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  1. If he does go to Citeh Seems like he's happy to sit on the bench picking up his wages cos no way is he starting ahead of walker, don't need players like that playing for the champions.
  2. Brilliant signing, always wanted him instead of Lukaku far superior footballer and at 24 will only improve, he has a bit of everything and will be interesting to see how he does now he has the platform to be the main man.
  3. I assume that's why we are in for Llorente too of rumours are to be believed. Morata would be a brilliant signing, prolific for Real on his return even though most of his appearances were off the bench. Conte clearly rates him highly as he has worked with him before and lead the line very well at Juve.
  4. Apparently Conte rates him highly and wants him to play a part this season, strange that he didn't get anytime last season when he was brought back though if this is the case.
  5. Good signing. Also one of the cringiest announcement videos I've ever seen.
  6. Well with Lukaku seemingly on his way to united (bullet dodged?) Surely we have to be in for Morata if not then there's not many options out there may aswell hang on to Diego if possible.
  7. Counted a few times in the tournament that the ref went to check the VAR himself, quite ridiculous and time consuming that he isn't trusting the officials seems very big headed imo.
  8. Some rumours flying about both Chalobah and Christensen will be sold, will be beyond pissed off if true.
  9. Watched it a couple of weeks ago funnily enough, 'I'm having an old friend for dinner' nice easy one.
  10. Can't stand villa so hard to see him playing there.. just know we are going to draw them in a cup game now aswell..
  11. Pretty sure that's Riddick
  12. I've been impressed from what I've seen of him in the confed cup so far, strong, quick, versatile, comfortable with the ball at his feet and playing from the back and at 24 should only get better. Sure he's not the big name everyone was hoping but I trust in Conte's judgement 100%
  13. did anyone notice in the u21 game the other day he took a free kick with his left and penalty on his right, both feet as good as the other for this fella
  14. For the prices quoted Bakayoko in for 35m Matic out for 40m 5 mil profit replacing a declining player ain't bad if true
  15. Yeah can't see any signings be announced til the new kits have been unveiled but I do get the feeling we have 1 or 2 virtually done ready to announce.