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  1. That oblak is doing my head in. Great goalkeeper.
  2. Hazard angry. Hazard green. Hazard smash!
  3. Azpi with those beautiful crosses.
  4. chillz88

    Hello from India!

    I could probably answer that for you. Its man united. I dont think Tottenham have fans here or i havent seen one yet..
  5. I am loving this. Just saw the last 20 mins and we really deserved more. We need to go for the throat.. We are all fired up..
  6. chillz88

    Any game recommendation?

    I have been asked for an exchange for my uncharted collection with a friend. He says I can select any two. What do you think from this list? Bioshock collection, Bloodbourne, dishonored, infamous second son amd dark souls 2?.. Havent played any of them. Which do you think is the better two?
  7. chillz88

    Any game recommendation?

    Excited for last of us two. Also saw the new uncharted dlc gameplay... Cant wait.
  8. chillz88

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    Lukaku missing a sitter again.
  9. chillz88

    Branislav Ivanovic - Your Views?

    I still think he will be a good squad player and a cup player to have. I have been tired of his dire crosses and him running back. With moses there, he can be a sub for azpi or maybe even for moses if the occasion arises..
  10. chillz88

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I guess you are right and he does have that mean pass in his game too. Its just that seeing luiz go forward when he is supposed to does need getting used to. I remember going bonkers and was always nervous when he did that in the mourinho days when just because he felt adventurous leaving space behind.
  11. chillz88

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Feel the same about luiz there. He has the height, power, passing range, height and everything you need for a defender. He just seems immature for a cb which isnt acceptable because you are a cb and especially if you are in 3 man defense. He was really good last match but they were a few instances where he got too comfy and was cheeky. Saw an instance where he ran to the midfield and even a cheeky pass. I even said it in the match chat when he did it. Maybe making him the central defender and giving him responsibility in the three man defense might be the right way to counter it and prevent him from being bored and doing stupid things when he isnt involved. This guy is naturally talented and made for being a cb. He has all the physical aspects any defender would dream of. If conte gets his mind to focus right, he could be one of the best defenders already.