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  1. Random Rumours

    I'm convinced Mourinho would swap Martial for willian, no brainer for me.
  2. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Lampard's comments about hearing word that Matic wanted out towards the end of last season are pretty telling in my eyes. No matter what the media said at the time, Matic is and was a Mourinho soldier. Their "fallout" was imaginary and media-created just because Jose sub subbed him (which there was logic to) With the obvious bad blood between Mourino and Conte and with how poisonous Mourinho can be, i'm glad Matic is not at the club. There's in my eyes one Mourinho soldier left in Willian. I'd happily allow Jose have him too, just give us Martial in return.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    He was much more "on message" during this press conference, glad to hear it. I was growing very tired very quickly of the complaining/excuse making cycle. Today he basically said what my view always is when it comes to this stuff. You're paid to coach and get the best out of what you've got, get on with it.
  4. Just joined in now, team name Moaninho United. I usually forget to update one week and then leave it
  5. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    Our players around Morata will score more than they did with Costa. Leading the line is about more than scoring goals, especially in a 3 man forward line.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    I think him playing on the left in pre-season was purely down to him being behind in fitness and playing there = more running
  7. Virgil Van Dijk

    Think he's conducted himself terribly, don't want him. He's the captain of Southampton and acting like this, poor show.
  8. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    I'm not saying they can sign perisic whenever they want, i'm saying they can sign a player of similar ability whenever they want. You can't tell me there aren't any obtainable alternatives of a similar ability available for €50m. Outside of the PL and the top 2-3 clubs in Spain, Italy and Germany there are probably about 20 players total that you wouldn't get for €50m.
  9. Interesting they haven't replaced Keane yet.
  10. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    Far too simplistic a view. defoe would have given us 20, doesn't mean we'd have been of similar strength.
  11. Barkley

    I agree and said almost the exact same a couple of weeks ago. I can see it in him. My worry is that Pochettino sees it too and he'll end up there.
  12. Virgil Van Dijk

    But they can't turn around and say "you're not in our plans so we're going to stop paying you" which they are contracted to do. He is contracted as a professional footballer for Southampton FC and until he's told otherwise should act as such.
  13. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    My argument is that once you are past the first couple of priorities in a given position then your scope becomes a lot wider. I mean the difference in ability between options is less and less. Hypothetically speaking, United would probably be happy with Perisic but they'd also be happy to risk missing out on him if it means there's a higher likelihood they could get a Gareth Bale. If in the end they can't get Bale they have options available to them. They can either choose to sweeten the deal for Inter or simply sign a different player for which the field is a lot wider in terms of choosing. there are a hell of a lot more players in the Perisic bracket of ability than there are in the Bale bracket. If they had simply signed Perisic weeks ago like they could have easily and Bale now becomes available then they'd be at least partially snookered (maybe not literally United but 99% of clubs). It's always good to leave yourself with options/room to manoeuvre.
  14. Forum update Today

    I don't really like a "like function" on forums. I use it here but it is more out of a strange feeling of obligation and because it's the done thing. I feel like it sometimes entices "like whoring" type posts. I also think it can often stifle conversations and discussions. A poster can sometimes simply "like" a post without adding their own personal stance on it, maybe they generally agree with what's been said but have a slightly different viewpoint/reasons for thinking so. Instead of dialogue opening, a "like" occurs instead and that avenue for discussion dies. In much the same way a person can disagree with a post but can simply "like" a post that has already disagreed with it rather than again stating their own views. Surely a forum thrives on discussions and dialogue flowing rather than being stifled?
  15. Random Rumours

    I don't think we'll stand a chance of getting him if he's leaving as a free agent. We'll be blown out of the water in terms of the package of signing on fee and wages he'll be offered by the likes of PSG and City.