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  1. Wenger has supposedly signed a 2 year contract. Multiple sources reporting it. I hope it's true. It would beat all other ArsenalFanTV videos.
  2. Fernandinho at right back, with Sagna on the bench.
  3. How's that not a pen for Southampton?
  4. Talk about the officials sparing Tadic's blushes after he skied his effort. Tadic actually spared the linesman's as his decision was terrible.
  5. Mourinho is overjoyed after going 5th.
  6. Things you're guaranteed to hear at the beginning of an AFTV video- "We love you, Arsenal! We do! Ohhh Arsenal we love you! ... (Robbie) ArsenalFanTV. What can I say? Another disappointing result..."
  7. Manchester United are enjoying a long unbeaten run in the league stretching back to October. It has lifted them all the way from 6th to 7th. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  8. Great result! Really gonna enjoy tomorrow games.
  9. f**k off Bardsley. You thuggish c**t.