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  1. Us fans will have to bring our A game as well, with 6k mans in the shed
  2. Will be Sunday as Europa lge on Thursday before, could of been utd away or worse spurs and we know that would of been their cup final, fancied an away day to the new den!!
  3. Proper Chelsea! My era, remember that photo as if yesterday, jonny Neal's blue and White army, Dixon, Nevin, speedie, the shed, the benches, gate 13, the dog track, east stand towering over the ground, Pringle jumpers, promotion, full members cup final, milk cup semi v Sunderland, uncle ken, we didn't win what the y*ds and gooners won in those days, but something about us made them very envious! As I'm writing this the Italian job theme tune has come on radio, matt Monroe "on days like these" very appt I feel?
  4. I was 14 at time, and remember coming into school Monday morning, and Brighton being the local team many at school had been to the game, they had some tales to tell, being chased out of Brighton's north stand, being chased up the old Shoreham road by Chelsea, diagrams were drawn during lesson time of where Chelsea were in the ground, the general consensus was they were every f**king where!!! Numbers were estimated between 8 to 10k in a crowd of 25k, being one of the few Chelsea in school, and going to the bridge with my dad in those days, i have to say I lapped it up, it was the game that turned everything round for me at school, no more silly little Brighton mates taking piss anymore, we went up that season and never looked back, must admit though, hope Brighton go up this season
  5. And at Pompey away, there's always the traditional whose the w**ker with the bell!!
  6. "Zigger zagger, zigger zagger"
  7. I'm down the front of the shed some where for this game, decked out in pale pink Lyle and Scott jumper and Chelsea ski hat!!! Ahh the 1980's
  8. Yes your right, he didn't get sent off, he actually scored! But we were down to 10 men, unless we had two injuries (only 1 sub in those days), I just know I didn't realise we were playing with only 10 men for an hour or so, now thinking about it did Colin Lee and Kerry get injured? O'well I was just a dopey 16 yr old at the time ( now a stupid 47 yr old!)
  9. Was that when speedo got sent off against dippers in cup in 86? Well I think it was speedo got sent off? Funny thing is I was in shed that game, and didn't realise anyone got sent of till I got home, and the sending off was in the first half!!! We lost 2-1 and when I got home all the little scrotes who were TV dipper fans were giving it large, but back to the sending off, in true Wenger style, " I did not see it"
  10. Well, we are 9 points clear!! This Time last year we were no where, and people still pining over Jose ( not the Jose of 2004 I might add) so things are looking good, I for one will bowl into work this morning with a bit of a swagger, typical Chelsea style, remember we could be geeky gooners?
  11. If you wanted to seed the draw, and have the big guns away from home, they couldn't of done better if they tried, 6 live tv games? Well Millwall and boro games will be the 3pm saturday slots
  12. Good away day, now got to wait for stupid o'clock kick off time!! I wonder him many tickets?
  13. They were still in it when I posted, but well done Sutton, romance of the cup lives on!! Millwall away then?
  14. Millwall or Leeds away Saturday 3pm would be to much to ask for I suppose
  15. One of the best games I've seen, well second halfs anyway, that 45 mins could be argued changed the course of our history, we went on to win cup first in 26 years and the rest is history as they say