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  1. Palace are rubbish.
  2. Commission a dvd of that you muppets!
  3. Proper bullet goal, expected it to rise but it stayed true. Glorious scenes as Wembley Way is chock full of cock fans dispersing early.
  4. FFS, they didn't spot Lloris handling outside of the box.
  5. sh*t referee, we either deal with it or burn.
  6. The last of the old breed. Once he goes we'll lose our last link to the 04-05 and 05-06 title-winning sides. Matic will be the only player left from the 09-10 double side.
  8. 4 wins from 6, Arsenal beat Spuds and hand Wenger a new four-year contract in the aftermath. Job done.
  9. Can't bare to watch this, my focus is already on the Southampton game.
  10. New Lingard contract: £100,000 New Dybala contract: £110,000
  11. Very interesting character, phenomenally successful as well. Most assume he created catenaccio but that honour actually belongs to Milan's Nereo Rocco.