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  1. Steve Francis, I liked him always looked like he could have just wandered in off the terraces and stood in the goal. That speedie pic was from a testamonial wasnt it, became a strange sort of ritual after that I remember Beasant doing it at another testamonial
  2. I know the one you mean it was in a booklet they gave out for members one season. The game was United at home from 93 or 94 i think this picture is half of the picture.
  3. I think its Duncan Shearer
  4. Second biggest crowd of the day, ironically the crowd for the Orient FA Cup replay had been bigger. We had the support, just not every week
  5. Ha ha how could I, the all important 3
  6. Interesting that cutting lists the capacity as 45000. Just a few seasons previous there were 55000 in the ground V Fulham.
  7. Bit late, sad news I remember Alan well at the stall by the town hall in the late 80s early 90s and away games, nice guy and the Red Card was always an interesting read especially letter from Portsmouth. RIP
  8. That West Terrace was huge, does anyone know how many it held? if the capacity was 80000 it must have been well over 30000 assuming the ends held 20000 each.
  9. Is that where Cantona tried to lob Kharine and it came off the bar?
  10. Was all a bit to nice at Palace, I used to love the chaos and hilarity at Chelsea especially when it got a bit spicy on the terraces!!
  11. Agree with that, but like so many times in our clubs history events overtook and we somehow rescued disaster from the jaws of success...its in the DNA I tell ya
  12. And whilst Im here, My first game was Orient away Christmas 1975. We lost 3-1, I stood in the side paddock level with the penalty spot with my dad and uncle. My dad had previously taken me to Palace (his team) but Id insisted I wanted to support Chelsea and as soon as I was at the match I sensed a more boisterous exciting atmosphere. I remember our kit with the all important stripe down the shorts, Maybank scoring our equaliser and some pitch invasions, no doubt assisted by the prescence of the Mile End Mob who I hear used to turn up if we played over there. On the day we were well beaten with Laurie Cunningham (RIP) outstanding but I was hooked and over the years came back for more when not playing myself, in fact still do despite living across the north sea.
  13. It was me that started the chant against Liverpool ;-)
  14. Ha ha its funny who turns up on here....had forgotten that question they asked your brother , they also told me I dressed like a londoner (took that as a compliment once I'd thought about it) ;-) Its funny how your memory plays tricks, Id thought that the group that steamed the old bill was just in front and we sneaked in during the disturbance, but now you say it I think we did run at them, we must have been the last ones to get in that end I reckon. Oh and it certainly wasnt me saying give up and go home :-) Great away trip that one, one of several we all did, Sheff Weds in the league cup, Arsenal away the Johnny B goal, Coventry away on a bank holiday just the two of us on the train. Zenith Cup final. Those were the day my friend !! Apologies for the extra half hour car trip was well worth it though ha ha!!! Altogether now...Steve Mcmahon is a homosexual...
  15. I was at that game but I think we were wearing the wing collared kit by then I cant make that out in the picture. Maybe its from the season we got relegated. Didnt Liverpool have an away kit in those colours?