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  1. That oblak is doing my head in. Great goalkeeper.
  2. Hazard angry. Hazard green. Hazard smash!
  3. Azpi with those beautiful crosses.
  4. Hello from India!

    I could probably answer that for you. Its man united. I dont think Tottenham have fans here or i havent seen one yet..
  5. I am loving this. Just saw the last 20 mins and we really deserved more. We need to go for the throat.. We are all fired up..
  6. Any game recommendation?

    I have been asked for an exchange for my uncharted collection with a friend. He says I can select any two. What do you think from this list? Bioshock collection, Bloodbourne, dishonored, infamous second son amd dark souls 2?.. Havent played any of them. Which do you think is the better two?
  7. Any game recommendation?

    Excited for last of us two. Also saw the new uncharted dlc gameplay... Cant wait.
  8. Stream died. Looks like i have to lurk here.. Cmon chelsea..