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  2. You must live a very sheltered life if that is what you consider of 'the highest order'. Hypocrite.
  3. Get help dude. This over the top reacting to innocuous statements is not good for your health. A differing opinion on China has left you frothing at the mouth. There are better things to do with your time.
  4. You are a better man than me
  5. We could lose both and still remain top. We have already lost to both and sit 8 points clear. It doesn't decide anything
  6. 2 minutes and an offside goal away from the most perfect weekend ever.
  7. Please keep it out of match threads and keep it in the politics thread.
  8. Think Hull have a very good manager on their hands
  9. tbf a really poor Costa will still score. He does not operate on logic
  10. If we were Arsenal that would have been about 3 yards onside.
  11. Arsenal are kings of the late fluke goal this season. Offside line is not a thing for them past the 85th minute
  12. Spurs, so bad they finished third in a two horse race.
  13. Because realistically we all know this is what we should be expecting from leicester