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  1. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

    No player currently plying his trade should have a statue. Not until 2020 should anything happen, which as a coincidence, is about the right time the stadium will open.
  2. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

    I think many of the players who participated in the final would feel aggrieved for not being included. Separate statues of Drogba, Cech, Lampard and Terry would all be welcomed and deserved. The stadium almost feels like a hall of warriors approach. Having those individuals line each side as you walk into the arena would be great.
  3. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

    Without starting another who is and who isn't a legend debate, I think Lampard is far more deserving of a statue than Terry.
  4. splishsplosh

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Sturridge is playing really well for Liverpool when not injured, but he isn't suited to the current style Chelsea are playing. Carroll is. He'd be a nightmare to deal with up front when we're trying to hold the ball up. Definitely a good impact sub and someone to bring on to control the game if we're winning. Sturridge would fit well into our counter attacking threat but he strikes me as being lazy off the ball.
  5. splishsplosh

    Branislav Ivanovic - Your Views?

    Terry, Cech, Drogba and Lampard were/are all legends. Cech, Drogba and Lampard were applauded playing against us because of the respect they garnished. Terry should also be afforded the same respect should it ever happen. The only other one within the last 25 years to make it to legendary status is Zola. Di Matteo will obviously always be special but is just outside the margin for me.
  6. splishsplosh

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    On the fence about this decision. He's been off the boil this season along with every other player but it is important to keep an English contingent within the squad, especially one who has won so much and gained vital experience. I wish he was future captain instead of Ivanovic. What we need is to increase the amount of English players within the side. A solid £20million bid for Andy Carroll should be just enough to prise him away from West Ham.
  7. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

    The new builds like Red Bull Stadium and MetLife Stadium are soulless bowls. Open airs like the many college stadiums are huge but largely uninspiring, with as many Americans crammed in as possible. The more interesting ones are the baseball stadiums because of their mish mash appearance reminiscent of cricket stadia in this country, but they're still packed full of advertising and LED's and neons and awful beer. Chelsea have made such a massive effort to incorporate the new stadium within the surroundings, lessen impact on residents, improve public access and stay true to the areas history. The result has been a stadium totally unique and beautiful, providing a link to the past as well as a nod to the future. What has America done?
  8. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

    The USA has zero culture. Everything that happens there is borne off the innovation from the rest of the world. Their stadiums are uninspiring and boring.
  9. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

    Why? It'll be the most innovative and beautiful stadium ever conceived in this country. It's beautiful. A true Colosseum of football. Chelsea will fill 60,000 easily.
  10. splishsplosh

    Our New Stadium

  11. splishsplosh

    Oscar - Little Diamond

    I think it's a great idea. A Brazilian fire sale including Ramires, Willian and Oscar could potentially bring in just under £100 million for the club. Throw in Piazon as a free. They won't have a choice.
  12. splishsplosh

    Didier Drogba Returns!

    Drogba should form a super group with Zola, Lampard and Di Matteo. Didier has all the charisma of a proper front man. Frank should be on drums, quietly organising from just behind. Franco the magician on lead guitar. Robbie the quiet one on bass laying down some funky moves.
  13. splishsplosh

    Andy Carroll

    Thank you. A balanced view finally. As mentioned previously, his injuries seem to be behind him. When has it ever stopped us buying a striker with known injury problems beforehand? Plus he's English and home grown.
  14. splishsplosh

    The John Obi Mikel Goal Scoring Thread

    Africa is a continent full of awful teams. They have never and will never challenge the European or South American greats, including England. When you're trying to laud Mikel as an outstanding player, it surely highlights how terrible the standard is.
  15. splishsplosh

    Andy Carroll

    I think he would be a good buy for us. His price will have fallen dramatically from the obscene money being paid for him years ago. He would be a good target man, can hold the ball. Big, powerful, is good with his head and has a good shot on him. His injuries seem to be behind him now. We need to sell our strikers in January and buy Andy instead.