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  1. Get in lads. Thought we played some terrific stuff despite looking dodgy at the back. Hazard on current form is the best player in the world, argue with me.
  2. That cutback across the box is always f**king on, sort it out Chels.
  3. Disgraceful defending ruining all our good work going forward
  4. dan_cfc

    Alvaro Morata

    Lamps scored 22 that season aswell, played some great football then under Carlo.
  5. Great win and excellent second half performance get in.
  6. Half an hour in and not had a shot all too slow passing sideways. Liven up Chels.
  7. dan_cfc

    Little Fekir

    Can't see it after potentially splashing 71m on a Kepa
  8. dan_cfc


    Very sloppy so far need to move the ball quicker.
  9. dan_cfc


    Ampadu looking like a mini Maldini out there lol
  10. dan_cfc

    Matt Miazga

    1 minute of pure class if I remember correctly..
  11. dan_cfc

    Mateo Kovacic

    1/10 to join now, hopefully this goes through Kante Jorginho Kovacic would be a great midfield.
  12. dan_cfc

    Jack Butland

    Donnuruma is a starter for Italy at 19, only gonna get better. Apperently we could be in for Sergio Rico, can't say I know much about him.
  13. dan_cfc

    Jack Butland

    No thanks, absolute donkey of a keeper. I'd go for Schmiechel or Donnuruma
  14. dan_cfc

    Thibaut Courtois

    f**king weasel of a man let him rot in the reserves.