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  1. There caravans couldn't of been very road werthey, as they very rarely travelled out of london
  2. Never fear if we are worried about the above list of supposed expert pundits and what will happen when they retire, the new breed are coming through!! Danny Murphy, Chris Sutton, Phil Neville!!!! God help us, and people on here moaning about ray Wilkins??
  3. Very true, Wilkins seems okay to me, who would we rather listen to? Collymore? Micky Quin?
  4. And I thought all caravans had underfloor heating?
  5. Boxing day game ended 2-2, remember seeing in the following games programme some pictures from the Pompey game, in the background are the benches and nearly everyone seems to be dressed in Adidas or Patrick rain jackets!!
  6. Is it me or does the old bill's body language tell me they haven't got a Scooby what's going on?
  7. My first Chelsea kit
  8. Last time I saw that many old bill on the dog track in front of the benches they were ducking for cover as the wooden benches were flying towards them in the milk cup semi v Sunderland in 85
  9. Rewind to 2003, and oppo fans kept saying we are the Russian billionaires plaything and he will be off in a couple of years! Well a fantastic new stadium coming at our one and only home, 4 league titles, European cup and loads of domestic cups, life really is a bitch!, what do you think pikies and y*ds???? O and PS, the Russian billionaire is still here!!!!!
  10. Leeds or Millwall away?
  11. "Keep off the pitch". No chance ken!, we're going up, " jonny Neal's blue and white army"
  12. Seems a decent guy when interviewed and doing punditory on games, he's got and had personel problems, but let's not forget he's Chelsea through and through like the rest of us, and if he hadn't signed for united back in the day, we may never of still got a Chelsea. As a 9 yr old he was the first player I was ever gutted about us selling.
  13. Franks been around club a bit recently, and was at training watching today, or am I just dreaming!
  14. Oops, i meant the 19th, my excuse is the 17th may is my second greatest moment, Chelsea 2 boro 0 Wembley 97