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  1. Good move for Solanke and wish him all the best, though I may not agree with his decision if he feels he's doing what's best for his career then good luck to him. Sadly by opting to sign for a rival it's unlikely we'll welcome him back with open arms if/when he plays at the Bridge. As a way to show our appreciation for Solanke my hope is we'll sign Jann-Fiete Arp and fast track him into the first team.
  2. Jack Butland or Jordan Pickford hopefully but that's probably too much to ask (if he stays fit I think Butland will be England's #1 at next summer's WC) Tim Krul is homegrown but as it's a WC year he may have doubts. Just hope we don't sign another Ross Turnbull.
  3. Reluctantly I'd sell but only if we can sign Morata. If Morata moves to AC Milan or elsewhere I'd prefer if we kept Diego until next summer (as you can probably tell i'm not a Lukaku fanboy). Ideally I'd prefer if Diego stays and we sign Morata (and also Llorente/Jann-Fiete Arp)
  4. 8 goals 4 assists at RWB in Serie A this season. He's also at the age (23) that a lot of players go from being 'meh' to 'actually pretty good'. Can also play at LM apparently. For me, absolutely sign.
  5. I prefer not to make bold claims that he is any good to be honest, his YouTube clips suggests he might be and 11 goals in 34 games is an impressive return for someone who plays predominantly at right inside forward for Fiorentina (like us Fiorentina also play 3-4-3). Bayern and Juve are apparently interested which I usually take as a good sign that a player has something about him. I can't personally claim to have watched him that often, but when I have it's the simple things he does well that impresses me (good decision making and the 'not trying to do much'). According to transfermarkt he's played at LM, RM, AM, inside forward, second striker, and on both wings - so it seems he has the ability to adapt to multiple positions and still influence a game (another good characteristic of a top player imho). By no means do I think he's 'world class' yet, but for me (and I may be exaggerating for emphasis when I say this) I've seen enough to suggest he may be the 'next Sanchez' (or certainly a player cut from the same cloth) - the only thing I'm certain of is that he seems more adaptable than say Berardi (another player we've been linked with). Bernardeschi's stats (key passes, assists, chance creation, goals) albeit not in the PL suggest he may actually be an upgrade on Willian if that's possible, and Willian is 29... perhaps it's a good time to take a punt? Personally I think we may live to regret it if we pass by the opportunity to sign him. I like the cut of his jib.
  6. Tibo (Krul) Azpi (Christensen) - Luiz (van Dijk) - van Dijk (Cahill) Conti (Moses) - Verratti (Kante) - Matic (De Rossi) - Alonso (Tierney) Alexis* (Pedro) - Diego** (Batshuayi/Llorente) - Hazard (Alexis) "Reserves" - Ake or Hector, Baker, Nat & Trev Chalobah, Hudson-Odoi, Arp, Mount, Sterling, Eduardo, Cuevas? * or Willian/Bernardeschi ** or Morata
  7. Seems the penny hasn't quite dropped yet @didierforever
  8. I'm not seriously suggesting we should sign Henderson (though fwiw I would take him as unlikely as that is). If we sell Matic who do we replace with? Apparently we're trying to sign Bakayoko, but could he rival Matic's 8 assists this season (Matic also ranked 40th in this season's squawka player rankings, one of only a few CMs to "score" that highly)? Do we risk Kante/Bakayoko who between them only have 4 assists this season? My point is, I'm all for selling Matic - but only if we can replace with someone who will actually improve the team. De Rossi? Mascherano?
  9. By suggesting Conte was to blame for Matic's poor performance? If so granted I could have been more subtle with my words and apologise if you (or anyone else) took offence.
  10. Or Jordan Henderson?
  11. Daily Mail reporting we've made tentative enquiries for Boateng as an alternative to VVD (though can see Boateng joining United if he leaves Bayern) Bayern reportedly interested in Willian for £43m according to the Sun (would hope we'll only sell if we can sign Alexis or Bernardeschi)
  12. Tibo Azpi (Christensen) - Luiz (van Dijk) - van Dijk (Cahill) Conti (Moses) - Verratti (Kante) - Matic (De Rossi) - Alonso (Tierney) Alexis (Pedro) - Diego (Morata) - Hazard (Alexis)
  13. It won't happen anytime soon but Xhaka is the only player I would conceivably replace Matic with. The rest are just pretenders to Matic's throne. Imho Conte was to blame for Matic's poor performance (we were outnumbered in midfield by Arsenal)
  14. I don't think it's a case that he overthinks things personally.... for me we simply need more creativity from CM when we're behind (Kante only has a 1 PL assist this season). Perhaps may explain why we're reportedly looking at Verratti?
  15. In an alternate reality he'd be first choice for me Tibo new RB - Mere - van Dijk - Azpi Willian - Kante - Verratti - Perisic Hazard Diego