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  1. When I was in high school, I used to be a complete transfer talk mark. Every day I'd check the paper talk section on sky news and look for what Chelsea was up to. I stopped after 2 windows because it was all a load of sh*t. You rarely hear correct Chelsea related news til a week before something actually happens
  2. No, i'm not. 180 million is better spent elsewhere, in multiple places.
  3. We aint gonna spend 180 mill on messi, never mind neymar.
  4. Yet every week we are gushing over Conte's latest goal celebration. Bit rich for us to then turn around and call other managers overdoing it no ? If Jose hung off the dugout would that be fine?
  5. I don't watch the fan tv stuff but that thumbnail of that claude fella is real depressing looking :|
  6. I don't even know what sport is being played. Looks like rugby. Did Luiz just get shoulder tackled?
  7. Yeah he should just let them kick lumps out of him and take it
  8. Good lord there'd be 50 penalties a game Clear attempt at giving one back for the disallowed goal
  9. This is the Kante thread not the Ramires thread :)
  10. Waving a bunch of white flags sends a pretty mixed message