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  1. I don't think he's ever had class tbh, not even with us
  2. Mourinho walks down the tunnel celebrating with 40 secs remaining.... what a c**t lol
  3. United 6-3-1 v Boro lol
  4. Middlesbrough asking questions of United, shame it took until they were 2-0 down before having a go.
  5. Hope to see both Castillo and Sterling give Moses and Alonso some competition at wing back, if we can get the league wrapped up who knows these boys may get a debut.
  6. Looked like he had it coming tbf, nicely done
  7. Barca PSG? f**k that, City have dropped 2pts! Incredible!!
  8. Everton keeper is gash, we should sell them Begovic
  9. Appreciate the 'pace beat him' but I think Forster could have saved that, or perhaps have anticipated the cross.
  10. 2-2, get in
  11. Cesc scored the goal, but Matic would perhaps have the dealt with the situation leading to Swansea's freekick?
  12. Not impressed either, with his distribution or defending. On tonight's performance we're lucky to have Matic.