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  1. You had to be there that night, because no explaining can do that night justice, there seemed to be menace in the air from the minute I started walking to the ground. I have been to other night games at the bridge over the years with noisy atmospheres but this was so so different, and as a 15 year old it was exhilarating.
  2. After those shocking events in Manchester on Monday night, I was thinking what we could do, not much against such evil, but as a dad with 8 and 15 yr old girls it hit home big time, just thought it would be a good touch to bring out all the Chelsea union jacks at Wembley on Saturday, in solidarity and defiance against these c**ts, I will dust my flag off, its the least I can do.
  3. Yes good shout ersk, he was another one with movement, and a great shot, as paul jewel and wigan will vouch for!!
  4. I think he signed from juve after they had just won the champions league?
  5. His pace had gone when he came here, but find it hard to remember a striker with so much clever movement as Luca, when you watched him you would think, I bet he was a player 10 years ago!
  6. It will be like an old school cup final, always seemed to be sunny and hot when I a kid in the 70's and 80's, be like boro in 97 that was a hot day, will dig out my shorts for wembley way!!
  7. Just having a Saturday night beer, ready for bridge in morning, and now well up for tomorrow, just think le arse, and y*ds will never feel like we did that may night!! Champions of Europe!!!
  8. 80's football, 80's music, 80's fashion!! God I'm a 40 something sado!!!
  9. remember watching when it was on at the time, watched again on you tube a few months ago, Chelsea through and through...' It must be love'
  10. Still to this day can't believe italy beat them, Paulo Rossi hatrick I think? And yes best team I've seen, at 13 we use to try to replicate their goals in the park, they also had eder and a lump up front called serginio, who looked out of place in team, Brazil in those days seemed to be some sort of team from another planet
  11. The day we had arrived back again, all the promise of jonny Neal's team back in the mid 80's that didn't lead to any silverware, but after all those years we had done it, being at Wembley in the hot sun that day, it was just like the cup finals you saw on the TV in the 70's and 80's and now we were there winning it, erasing the wash out of 3 years before, that to me never felt as much like a cup final, probably the weather, still maybe my best moment as Chelsea?
  12. Well if you have to bring your bird to football, she might as well look like that!!! Raquel Welch, if carlseberg made girlfriends!!!
  13. And I bet they didn't go crying off like Charlton did in about 2004 when we had our state of the art brown pitch!!! Sod knows what Charlton would of made of our pitch in 85 when we played city in the milk cup and pat had that thunder bolt penalty saved by Alex Williams!!!!
  14. Its Monday morning, but it will feel good going into work, half day then up to bridge later...... Champions champions!!!
  15. See its raining at sh*te hart lane for y*ds last game there, makes a change from us pissing on their parade!!!!!!