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  1. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Thanks for posting Ersk, very interesting article
  2. chi blue

    Random Rumours

    Better things to do, although when I heard they were winning at Wembley against y*ds, I turned TV on for last 5 minutes just to enjoy the suffering of that horrid club from North London.
  3. chi blue

    Random Rumours

    Not being funny, but I've never heard of him? Football inflation gone mad, we bought football noneties like Baka and Drinkwater for 30/40m now we doing but paying 70m
  4. chi blue

    Alvaro Morata

    What a fat f**ker!
  5. chi blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If we're lucky, I reckon more like after world cup
  6. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The view from the east stand reminds me exactly of my first game at bridge Easter Monday 1983, we lost 2-0 at home to QPR, they were going up and we were looking doomed to Div 3, I was transfixed on looking across to the shed, the benches opposite had a small scuffle amongst themselves, below I couldn't see them, but heard Gate 13 giving Bob Hazel greif, my old man got in an argument with half a dozen QPR fans high up in the East stand, and QPR's promotion party support wasn't much more than in the picture above!!!!
  7. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The smell of burgers, beer and football farts, proper old skool football, nowadays we have sushi, wine and perfume!!
  8. chi blue

    Anthony Martial

    Going to spurs possibly, another one bites the dust, o well move on.
  9. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The shed had a reputation that no other end had in the country that transcended even regular football fans. I think I might have mentioned before, but use to play football with an older bloke who although supported spurs said him and mates when younger went to Chelsea on Saturdays, and went in the shed because it was more exciting, another time years ago I popped in my local pub, and a couple of the regulars who didn't even know much about football asked what I had been upto, I replied I'd just come back from Chelsea, their reply was is the shed as bad as it use to be! Only the other week I chatted to a bloke about 70 plus who was a Geordie and he said the most frightened he'd been at football was when he went in shed in the early 80's. The insecure and chip on their shoulder pikies would venture in the shed back in the day, because it boosted morale amongst their ranks. Still never got the headlines Chelsea did back in the day off the pitch, and I'm sure there still bitter about it.
  10. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    A thing of beauty, f**k St pauls cathedral and Westminster Abbey, rusty corrugated iron roof and framework then a pristinly painted white wall!!! The white paint was ground improvements for that season.
  11. chi blue

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    First time in years, not one of my mates or son's have txt regarding fixtures this morning, sums it up at the moment really with what's going on around club, people not that bothered, Conte has a lot to blame for his pathetic childish behaviour through the season and bringing us all down
  12. chi blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Fixtures out this morning, the season is ticking nearer, and the reality is we have a manager who doesn't want to be here and we don't want him here, we haven't got a replacement yet, we have no DOF, our owner not allowed in country, no new ground now, and our top players are potentially looking at other options. Well it's exciting anyway, who the hell would want to support a boring club with stability, and run in professional manner, Chelsea FC certainly isn't a well oiled business machine, but it's fun.
  13. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Tandems only came out if it was a promotion party!! Dreadful away support, Fulham bought more
  14. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes do agree there probably the cut off is about Littlehampton (LA to the locals), going to school in steyning it was mostly Brighton fans, but when I moved to Chichester late 80's the Brighton support disappears and it's Pompey as the local team that really surprised me as I hadn't even met a Pompey fan until I moved to Chichester. Teams like Pompey, Burnley etc have very ardent support within say a 10 mile radius, where everyone supports that team, go outside that radius and the support vanishes. Funny how some teams Chelsea included have always had support that covers large areas even when we weren't so successful. Remember speaking to Utd fan in 96 before we played them at villa park in cup semi final, and he couldn't believe how many Chelsea fans were coming down from up north.
  15. chi blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Its just gone 5pm and not looking good for an announcement today, by the looks of things we got a few more weeks of all this sh*t, before the announcement of our new manager is.