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  1. The next 'big thing'

    Calum Hudson Odoi
  2. Random Rumours

    Someone has to be on a f**king wind up.
  3. Great win to get the confidence flowing again, Hazard in that mood is just unstoppable, world class. Nice cameo from Musonda too, Gooners next Come on the Chels!
  4. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Love the guys ambition, really hope he's a massive success here he certainly has a lot of potential.
  5. Peter Crouch

    Who the f**k is in charge of player recruitment?
  6. Palmieri

    Let it go Tom, let it go..
  7. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Thank f**k, can't see the deal going through now, the deal would rely on Batshuyai leaving and he's not going unless we've got a replacement. Now bring in Dzeko!
  8. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    Shows flashes of brilliance but for the most part he's bang average can't see him maksing it here.
  9. Palmieri

    Dzeko would be a brilliant signing, can't see him coming here wanting to play second fiddle to Morata though or why Roma would sell their star man in the first place.
  10. Thank f**k for that.. Roman if you're watching this is why we need QUALITY depth get the cheque book out.
  11. Willy will save our arses in the shootout just you watch.
  12. f**k OFF. This ref needs investigating bent as f**k!
  13. This referee is the biggest c**t since Ovrebo.
  14. What's the f**king point in VAR if you're not gonna use it when it matters!
  15. Hate to say it but the players don't look like they want to play for the manager anymore.