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  1. dan_cfc


    Been very quiet last few games so you can probably expect a purple patch soon where he'll be brilliant for the next few games, usually what happens with him.
  2. Good point, didn't play well players looked tired, frustrating the international break seemed to cut our momentum a little. f**k knows what happened at the end there but not bothered UTC.
  3. dan_cfc

    Zlatan on Loan

    I'm sure he can fit a bus of his own up that nose
  4. Lets do these c**ts, Come on Chelsea!!!!
  5. dan_cfc

    Zlatan on Loan

    Yes he's a tosser but he scores goals and proven in this country, I'd take him.
  6. dan_cfc

    Eden Hazard

    Love the guy think he's an incredible player but he needs to wind his neck in a little to be honest, mentioning Madrid every week is getting tiresome. Have some respect for the club.
  7. dan_cfc

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Simply the best centre back this country has ever produced thank you for everything JT, end of an era.. Captain Leader Legend all the best in your retirement. Hope to see him back at the club in some capacity Maurizio seems very keen on that happening.
  8. Played some great stuff yesterday, the 3rd goal was a thing of beauty. Very surprised how quickly we've seemed to adapt to Sarri's style and we're nowhere near 100% firing either so that's exciting. Also quick mention for the fans our support was immense yesterday. I f**king hate the international break.
  9. Not at our best but got the job done. UTC.
  10. Get in lovely finish from Morata.
  11. Caballero Zappa Cahill Christensen Emerson Fabregas RLC Barkley Pedro Morata CHO Should get the job done.
  12. Special mention to Luiz today thought he was absolutely immense alongside Rudiger, he obviously divides a lot of people but think it's fair he get's praised when he does put in a good performance. Hopefully he can build some kind of consistency because we look like we could be a real force soon enough.
  13. dan_cfc

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Don't see him ever fufilling this supposed huge talent he has he's coming up to 25 soon and hasn't shown anything special sadly. Can't see him being anything more than a decent squad player.
  14. Gutted about that we fully deserved the win.
  15. dan_cfc

    Fifa 19

    Haha yep always the way patch it so it plays like the last years game.