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  1. Reuters saying he's been sacked?
  2. Gloating in defeat? You can't even read. I said earlier in the thread multiple times I hope my prediction of a loss was wrong. It wasn't. We lost, again. We're going to keep on losing again and again. Jose has to stay and half the players have to go in January.
  3. Chelsea 0-3 Sunderland.
  4. Your posts have been way too negative lately. Stop being a WUM, you can't possibly be a Chelsea fan etc etc etc.... ad nauseum.
  5. We lost, again. When I make the prediction of us losing again next week am I going to be labelled once again as a WUM and a non-Chelsea fan and too negative? Or will you all finally, finally realise that we are beyond sh*t, and that maybe, just maybe, saying we're going to lose weekly is nothing more than an accurate representation of the team. We all know what the clique will do.
  6. No point if everyone feeding him is crap.
  7. The Championship will give some interesting away days
  8. Going 3 at the back, anyone really think this will stay at 2?
  9. Much as I predicted, we're being obliterated everywhere off the park. We're lucky not to be 3 down already. Maybe 3-0 was optimistic after all.
  10. We've never been there. The Championship didn't exist when we were in Division 2.
  11. So poor from Willian.
  12. Willian free kick. Right range for him but not a great angle. Will need a set play goal as I don't think we'll break through otherwise.
  13. On the other hand Gem, when you're constantly being maligned and picked out for stating your opinion on how you think a match may turn out, as well as watch everyone in their little cliques overlook others who make similar posts to my own, surely I have every right for making a post like that. I understand where you're coming from. It isn't nice going into matches thinking that you're going to be beaten week in week out, and I also understand that not everyone appreciates the 'negativity' surrounding my posts. No-one has to read them, no-one has to respond to them. They're welcome to place me on ignore if they're so inclined. No-one will be happier than me when I feel some optimism going into a match, but it hasn't happened yet. Not since the first day of the season. Anyhow, this is off topic. Good line-up tonight. I'm glad Fabregas isn't in the team. Chelsea are set up for possession and Leicester are set up for the counter. Could be any old result.
  14. Whoah, calm it right down there. You aren't allowed to make predictions like that on here. Toe the party line please.