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  1. Best looking Chelsea players

    Azpi, Hazard, Bego, Fabregas and Willian
  2. Our New Stadium

    You were pretty accurate, congratz ^^
  3. Our New Stadium

    Really close to what Neil did ! good job dude
  4. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    May be in 5 years. May be never. We need a world class CM right now
  5. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    "WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Man Utd in secret talks over Barca superstar Neymar http://thesun.uk/6015BHGfP #mufc #fcbarcelona " is not exactly the same
  6. Oscar - Little Diamond

    As a pure number 10, add KDB
  7. Eden Hazard

    This guy is tired, why José didn't give him some rest after the 0-5 trashing vs Shalke ?
  8. Paul Pogba - Needs to Sign!

    And ladies
  9. Random Rumours

    Omeruo will stay with us.
  10. Cesc Fabregas

    They had Fellaini for the same price
  11. Random Rumours

    We need him as a striker not as a 60M£ winger, they are better option, no?
  12. Oscar - Little Diamond

    Well that's against relegation teams that we lost the title this year
  13. Random Rumours

  14. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    We have one, Grandpa