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  1. 38m and massive wages. Suarez had bitten someone already by then, everyone knew about him, only liverpool were scummy enough to take a punt on someone that volatile.
  2. He gets kicked to smithereens every game and if he doesn't make a sound he doesn't get the foul. He clearly took a boot to the arch of his foot, it wasn't exactly a graze.
  3. Recency bias. Only as good as your last game. We are going to struggle to win and city wil go undefeated til the end of the season, or something.
  4. No, that is twisting his words. He doesn't want all anti jose posts gone, he wants the childish, frankly embarrassing posts (imo) dedicated to calling him the c word. It's incredible that ivanovs latest post here is allowed to stand in this thread, it added nothing but drags the level of conversation down to a childish level that we would make fun of rawk for.
  5. Ok is it just me or is Silva always injured for these big games??
  6. Perhaps we need a "Mourinho hate thread" safespace so all his detractors who get upset at anyone who dares to defend him can trash him in peace.
  7. The second tweet is serious bs but the first one is spot on.
  8. Point is we aren't some pauper team beating big expensive man u. It's a disingenuous point to make. We didn't spend 150 mil, we spent 112, o wow aren't we defying the odds.
  9. Fun fact, we had 41.7% possession against Arsenal. And spent 112 million pounds Stats!
  10. No, it's Paul Clement of Swansea
  11. I'm sure we can find a way
  12. No, the same usual suspects would still be peddling their 'he tanked the team on purpose to go to united' shtick. You and me both. But we aren't insufferable about it. Imagine hanging on to his every word to come cry here about it. But I suppose Oscar is gone, Mikel is gone and the team is performing well so we gotta scrape the barrel for things to moan about.
  13. A lot of posters are more likely just tired of responding to the same old people saying the same things every week.
  14. If anyone wants confirmation about where titles are won and lost: