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  1. First I was Ray Wilkins and used to get called Butch by the other players in my dads team when i went to watch as I had the kit and haircut at the time. Once he left I was always Mike Fillery and my lack of speed with occasional belter of a pass/shot fitted quite well.
  2. Five Chelsea games you would love to have attended.

    I remember the name Winkle, was a tall bloke with curly hair ?
  3. Away support

    great post that's pretty much how i remember it good numbers late 70s early 80s then 83/4 a high point. Tailed off a little towards the end of the decade then good numbers again in the promotion season (novelty factor? new grounds etc) before a gradual dip into the 90s til the cup runs. That said there were occasions when we pulled in a big away crowd again even during the early 90s, Sheff Weds and Spurs in the league cup games and Sunderland FA Cup replay. For me the last hurrahs were two or three end of season away days where for whatever reason (fanzine thing?) there was fancy dress Sheff Utd and particularly Villa (2-2 draw) bobby campbells last game were the end of that era in my opinion. By the time of the FA Cup finals/runs of the mid 90s we had begun to attract a different clientele and Bates had priced out/driven out a percentage of the old school support. But there was the odd match when it seemed a bit like the old days every now and then. The modern era with its all ticket crowds and controlled capacities makes it hard to tell what our natural level now is for away crowds. We always seem to sell out but its hard to get tickets, but is there an element of the same faces going or is there a turnover? hard to tell. I was back in the Uk for a few months in 2015/ 16 and managed to get to QPR, west Ham, sunderland (saturday night on TV) through using mates tickets but with my membership Id have no chance of a ticket. Also we seem to take good numbers in Europe but again the tickets are a pain for me as an ex pat, you have to collect them from the club or did a few seasons back, not practical and had to send passport copies etc...
  4. Away support

    I was also in their seats for that game to the right of the North Bank, was surprised at how many of us jumped up when we scored and that there was no resistance at all from them. We always seemed to have a presence in the North Bank back in those days too. Never really thought of it as a dangerous away game and yet they did have a pretty handy firm. I remember being in the West Stand in the early 90s and they had 100 or so of them in there, not for too long but the point was they had been there. Our away support in my opinion started to slowly decrease after the 88/89 last hurrah by the mid 90s it was still decent but not as big as it had been. But of course it wasnt pay on the day anymore by then. But with the cup win I think the away support went up again and I thiink has stayed constant right to the present day. We take pretty decent numbers to Europe as well.
  5. Chelsea vs Spurs head-to-head

    3-1 wasnt it? I seem to remember a consolation goal Graham Stuart I think?? I think we went up in the same car didnt we and after getting turned away from the pubs near the ground went into the city centre..cant believe its over 25 years ago!!
  6. Chelsea vs Spurs head-to-head

    Thats right, those two Sheffield Wednesday Games were bloody awful I went to both the home game was particularly dissapointing with Townsend (who had eclipsed Gazza) being totally outplayed by Carlton bloody Palmer. And Im sure they got both goals from the same short corner/freekick routine. I was in the benches nursing a hangover like most others.
  7. Chelsea vs Spurs head-to-head

    The 6-1 at the lane, didnt go but had just played and was standing with 3 Tottenham supporting team mates as the result came through. two 4-0 games- had watched the 1-5 just before and was fuming after Sherringham did Zenden early on and escaped punishment and their aggression generally went unchecked whilst ours did. So the 4-0 x2 felt great at the time. 5-1 and 4-2 cup games were great too in recent years The 0-0 followed by 3-0 at their place in the early 90s also stand out
  8. Five Chelsea games you would love to have attended.

    Just thought of another I missed that i wish I hadnt Fulham 3 Chelsea 5 83/84 great game
  9. Chelsea Players Who Have Played in Three Decades

    Had Alan Hudson made one appearance during that second spell he would have counted
  10. Chelsea Players Who Have Played in Three Decades

    Graeme Le Saux ? 80s, 90s and 2000s
  11. Five Chelsea games you would love to have attended.

    1. Man City 0 Chelsea 2- Saw it on TV of course but wished Id been amongst our magnificent away support 2. Sheff Weds 4-4 League cup- Only saw TV Highlights sadly 3.Liverpool Cup 78 or 82 Ditto 4. Bolton 83 5-Arsenal 84 1-1 On holiday when the game was played
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    He was and is most definately a Chelsea fan, Billy matthews I think his name is. Didnt we also have a similar coloured scarf back in the day for the blue kit with yellow stripe and yellow socks?
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Steve Francis, I liked him always looked like he could have just wandered in off the terraces and stood in the goal. That speedie pic was from a testamonial wasnt it, became a strange sort of ritual after that I remember Beasant doing it at another testamonial
  14. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I know the one you mean it was in a booklet they gave out for members one season. The game was United at home from 93 or 94 i think this picture is half of the picture.