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  1. Next Chelsea Manager

    All these fancy foreign names, I heard a whisper that even Neil Warnock is in the running!
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Bad preparation, bad man management, wrong team selection, bad in game management, bad tactics and failure to influence game, is why you lose to Burnley, Palace, Bournemouth, Watford, West Ham etc, lose one of those games yes, but losing more tells me you don't ever learn or just to stubborn.
  3. Marcos Alonso

    I agree Zeta, he was trying to get his leg round to shield ball and as put it down longs leg was there, clumsy nothing more, but we must remember since 2003 we are horrible Chelsea, hated by all, and everything bad about football comes from Stamford Bridge. The authorities despice us, we broke up the comfy utd/Arsenal domination and the authorities fantasy of the return to glory of dippers and y*ds completing a cosy foursome. When Roman arrived we spoilt it all and for that must be punished at every turn. My thoughts on it are, "f**k em all, f**k em all"
  4. FA Cup Semi Final

    yes it was great in the garden there semi and final last year, mind you outside in the sun on sunday at the torch should be good. "celery celery"
  5. Most memorable goals against Chelsea

    Clive Walker for Sunderland in Milk cup Semi final in 1985, not only came back to haunt us, but scored when fans were near our own penalty area, seats being thrown on pitch, and the mounted MET police conducting there own donkey derby around the old ground hound track! You'd of had to of been there to believe it.
  6. FA Cup Semi Final

    I bloody hope so mate
  7. FA Cup Semi Final

    Yes torch this year, as green man is saints pub, should be up at the torch by 11:30, knocking on my local spoons door at 7am for breakfast, then 2 hour train journey
  8. Is it to much to ask for a bit of sensible rotation ready for next Sunday? As long as the manager hasn't fallen out with any more players!!
  9. Up till the 70th minute we very poor, and was even thinking of getting the early train home at one point, the manager nor the team could be bothered so why should I, but I stayed supported the team and was worth it for 8 glorious minutes, but the comeback only glosses over a poor display and again poor team selection and leadership from the manager. Anyway that win might give us some fresh impetus.
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Put Ray Wilkins in a red kit, stick the Chelsea lion on the front, and for the first time in my life I reckon red kits look good
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    15years old and stood near the tea bar, nothing will ever get near that night for atmosphere in and out of ground. Electric, scary, vociferous
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Brings back memories of the crush trying to get in there for the milk cup semi v Sunderland 85
  13. FA Cup Semi Final

    Convinced my neighbour and his three lads to go next Sunday for a day out, 6996 to shift now, putting an advert in local corner shop later! don't want to see empty seats in our end.
  14. Thibaut Courtois

    Yes he was very solid yesterday with a real presence about him. A lot pundits talk about keepers and to be honest haven't a clue what their talking about, keepers who fly around diving everywhere are usually in the wrong position anyway, keepers who you see not diving around everywhere and not making mistakes are the ones that know their job
  15. FA Cup Semi Final

    New breed of fan now a days, Sunday afternoon, bit of inconvience for Rupert going to Wembley, and his roast dinner will get cold, he'll will give this one a miss, may be go to the theatre instead. I think we can say that Wembley is surely a no no when the ground gets knocked down.