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  1. Cech looks more like Prince William every day
  2. I am no expert in this area but looks like he will give the lady supporters a wide on too :-)
  3. In the Real Madrid quote they thanked him for his "dedication, professionalism and exemplary conduct" I am no Spanish football expert but isn't that high praise from the club ?
  4. your point was good though :-)
  5. Happy with this one. My only nagging doubt is why Juve and Real have let him go But let's see, he looks suited to the Prem.
  6. It was all one player, and they have nothing to show for it in terms of trophies As for us ! Amazing and I bet our brand increases each season Not 100% sure on those stats but I will take them :-)
  7. £75M for Lukaku ! wow ..... Jose under some pressure now a very expensive squad
  8. Dirty Judas, going to that lot, I never liked him anyway ;-)
  9. Not forgotten but wanted to post it :-)
  10. How times have changed, not worried about any fixture except Spurs .... it used to be the one I banked 3 points, at 3 point lane. Nice to get it out the way and at Wembley think we could win it.
  11. Pretty fair assement I think most on here agree we were not up to it today. I also think that Arsenal defended the best I had seen them all season. However I would maintain that Moses second yellow was harsh. Yes he went down easy but there was contact and he didn't roll around in agony screaming penalty. It was more of a hope look up that it might be given. As it is the final I reckon a word would have done surely ? Maybe I am just biased
  12. We didn't turn up so did t deserve to win however fist goal was a disgrace and Moses sending off ruined a perfectly good match we had the wind i our sails. Wasn't a pen he tripped but to be fair he wasn't really claiming it he was just looking round hopefully. Anyway gone now ....... proud of the team this season. No one can take the EPL away from us, sure the grooners would love to swap with us
  13. What is his role ? I don't get it... In a business world he would be Teflon right ? my problem with him is that is Chelsea are doing well or bad, he is there. Unlike the manager always the managers fault. I hate people in business like that and that's why I can't understand his role at the football club. SO I looked it up on the Chelsea Website this is his role. "He has been an important part of the first team management structure since his arrival in October 2007, and now supports the work of the first team manager, leading the club's international and domestic scouting network, and assists in driving the technical programmes of our Academy and international youth network" Okay.... Well he should have been sacked with Jose ? My guess is he is a "yes" man, I could be well wide of the mark I that is pure speculation