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  1. I am also a big Inter fan.... Chelsea first of course. They have the been taken over by Suning Commerce Group in the summer, shed loads of money apparently. Forget the rivalry thing, Italian like the UK have rivalries all over the place and like us little real loyalty so he could go on that basis. However I think unlikely unless an outrageous deal as I think he would want to manage Chelsea in the Champions League next Season.
  2. About the only time in his career but yes, as you say he couldn't have got it more spot on
  3. THE best English player of his generation no contest. Happy retirement Frank, ironically I think we will be seeing more of you now !
  4. All the best Ryan, hope for a speedy recovery
  5. Cahill needs someone decent along side him there is no doubt about that. Is it coincidence that and incredible defensive duo against all the odds in Munich is now doing it again week in week out ? You listen to most the experts on this forum wouldn't have had Cahill and Luiz in the club ! Gary is a great defender and has a goal in him too which is always a bonus and he is putting a good captains role this season, speaks well on the tele etc. Let's hope they keep JT at the club to keep mentoring him. Just on a personal note my nephew had a bad head injury a few years back in Australia a few people on this site genriously helped out, I will be forever grateful. Gary also dug deep as well as giving as one of his shirts signed by the first team to auction. He even took the time to follow up with us a few times over the past few years to see how my nephew was doing. You don't hear these things in the media do you ? I am sure there are a lot of professionals out there that do this type of thing but Gary will always be a legend in my family
  6. I have always rated Carroll that header for England wow ! Just as spectacullar as dribbling past 5 players or scorpion kicking a goal ....... As many have said fitness means he is never a 1st team regular but if Roman wants to splash the cash on a bench warmer who comes on and gives the occasional team something to think about. I wouldn't complain
  7. This is bullsh*t.... If true where are FIFA ? There are rules, you can't just come in with a massive offer and de-stabilise a team. Also why Costa ? If I was Mr China Man there are, not necessarily better players but bigger names out there. Don't get it...... Also, think it has been said, but why the bloody hell would he want to go there ? champions League footie next year unless it goes really wrong. all a bit odd if you ask me. Probably Pochettino calling the club putting on a Chinese accent ?
  8. RIP Graham, will always be associated with his period in charge at England, but not to forget he was an excellent club manager. I met him once briefly at The Bridge after an Arsenal game, a real gentlemen and had time for everyone who asked him questions of all kinds.
  9. No problem for me I think when I was a kid and we were we're almost relegated to the old division 3 and we had a crowd of about 3,000 for a midweek match, the stadium was crumbling and we could only wish to play Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal if we were lucky enough in a cup draw. Now we are the most successful London team and we are fast catching up with Man Utd and Liverpool "history" and I think life is not so bad at the moment. Add to that, I am convinced we took our foot off the gas, I am sure we were told not to get into to much of the occasion and pick up cards and suspensions for the sake of a record for the longer term good of the season i am disappointed don't get me wrong, but virtually over it already
  10. My first Boxing Day match for a few years and loved it, just got back in time for MOTD in 40 years of going to The Bridge this is probably equal in terms of teams to what I will call the Duff and Robben era. In hindsight, and there is not one person on this forum or in the world of football who could have taken last years relegation threatened team and added Alonso and Luiz and bought on fringe players like Pedro and Moses and made a team like this. I am still in two minds, luck or genius ? Or was Jose really that bad last season ? Anyway long may it last, been a fan too long to know it won't so prepare yourselves on the other hand enjoy while you can Merry Christmas all and a Conte new year
  11. If you love him let him go
  12. Don't like the man because he is manages the dippers, for however I hope the FA take note of his latest rant, about time someone said it !
  13. Well well 6 points clear before Christmas who'd have thunk it my sprouts will taste all the more sweeter this year.
  14. He deserves a role at the club, his team talks are legendary. Straight in as number 2 to Conte ? - I believe he was doing his badges so he qualifies
  15. We must have done this a 100 times on the forums over the years and I there is probably a current thread but I can't find it. However a little Christmas game. imagine we are all round the fire with a pint Christmas Eve and we are reflecting that we are in a new era and in that case what our all time 11 plus manager would be. It might end up in a fight but you will all my best mate by the end of the evening So.... In formation, 4 or 3 at the back etc, your choice No subs, we can all list a load of subs it's a wimps way out :) Not as easy as you may think, in fact none of my childhood heros in there Droy, Hazard, Walker, Jones et al For me then : Cech Super Dan Terry Desailly Cole Maka Super Frank Wise Robben Osgood Zola Manager : Jose