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  1. By the "bitter ones" face yesterday, I think he knows whose got the better deal. Antonio has the man he always wanted, and the "bitter one" has the player he never wanted. Priceless
  2. Brilliant picture, remember it being in the following home game programme, I took into school and a face in crowd looked spitting image of one of my mates, my school had big brtn following, many of them went to game, o the tales they told of Chelsea's following, anyway my school mate dined out for weeks on that he was in with Chelsea and how he chased brtn out of their own north stand
  3. Love to see all the prima donna's do it now, sand would ruin their hair and skin
  4. If only he was in our team now! Costa, and lakuku, couldn't lace his boots, pace, strength, good in air and great finisher, "England's number 9"
  5. Grim times being a Chelsea fan, the team may of been crap, but we always looked the dogs in our blue umbro kit and white socks!!!
  6. Never get tired of seeing the benches!! As said before on here, QPR bought numbers I see as usual!!!
  7. Remember getting home from the game that night and watching the whole game back on the tv with some beers, the atmosphere was brilliant, remember a huge 10 men went to mo in the second half and then after eddie got the second the whole end started singing "we shall not be moved" at first a few people starting saying shush as it was chelsea and we were bound to f**k it up, but then they realised it was our moment and the celebrations began, 20 years ago wow.
  8. What a day, watching those cup finals during the 70's and 80's on TV as a youngster, then to be there and watching us win on a hot sunny day was just how you imagined it would be if not better! "When wise went up"
  9. 3rd tier a? The team that's in the last 12 years has won 5 titles, 6 fa cups, 3 league cups, Europa cup and the only London team to win the EUROPEAN CUP!!!!
  10. We need height, bring in crouch!!
  11. Great news! We got some proper old skool Saturday 3pm games for match going fans and not being moved for TV companies and their armchair army!
  12. David seaman in goal, pre ponytail!
  13. Snap, I did as well
  14. Paul Parker has been hanging off the roof of the East Stand since 1984!!! after Joey decided to do a bit of Bruce Lee on him.
  15. With no new signings yet, I am starting to think that's how our board negotiates for new players!