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  1. "Oh what a beautiful morning ...... tum te ta de ta da ......."
  2. Its a tough one ins't it ? What was it Veron at right back and Huth up from for half the second half ? It lost him all credibility, of course if it had worked he would have been a tactical genius Like a few have said, there would have been no Roman if it wasn't for Claudio (or Forest Gump getting that goal against the dippers)
  3. w**kers ... determined to make it difficult for us, of course their motivation is a close run. If I was still a season ticket holder I would be even more livid.
  4. Well like I say, I would love to be proved wrong, we know that Conte is a fan so he may be back here next year. Maybe he should understudy Diego while he is still here. Thanks again for the updates, very nicely put. Missus is from Bris too... Love living in Bristol, never going back, and Bristol itself is so up and coming. A walk round the harbour these days is a delight!
  5. alwight me babber .... moved down to Long Ashton about 7 year ago now, where you to ? :) before that I was 30 + years regular at The Bridge and about 15 years a season ticket holder, and your still older than me ! Tammy - I think he is a talent but no more than that, lovely to hear about his attitude. I have seen him at the city probably about 3 times so you are much better placed than me to comment....I personally think he might struggle in Chelsea first team. Only reason I say that is only because of recent history, I think you need to be an exceptional world talent to make any where near the starting line up in the top 4 of the premiership. I would dearly love to see him given that chance but I really do think it is unlikely. Conte please prove me wrong ! I have heard a mix from my City mates right down the middle between he has gone off the boil a bit to like you say no service. This is the difference as I see, if you going to blame no service then you might as well be Torres. Costa and Drogba before him can pick the game up by the scruff of the neck you need that little bit extra. I can't see Tammy doing that in the EPL. Like I say I would love to be proven wrong Very nice post though mate,you are very welcome here and PM me if you fancy a Thatchers !
  6. Obviously I am a bit biased See my earlier post in this thread.... But Gary has wonderful experience under his belt now and clearly will pick up the club captaincy off of JT, and that is high praise indeed and and rightly deserved, a veteran now of the CL and EPL. Like all defenders he has a mistake in him as does Luiz and you could argue that it is Kante making them both look good, but he is a model professional and England regular. I would give him another two years at the top, mentoring the younger defenders, maybe the second of those seasons play a lesser role. CL next season we will need that wise head.
  7. I am glad he is thinking like that
  8. Even I am a little more confident now.... still a long way to go :)
  9. In that case I am expecting a historical collapse, anything else is a bonus...... Just the way I deal with it.
  10. Good news for us he is carrying them.
  11. You two crack on :-) not disagreeing with you, it is just my own personal safety valve that's all....... A nice lead into the citeh game I will be a bit more positive however we can easily have a couple of bad days away from from home say at Stoke and Bournemouth, then the citeh games becomes very jittery.... no complacency from me
  12. Always have a safety valve that's what I do. Although I am delighted with where we are and how we are playing, at the moment citeh and spertz can catch us and are playing well also. I would say they are favorites as they don't have the pressure of expectation. 9 point leads have been overturned from here before. I am still happy with a CL spot leaving at that for now. It is the only way I can cope.
  13. We got to take care of complacency that's all, we have a reasonable run in. This match says it all, we could have taken them to the cleaners
  14. Nice touch give a goal little, bit of hope. Last time I saw a stadium so empty is when we had already won the league at old Trafford .... hilarious from the pickey's
  15. Bored ...... imagine what we do to the pickey's if we played well