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  1. Random Rumours

    Would go for Jorginho from Napoli but looks as though he's off to city.
  2. Get in Chels. Good win and into another cup final, Question is if we win the cup does Conte stay on? Would love it to happen and bridges to be rebuilt with the board but looks like this will be his last season here sadly. P.S Gerrard and Benali are w**kers.
  3. Willy Caballero

    Wouldn't say hopeless, definitely got that dodgy streak about him but most back up Keepers tend to have that.
  4. Any game recommendation?

    So is God of War as good as the reviews suggest?
  5. Good win, tough place to go, so lovely to pick up 3 points and put in a good performance whilst resting some key players. Big game this weekend UTC!
  6. What a relief and fair play to Conte for changing things up, hopefully start the next match with the back 4 and Giroud to start. UTC!
  7. Get the f**k in there Chels! See what a change of formation to a 4 at the back and getting a proper striker on can do!
  9. Bruce Buck in the crowd something tells me Antonio might be gone after this.
  10. I'm convinced he just doesn't give a f**k now and this is just a big 2 fingers to the board saying well this is what you left me with... Same formation, same players. Shocking.
  11. Same old toothless sh*t, SORT IT OUT CHELS!
  12. Danny Drinkwater

    He can't have joined expecting to be first choice surely? But I do agree he should have played more considering the poor form of Bakayoko and Fabregas.
  13. Tibo Azpi Christensen Rudigar Zappacosta Drinkwater Kante Emerson Willian/CHO Hazard Morata Come on Chelsea
  14. Well top 4 is almost certainly gone now so at least make an effort to blood some of the youngsters, can't keep playing the same tired uninspired line up.
  15. Why Conte continues to play Cesc in a midfield 2 I will never know.. What's wrong with Drinkwater?