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  1. Couldn't be more dissapointed in how he's played since January. Prime Drogba for the first half of the year, Torres from 2011 with anger issues for the rest of it. I'd bench him for Spurs, Michy can't be any worse and we can try him out in a game that won't affect the League table
  2. Chalobah, RLC or Ake
  3. Well, we do have that giant pile of Chinese cash for Oscar sitting for Hazard I would rather lose him on a free a year later than get a record fee for him. You can't put a price on being seeing as a non-selling club, and I'm sure Roman can always part with one of his smaller yachts to make up the difference.
  4. Plays as a support striker/number 10, Lampard was a box to box 8 turned deep lying playmaker
  5. If Costa plays both games for Spain, I'd be tempted to start him against Palace at home. Michy will be on the bench most likely behind Lukaku, and just say that Costa needs the rest for Man City.
  6. Drew Leicester in the sweepstake at work yesterday but going to pick BM
  7. Pedro is nowhere near good enough defensively to play as a WB against Premier League sides. Azpilicueta should move wide if Moses is out, with Zouma or Ake replacing him in the middle.
  8. Don't want another Madrid derby personally, seen it a few times over the past few years and it's just Athletico bus parking and getting undone late on. Monaco/Barca and Juve/Bayern would be spicy, I'd like to see Athletico/Dortmund and Leicester/Real
  9. Hard to say when we've never really seen what the others can do outside of Hazard, Costa, and Luiz. I'd go for those 3, probably with Fabregas and Alonso as the other 2- Alonso because of his decent free-kick technique.
  10. 2-0 to us. Mourinho will set up defensively in a 4-3-3 with Carrick and Rashford/Rooney/Martial doesn't have the height to trouble our back 3. Pedro and Hazard to score for us.
  11. Lampard trying so hard not to say that he's basically the player Pogba should be modeling himself around
  12. Don't understand how so many people think Bergkamp's goal is the best in PL's very good and a terrific piece of skill, but there are far, far better every year.
  13. Got a feeling we will absolutely do them both times before the end of the season.
  14. Cech The thought of Kante/Makelele is mouth watering
  15. We desperately need someone who can shoot from outside the box in games like this. Lampard spoiled us for years and Ballack could hit them as well, but no-one on our current team seems to. Whether that's Chalobah, RLC or even MVG remains to be seen, but I miss those low bottom corner drives.