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  1. Thanks for your skill, timing, balance, distribution & above all leadership of the best kind both on & off the field. I doubt that I'll see your kind again at this club. You're the greatest legacy that this club has had over the last 15 years or so & I hope we see you back in another capacity soon. Enjoy the day because it's all yours. Thank you again.
  2. yeah - albeit this may be unpopular I don't think it should be the case either that the winner of the EL should be allowed to play in next year's CL either since it can of course cause injustice in certain circumstances to a team that has qualified on merit from the same league.
  3. I agree with the premise though - just a bit of shame (as is usually the case with Jose these days) as to his timing. I'd like to know the stats for how many times this competition has been won by clubs exiting the CL.
  4. Well....what a reward for all of us: who'd have predicted it? Possibly some did - if so well done & I hope you had a wager on it! I expect most of us would have been chuffed with top 4 but, and after last year, what a magnificent comeback - and to actually win it in such imperious, unremitting style. I recall much earlier in the season - I think in that interminable Mourinho thread - that I 'd said at one point that I didn't think we'd see a double for some years. we are...on the cusp of another. I have to say that for me its our greatest title win given all the circumstances - the comeback, back in Europe, the fact that it was done when the top 4 or 5 teams have been as strong collectively as any top 4/5 in any given year I can remember, where we were heavily outspent in respect to transfers, where our natural enemy comes a Sienese 2nd (woo hoo!) & with all with that - a debut Manager who'd, like Carlo & Jose (it must be said), never managed in this country before. I guess we've all had plenty of messages/emails from supporters of other clubs - all of the messages I've received have invariably contained 'fully deserved' or some variance on that theme. Not one proviso or rider (and in some cases I'm talking about blokes who are, shall we say, are not 'fond' of chels) in any of those messages received. And it must be said - we are now the standard bearer in the EPL over the last decade or so. Every other club knows that & are now getting used to it.....some, it must be said, are still grappling with that to ever smaller degrees. I hope for only 3 things at present: Wembley is kind to this team, that Dorset & Chippy return to this site & that the Owner takes out the team for dinner & makes em all drink Domaine Romanee Conti (with an 'e' texted over the "i") till they vomit or fall asleep or something.
  5. Saw that as well Charles & it made me chuckle. Sent an email to Jamie Jackson at The Guardian - doubt I'll get a response. No doubt other bemused Chels have done likewise to correct the record. If he does respond I'll post same herein.
  6. this playing for time whilst you tabulate those voting turn-out figures is it? I still want those by the way. And if you're going to keep banging on about credibility try & get the spelling right otherwise it drags your total conjecture even lower, if that's possible. I guess you feel that Terry & all the others who've won it over the years are mugs for prizing it above all other awards too eh? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the reason that Frank never won it is that he didn't garner enough votes from his fellow professionals in order to win it? You rely on Keown - ie. one footballer's opinion only and then go on to conjecture that his opinion must be the be all. Is that the same Keown who, having dissed the award, wrote glowingly of Kante being fully deserving of getting the award this year? And footballers - don't watch much footy eh? What complete bollocks. But according to you - all they do everyday (apparently like you) is watch Sky Sports (with their families of course) - so that must be lambs to slaughter for all these those footballers & Sky: must have been murmuring "Kante, Kante, Kante....I must vote Kante" in their sleep. Hilarious.
  7. where do you start with such tosh.....alright I'll give it a go: (i) Least credible award: one John Terry on the award - "the ultimate accolade to be voted for by your fellow professionals whom you play against week-in and week-out"; Teddy Sheringham (remember him) - "the biggest personal award you can get in the game" (ii) Players are not interested in voting: taken an association players poll on who voted have we? record low voter turn-outs were there? (iii) Given that its voted on by the players themselves in what sense can it be maintained that the media play a big role in Kante getting the award? All those media brainwashed players is it?
  8. As good as Matteo's screamer against Boro in the final almost 20 years ago wasn't it & possibly better since it was against spuds after all.
  9. far superior eh?...guess you didn't rate Maka either...have you ever played the game?
  10. ?!....deary me - I suppose you think that Kante didn't score enough goals or somefink.
  11. Poor old Boro - know how to defend but so one dimensional in attack - just 23 goals all season. Barring a miracle back down they go.
  12. well, unlike you, least I got something.
  13. Intolerant of brexiteers? yeah - so don't mind being called a bigot by brexiteers. Emotionally unstable - dunno - cops haven't been round lately. The thing is - the whole world economy is connected & brexit is going to have massive implications for the rest of the world as well. But as you rightly suggest - happy to continue with this in the politics thread.
  14. deary me....there you again; all sensitive at being named as a brexiteer - which is what you are. You were happy to wade in at the time & post your support for brexit so what happened to all that brexit chest thumping? The reality of your choice is starting to sink in isn't it - and it's going to be a terrible reality for you & the rest of Britain - so the 'mature' thing to do would be to admit that you've made an horrendous mistake. But will you I wonder?
  15. Hardly an 'attack' is it? A humorous sledge is all & let's face it brexiteer - deserved: you'll take any opportunity you can to deride Mourinho & your contempt for same defines you - one only has to look at your choice of user name, avatar & post history to see that. What's 'embarrassing' is your reaction to the sledge. You dish it out constantly when it comes to Mourinho & to those on here who still have some respect for him but when it comes back by way of a playful jibe, it distresses you. If you give it out you've got to expect that at some stage it'll come back - so grow up & have a bit of a laugh at yourself.