counter.. Pay them whatever it takes!
  4. Can see Solanke tearing up the scottish league (not hard) may aswell get a young british prospect in return as cover for Alonso In Tierney
  5. I use an Mbox which is around £30 and that runs fine for me, just updated to the latest Kodi firmware.
  6. I'm the same as you it's more for the women of the house lol
  7. Decent player but don't think he will make it here 20m for him would be good, maybe set in a buy back clause like Barca do?
  8. I use Sportsmania and that works a charm don't want to have to pay for Ultimate Mania aswell or it really is starting to get pricey.
  9. Player of the season for me.
  10. The potential is clearly there just needs the game time, comes across a lovely bloke too.
  11. Good player on his day just don't think he has the passion and mentality to succeed here, for all the negatives with Costa's behaviour you can't say he hasn't got that winning mentality.
  12. Still struggling for a good live tv addon using UKTURK but it's not great.
  13. Thank you for Everything JT Captain Leader LEGEND.
  14. Choked me up watching JT earlier can't believe it's the last we'll see of him in a Chelsea shirt but what a career. Garth Crooks is a knob pure and simple. THANK YOU JT CAPTAIN LEADER LEGEND.
  15. Brilliant player would love him here.. The height could be an issue but wouldn't be too much of an issue if we move to a 352 with Matic and Kante alongside, Would be one of the best and energetic midfields in europe.