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  1. The only competition is with ourselves. And the mancs.
  2. Morata didn't even score can we get our money back??
  3. I cannot believe there is a youtube compilation dedicated to him dabbing. Humanity was a mistake. You know pre season is a time to try out tactics and stuff to see if it works? This is not a competitive fixture we aren't trying to beat bayern at all costs we are trying to see how players perform in certain roles and formations. And yeah, match sharpness comes with fitness. Pre season is the most nothing results of all time.
  4. And could have been avoided if Kenedy applied his brain for 5 seconds. No sympathy because it was an incredibly stupid thing to do regardless of how the Chinese react.
  5. It also looks a lot more matt than i expected.
  6. LOL you might need to go to specsavers my man
  7. Only in October
  8. West Ham gonna sign Hernandez. Which is annoying, as he will score against us in another bizarre way like kicking the ball into his own face.
  9. Yeah, we sold a bunch of players? Last summer and in January more. Now we have replaced Diego with Morata, Terry with Rudiger and Matic with Bakayoko. But we still don't have the depth provided by Mikel, Oscar, Ivanovic, Ramires. I think it was FC who made a much longer (better) post about it in the pre season thread.
  10. Eh, I still think we have let far too many leave with no replacements brought in, which is on the director of football. Signing a striker is good but our squad is still too thin.
  11. "Higher ups got the message and decided recently to meet higher valuations" This is easy
  12. How so?
  13. What a day today has been.