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  1. If New Zealand are at the World Cup we'll probably had to have beaten Argentina over two legs, so don't count your chickens just yet!
  2. Petit and Curbishley were far more complimentary on Bein. Arry has a bee in his bonnet. Presumably he doesn't have any idea who RLC is, let alone Nat Chalobah.
  4. Enjoyed the way Antonio in his post-match interview spoke of a 10-point lead, he corrected himself to say 'well, now a 13-point lead' but he's clearly operating from a standpoint of Spuds + City winning all of their remaining games. The man doesn't do slacking off, it's simply not in his managerial DNA. Case in point Juve's three-figure points total one season, it's not entirely inconceivable that a transfer-strengthened third-season Conte Chelsea team could pull off a similar feat. He has an 80% win percentage in the league thus far, that's practically unheard of for a debut managerial season in England.
  5. Loved Steve Holland desperately trying to get Antonio's attention during his celebration to get Kurt on.
  6. Not sure, was just posted on the Mail mbm. I'd wouldn't say they played them off the park, indeed the opposite occurred in the first leg. Sevilla had the misfortune of running into a resurgent team but Leicester were never in the ascendancy in terms of the actual play.
  7. Zwei-null.
  8. Monaco already ahead. Get in, etc.
  9. Wimbledon programme for their match against redacted
  10. Live stream for the draw.
  11. It's hard to ruin the Liquidator but that 'we hate Totteham' carry on comes bloody close to doing it.
  12. From what I've heard he's very attached to Milan, would probably take a Buffonesque sum to get them to the negotiating table and even then he probably wouldn't want to leave.