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  1. The only thing shocking about that is offering a considered opinion on something that 'apparently, may be, a recreation' of what was said, without context.
  2. Bakayoko is still a big talent. But ultimately he offers what Matic does, though he is more of an athlete. As I've said, prefer someone who can do a bit of everything but weighted towards being great in the final third. We will be champions next season, so teams will shut up shop and we have more matches, and to see Hazard et al being supplied by Kante, Matic, Moses and Alonso is not good if you have aspirations to do well in Europe.
  3. Agreed. Would love to see him here. Nainggolan offers more in the final third than someone like Bakayoko. Which is really what we need.
  4. Moses could very easily be benched. He has been mediocre for quite a while. Ideally with a 3 CB setup the 2 flanking ones should be adept at playing out wide. Azpilicueta is therefore perfect and Luiz would be great on the left. I'd still like us to sign a top midfielder (dream signing: Koke), top winger, RB/RWB and a usable backup striker. If Conte does not improve the quality of football, as soon as the results don't go his way I fear the board will once again be quick on the draw.
  5. Mourinho was not lying about a team of 11 Azpilicuetas...
  6. No the team as whole went off the boil and there were fabregas sized holes appearing all around him. He was still pretty solid. There was no masking anything during that period. His positioning and reading of the game was outstanding. And as I said previously, it was some of the best work I've seen. I honestly thought we'd have to wait quite a while for someone to reach those heights... and then came Kante.
  7. This is not Matic at his best. The first 18 months of his return had some of the best defensive midfield displays I've ever seen.
  8. We don't have to wait for Sanchez. Play Pedro there now and Willian on the right. Costa has had some great moments here but wow... Conte really has to try something else.
  9. He's been short of confidence in this small blip and trying a bit too hard. It's quite evident. He's been feeding off scraps really. But in the grander scheme of things I've seen a fair amount of improvement from him.
  10. Agreed. And he doesn't really lose the ball all that much. It's just very noticeable when we're struggling for possession. His hold up play has improved quite a bit though. He's much more at ease with receiving the ball under pressure compared to when he arrived.
  11. Made even better by the fact that he still gives you energy even if he hits a rough patch. The team never carries him.
  12. Agree with you, except about the degree of difference between the two. Alonso looked cumbersome in a 4 backline as well. Also the the attributes which give Alonso an advantage over Baba are negated somewhat by the position he would play in the system, so I'd still like to see how he would do. I feel we can swop Alonso out for a more aggressive WB and a DM for a more rounded player (Nainggolan?) to improve our quality. We can get harassed by a high press because the back 7 has only Luiz as a technically gifted player (Matic in form as well).
  13. I wouldn't say 'a lot' as Alonso is not a great defender either. But yes Alonso he has the experience, stamina, and positional sense which makes him well-rounded and flexible, useful when we switch to a back four during certain transitions.
  14. Stronger and quicker than Cahill and at least as good a passer. Also I've never seen a more dominant player in the air at his age. He will push for a place for sure. The only problem is that the perfect player for Cahill's position is Luiz. Someone like Koulibaly would be ideal for the centre.
  15. Not only that but he's quicker than Alonso and better technically. Would love to see him in this setup.