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  1. Confirmed on Chelsea website! Quality signing. Exactly what we needed.
  2. Willian to score an offiside handball winner in injury time, heard it here first
  3. Yeah, I see where you're coming from. On paper imo he's definitely our best striker, 17 league goals is a very good return especially when you see the midfield that was supplying him. I think Eto'o can do a job for us and hopefully he'll surprise us all, but if Eto'o gets injured or something we're back to where we were last season. Ba has been diabolical since he came here and I think people who still think Torres can lead our line are kidding themselves. You are right though, it'll be very interesting to see how Lukaku does at a slightly bigger club where defences will be more wary of him, and next season if he comes back and scores 30 goals for us i'll be the first person to admit I was wrong.
  4. The more I think about this deal the more I think it makes sense. Let's think about it, we had 4 strikers and the only one we could really shift that late on in the window was Lukaku on loan. Ba's deal fell through and Torres is very, very hard to sell. Lukaku probably wanted more game time as he was aware that he wouldn't get much with 3 other strikers at the club, and to be honest game time is exactly what he needs. He is only 20 after all. To be honest I just can't see this being Jose's decision. Bear in mind that Eto'o has worked with Jose before so who knows, maybe we'll be kissing the ground he walks on by the end of the season. He could score 30 goals for all we know.
  5. Jose isn't untouchable and quite frankly I strongly disagree with this decision. We've just loaned out our best striker, again. Why?
  6. Well they did just use a video of Ozil arriving at a hotel in Munich to try and prove that he had just arrived at the Emirates...
  7. I'm not gonna get angry just yet, for all we know it could be crap, I just posted what I saw on Sky Sports
  8. I'm still hoping for a Torres-esque signing of Jackson Martinez, just without the lack of goals. 29 goals in 33 league appearances for Porto. Sweet mother of Jesus.
  9. Now others are saying that he's still in Belgium with the national team, hmm :/
  10. Pardon my French but f**k. Apparently he's on his way to the West Brom training ground...
  11. According to Transfermarkt (no idea who they are) Khedira has been told he can leave Madrid for £15.5m and we're interested.
  12. Welcome to Chelsea!
  13. Just found this angle of Drogba's goal from the stands. Absolutely mental. I would pay obscene amounts of money to relive that night.
  14. To be totally honest I'm not entirely sure.