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  1. If you have 2 injured or suspended goalkeepers that's not bad foresight that's just sh*t luck.
  2. Nope. Its just a suspended sentence so he just has to be a very good boy else he will go to jail for the next infraction
  3. 99% of football fans would love this problem
  4. I have no problem with the man, but wasting a foreign squad slot on a third choice goalkeeper
  5. Who needs either of them
  6. Koscielny sent off so he will miss the FA cup final
  7. I remember it being a big deal at the time. "on the outs with benitez' terry playing every minute of the season and winning the title.
  8. Yeah I suck at this :( Let's try again Chelsea is very good at developing youth players. Just because a player improves after being away, doesn't mean they shouldn't have been sold in the first place.
  9. I hate arsenal more than liverpool. Would prefer pool to be in the CL instead of them. The benefit of this is my brother won't be a grumpy all the time as well.
  10. First PL title for him. Big season for him with a lot of doubt hanging over him with his sudden return but I think its safe to say he passed with flying colours.
  11. The human full time whistle has evolved into the human league full time whistle.
  12. My football supporting friends stopped doing things like that in high school already