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  1. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Did you have similar issues with venn diagrams at school as well?
  2. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    What an absolute pleasure to see you posting again Pauly. I can only hope that your input may spur some of the other old posters to do likewise. And I agree with your sentiments - cannot believe that this thread was started in the first place. In my view, and unless we undergo some sort of terrible free-fall over the next 6 weeks, any decision concerning Conte should be made at the end of the season & only in circumstances where we fail to make the top 4/CL berths for next year. That's been the aim for this season has it not? So if he achieves that we should stick with him. It's all very well for some on here to use the fact that the Board & Owner have been unforgiving & merciless in the past when dispensing with managers (which they have to be sure) but in my view a lot of those decisions were taken in circumstances where we had a solid core of experienced older players within the squad. Now we don't & haven't for some years. Secondly, who realistically could come in at short notice who comes close to Conte's pedigree so as to ensure that we achieve the top 4? No-one comes to mind readily. We've had a bad month football wise but don't forget that we've played a lot more games already this season than last & that we're still 3rd, still in there for the real Cup & still in the CL. And this is notwithstanding the fact that we had to continually experiment with signings this year due to a depleted squad & that we've had our fair share of injuries and, as Pauly points out, the rest of the league has, as usual with champions, had enough time to either copy what Conte has put in place or enough time to come up with countering Conte's ideas. Some patience is required here & acceptance of the idea that over the next few years this situation is going to be the norm for us whilst the new stadium is built.
  3. Congratulations to the cherries first & foremost - whether by design or otherwise they took the opportunities presented to them with speed & directness & defended together well as a unit. As far as we're concerned, well we've got some real issues at the back & real lack of cohesion generally at the moment but I think its fair to say that these problems have been around or thereabouts all season. Conte is going to have to work even harder now to address these issues - is it beyond him & is it beyond this squad? Something seems broken or perhaps I'm reading too much into it but I feel that staying & finishing in the top 4 is going to be a very bumpy ride.
  4. Alexis Sanchez

    the media feed that we were interested came, somewhat unsurprisingly, from Arsenal in order that they could extract more from Utd. Always follow the money.....
  5. 2018 Running Costs

    Go easy in the cricket thread mate ;-)
  6. crikey....guess what, it was a derby, they got the early goal & were smart & disciplined in protecting their lead in conditions to suit. We're a bit thin squad wise - have been for some years & we'd played mid-week. This 'crap' side & 'poor' opposition perspective...I mean really. They're in the EPL, there's no love lost between us & under Moyes they're now having a go - look at their effort against City the other week - not too shabby. Get some perspective for f**k sakes.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    ^ Good post Ab. So much whinging & unnecessary angst on here after the derby. Sure - disappointing result but how many times has that happened over the last few years in the same situation? Quite a bit & regardless of whether it was Mourinho or Conte as the manager. The point being that we've had a thin squad for some years because of other more pressing considerations - ie. to continue with the model of being self-funding as much as possible & because we've got to build the new stadium to ensure for the long term. In consequence, this idea that we can over the short term match the likes of City or United in terms of player/squad spend is not the reality. Look at our net spend over the last few years compared to theirs - not in the same ball-park & in fact we have been the big over-achievers in respect to silverware both under Mourinho & Conte when the sheer financial spend on players is taken into account. And this has been evidently obvious for some years now & yet we still see the constant whinging in the short term. Some of you have got to get some perspective - you are chels for life so you have to understand that in this 'moment' we are planning for the long term viability of this club at a time when over the last 5 years or so some very rich benefactors have come into football. We were very lucky that our benefactor came in very early & a glorious decade or so followed. And then others saw that & followed & now it's ultra competitive & we're no longer in the top 3 of clubs in respect to what we can spend. Certainly we are still in the top ten but it's a very different game than it was ten or even 5 years ago now. So get some perspective - last year as Ab says we over-achieved & won the title (albeit made much easier given we weren't in Europe). This year we're back in Europe where we belong & the aim is to make the top 4 so as to stay in Europe next year & maybe to win a cup or two. What's wrong with that ambition? It's completely realistic given what we've got to do in terms of the new stadium. And given the huge amounts that City has doled out in the last 5 to 6 years for players their return has been pretty ordinary when you think about it. But sooner or later, by the law of averages, they were going to manage to bring it all together which is what is happening this year. So I don't get the angst exactly. And quite apart from that, some credit is due to Moyes here: got the early goal & then set up to stonewall - we couldn't un-pick em'. Seen a fair bit of that over the years. Even City found it difficult to un-pick em' the week before with all their firepower. It happens. It's called football.
  8. Gotta say - I really like the new side-bar column with the new comments. Well done & hope it stays.
  9. Our new technical director is...

    Well...no, our scouts are already in place & they report to the TD. I do agree that the TD's job is a difficult & constantly demanding job though & I can totally understand & sympathise with Emenalo's stated reasons for resigning - especially given the constant managerial flux at Chels! And I wouldn't discount Frank's abilities as you do - he is very intelligent & as a player he was peerless in reading the game in terms of space & timing. Also, as a stepping stone to upper management I feel that being given a chance to be a TD first would only serve to compliment one's abilities as a manager later on.
  10. Last Movie You Watched

    BB - in two minds about seeing this: the reviews have not been good & one can only wonder why Branagh decided to take this on given that the '74 version (with Finney as Poirot) is an outstanding film & the Suchet version is just as good. Have you seen either of those previous versions BB?
  11. Last Movie You Watched

    I've always thought that the high point of his acting career was Risky Business and that every attempt he has made to act thereafter has been akin to watching some athletic jock having a go in some 3rd rate school production. I have always thought that Kubrick died prematurely & possibly out of shame after belatedly realizing that he had made the inexcusable mistake of casting him in Eyes Wide Shut.
  12. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    And he screens Sunset Boulevard every night....
  13. Sheesh....really? Tried to find it online but couldn't get past the paywall.
  14. Good to see you abouts again.... been awhile....some say too long....good post