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  1. Tactics/Style/Formations

    Don't know if we have the WB's for it, but how about a diamond of: Azpilicueta, Luiz, Christensen, Alonso Drinkwater Kante, Bakayoko Fabregas Morata, Hazard
  2. Am Jewish, still hate Spurs...thankfully have yet to see any kind of offensive behaviour at any games (although I'm sure it does go on in patches)
  3. Whilst we've all seen countless posts recently about how the club needs a clear out at board level or to somehow negotiate for players better, what are some sensible/practical solutions to solving the club's issues off the pitch? Personally I feel one of our biggest issues is that the scouting network may have unearthed some good talents in Courtois, Lukaku & De Bruyne a few years ago, they've failed to provide successive managers with alternative transfer targets that are more realistic than big names such as Sandro or Stones. I could be completely wrong though as to how the process works, so lets hear if anyone has some genuinely good, non knee-jerk ideas.
  4. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    Genuinely baffled that people celebrate Europa League like their champions of anything. It's equivalent to winning the Championship and saying you're the English Champions, and this false narrative of United having won a treble of significance is pathetic for a club of their lineage. It sounds entitled and plastic, but the 2013 Final is the only game I've ever deliberately missed, couldn't be asked to pretend to care about it.
  5. Wants that transfer sorted out so he can catch that bus back to West London for the Double parade
  6. Much more likely to be resting for him for the FA cup final, no sense risking him any further here. Gives Pedro some much-deserved appreciation as well.
  7. What channel is the presentation later?
  8. Anyone know of a good/safe stream for this one?
  9. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Agreed, I thought he looked good at the start of the season but his cameo roles have been pretty shocking really. Don't think he's up to the physical side of the League anymore and think he'd struggle even in a low block with a lower league club. Got absolutely nothing to prove though.
  10. Courtois, Zouma, Terry, Cahill Azpilicueta, Chalobah, Matic, Ake Willian, Pedro Batshuayi RLC apparently has a back injury or I'd have him in over Pedo
  11. Your dream summer window?

    I don't watch Bmouth, but would Josh King be worth a punt?
  12. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    Spurs about to come second in the celebration race as well, wait till next week to see a proper one
  13. The Unpopular Football opinion thread

    Then hopefully Conte adjusts his tactics accordingly to exploit the space that opens up.
  14. Marcos Alonso

    Agreed, look at what he's done with our current WB's. We shouldn't condemn anyone at this stage, let Conte do his stuff in pre-season
  15. Fabregas in for this one?