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  1. Also in the late 70's and 80's when away supports were hit or miss, not like nowadys when at the bridge for instance you know definately which clubs will bring 1500 or 3000, we had regarded the 3rd biggest travelling support after united and dippers (a video on here somewhere with a police chief stating these facts) and we were in the second division while those two clubs were at the top or near the top of div 1. Back in the day some supposed large clubs had piss poor away followings, villa and Man city always spring to mind for me.
  2. A keeper a few years before Eddie was Peter Borota!! as a 7 or 8 year old and playing in goal I use to love him, I played football at county level up and till about 10 years ago and always fancied myself as a bit of a Peter Borota coming out and dribbling past a carthorse centre forward, I remember doing it in one game around 2004 and heard voice from the crowd shout its Peter Borota!!! I had to chuckle, all those years later and his legend lived on!!! sad to hear he passed away a couple of years ago.
  3. Great video, my sons now in their early 20's grew up having hero's such as jimmy and eidur, then it was on to didier, frank and jt, when I was a young lad in the late 70's I didn't have any Chelsea hero's, well Wilkins and we sold him! So going to school a 8 or 9 years of age the only real thing I could come back at piss taking mates was, "well you may have hoddle or brooking or dalglish or Brady but we got the shed!!! So who needs a re run of match of the day in the 70's when we were never on it anyway! I got the shed end 50th anniversary lunch video!! Respect to all
  4. We have been having sell outs for fa cup and league cup home games for well over 10 years without fail, teams like Sc**thorpe, Macclesfield, southend,Peterborough, Gillingham, huddersfield, notts county, etc have all had 40k crowds, something that gets forgotten by other clubs and the media, spurs, west ham, arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle, city, have all had some pitiful cup crowds, y*ds, arse, and pikies always go quiet on this, because deep down they know that all of them to an extent missed out when the prem really took off, and we were the ones on the rise, hate the word brand, but the Chelsea brand is more well known round the world then any other London club, go to africa and they've never heard of spurs or hammers!!! And arsenal are the football equivalent of a rugby club!! All blazers and public schools, o well arsenal, spurs and hammers dust that chip of your shoulders, we'll have the best ground in London, and nearest to central London, Londons first Londons finest!!!
  5. Think members total over 100k but might be wrong? That includes overseas members I presume
  6. Yes I had one to, Pringle sweater, Lois cords and Chelsea/rangers ski hat, and perm at the back, really thought I was the dogs, 15/16 years of age.
  7. In the last 20 yes, we've won it all (as the song goes), but for me personally, nothing will ever beat the fa cup win of 1997, from queing up for 8 hours at the bridge, to get a ticket, to 45 seconds into the game, and for the hour of celebrations after the game.
  8. Putting team and tactics aside for a minute, there is another big issue we need to address, 6k mancs in the shed making a hell of a noise!! We fans also have to be on our game for this one! No sitting on hands like dummies we really do have to up the bridge atmosphere, let 'the bitter one' know he wasn't right our fans aren't sh*te!!! Extended weekend this week can't wait till Monday!!!!! Carefree
  9. If I remember right, weren't wolves put up in the east upper that day as the Matthew harding stand was being built
  10. ZOLA POWER! What a day at Highbury that was, Chris Perry the Wimbledon defender still running round in circles after Franco dummied him!!!
  11. Brings a tear to my eye, I challenge any 40+ year old fan not to get nostalgic over this one?
  12. Classic kit and most memorable team!! Looks like loads of Chelsea in Fulham's river side stand? 5-3 Chelsea!!!!! "Boys in blue division 2"
  13. And cup final its a knockout! Cup final day was so big, it always seemed hot and sunny, even supporting Chelsea who had no chance of getting there, you chose a team for the day. The cup final programmes on both channels started about 10am!!!! I remember Brighton in 83 going via helicopter to Wembley as they were sponsored by British Caledonian. A couple of years ago bored at work, I bet a work colleague I could name from 1970 through to 2000 the cup finalists and the score, a bit sad, but I got them all correct. That wasn't so much I was a stato but more the finals meant so much in yester year. No chance could I tell you who won since 2000, apart from when we've won it. Nothing will beat 1997 though,"when wise went up"
  14. Funny how years ago many clubs would sing " you'll never walk alone " even the shed, now its only dippers and Celtic sing it, and when Celtic sing it, its much more impressive! I bet that grates on the dippers, its not their fault though!
  15. Miss the old days when they use to paint the penalty areas and centre circles Brown!!!! For you youngsters, Two tone coloured pitches were all the rage in the 60's 70's and 80's, fashions change I suppose? Who needs 3g pitches!!!!