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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Iconic picture, the start of the Chelsea winning machine!! Proper Super stars, put the current lot in their place, no comparison
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I said in the match day thread, we are the only team in Europe that get in Barca's head, when we scored last night you could see them think, here we go again, sorry Barca, but when we go to the nou camp in three weeks, the nightmare will return!!!
  3. Well, I predicted 0-4 before the game, so pleased with 1-1, reminds me of semi final v Arsenal in 2004, we drew at home 1-1, then went a goal down at the library, but that goal didn't make any difference we still needed to get a goal and up stepped Frank and then bridge in final minute, so on a positive, in the nou camp we've basically got a free hit, because if we make a mistake or try to be more expansive and get picked off it doesn't matter, we will still be in game needing a goal, another thing and a very important thing, if there is one team in Europe that Barca have a bit of complex with its us, to many big battles over the years with us is playing with their heads, they might of thought different players different team, but no, we are still there pissing them off and making a nuisance of ourselves, when we scored the camera panned around and Messi, iniesta and pique's faces said it all, not these f**kers again they were thinking, roll on the nou camp, we're coming for you again Barca!!! "Carefree"
  4. Gareth Bale for Eden Hazard

    200 mill plus bale and we'll have a chat, we got what they want, and they have a wallet full of money!! Would rather they keep their wallet in their pocket though!!
  5. Eden Hazard

    I don't think there's much chance of Eden staying in the summer, as Real Madrid need an overhaul and Hazard is a big part of that, but if some how he did, I really think he should be made captain.
  6. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    No doubt Hazard is top draw and by far our best player at present, but got to say Robben was a level above Hazard, sadly Robben suffered a lot of injuries especially it seemed with us, but what he has done on the biggest of stages through his career, not to say Hazard can't equal that but at present it's Robben for me
  7. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    You always know if your hated by rival fans then in a way it's a sort of compliment to you as a player, I can remember Mark Hughes being disliked as a united player, but every fan in the 80's would of loved him in their side, I remember Tony Adams being disliked and given all the donkey noises back in the 80's but he became a top draw centre back and captain for Arsenal, but the best one of all are the pikies disliking lamps, so funny to hear them all saying fat this and fat that, but Frank won it all with us, if he'd stayed at that shambles of a club he would of won an fa cup runners up medal in 2006 and a couple of promotions. "Frankie Lampard scored 200 against the pikies"
  8. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Yes great crosser, up until the glory years and JT, he was our most successful captain, I believe when we had the first foreign invasion of players he was great at keeping them in check and keeping a great team spirit, he was the right person at the right time.
  9. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I'd put in Ossie, Ron Harris, Kerry Dixon and Wisey in that list if it was a top 10. Not on ability but what they did at certain times in our history, but your top 4, I can't argue with.
  10. cup draw

    Antonio needs to take this very seriously, as we will most likely be out of the champs league by then, and going out of cup to Leicester could be fatal. I hope we don't get stupid Friday or Monday night KO.
  11. cup draw

    Loyalty points!!! Fed up with people with 100 plus loyalty points missing out, this is a cup quarter final, wake up Chelsea FC, reward the fans that spend hard earned cash supporting this club
  12. Race for Top 4

    Sadly I'm afraid, that looks like the top 4, if any of the trans involved puts a run of half a dozen wins back to back then they will be shoe in, was it 13 we did last year? 6 or 7 wins back to back should be a piece of piss then!!!!
  13. Sadly TV companies and premier league don't give two sh*ts about match going fans, why else would they make hull fans have to travel back at 10pm at night, or Bournemouth fans last week travelling to Huddersfield for a Sunday midday KO, their coaches left at 1:40am, it just takes a little more thought and consideration when arranging these games, but the pound note talks!!!
  14. Yes and also finished 10th downing tools during the season, and good chance this season of finishing 5th at best, I hope I'm proved wrong against Barca, but I've spent some hard earned money this season watching pathetic performances at palace, west Ham, Arsenal, and some dreadful home performances as well, and sorry but I stand by my comment I have real concerns of this present teams character. Up the blues though!
  15. In 2012 the team had winners, and real men who stood up to what ever was thrown at them, sadly the 2018 model is a lot less talented and are very weak in character. I can only see 0-3 or more result, all I ask is this 2018 lot don't embarrass the club.