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  1. startedwithglenn

    Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    12 Feb - West Brom (H) 16 Feb - Hull (H) FA Cup 20 Feb - Barcelona (H) 25 Feb - United (A) 4 Mar - City (A) 10 Mar - Palace (H) 14 Mar - Barcelona (A) 17 Mar - Burnley (A) What a run of fixtures after the next two, can't see how Conte is still in charge after this run if i'm honest because we're likely to be out of CL and top 4 before we play Burnley.
  2. If the boys can get a foot in the game and not get battered around physically then their football should do the talking and get them a trip to Wembley
  3. It's nothing to do with defending Benitez, outside of rating him highly as a coach I couldn't care less about him. It moved to a wider morality issue once I was labelled "holier-than-thou". Thanks for your input though.
  4. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't mean in style or anything like that. Just simply in terms of how self-assured they are and how it leads to both coaching and making decisions with a purity rather than being results driven.
  5. startedwithglenn

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's 100% the way forward and it's what the board did do and if you ask me still want to do. Courtois, de Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah all worked for that strategy. That's half a team that were originally signed for peanuts, the problem being we are trying to run the club properly with a long term strategy but are entrusting these assets to short term managers. Some haven't worked, van Ginkel, Baba and the likes. There are others who fit that strategy and could still play roles like Batshuayi, Zouma, Kenedy. So really the main problem with the board is that they are not matching their managers well with their vision for the club. For the club vision, and this sounds outrageous but it is actually true, Brendan Rogers would be a much better appointment than Simeone would for the next coach but history tells us it's only the latter would be considered of the two.
  6. startedwithglenn

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yes you're totally right on both counts, we get a loan fee and the wages are paid but for example if everybody had gotten what they wanted in the summer I think : - The board would have gladly passed on say a £3m loan fee for Abraham and had him as part of the squad - Conte didn't want Abraham in the squad and wanted to spend £20m+ on a 32 year old Llorente.
  7. startedwithglenn

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    A lot of City's big earners are the older members of the squad coming to the end of contracts that were signed a few years ago, the likes of Yaya, Aguero. They've shipped a lot of high wage earners off the books over the last 2-3 years too and if you look at their signings they are almost all of a young profile and so stands to reason they are not coming in at peak-level wages. Plus most of their signings under Guardiola have been GK's and defenders who command lesser wages. City will see a spike in their salary levels when the likes of de Bruyne (who I think resigned recently or is about to for £200k or thereabouts, jesus to £150k), Sterling, Sane etc are all up for renewals or when they sign a marquee attacking player(s) in their mid-to-late 20's that will demand the absolute top level salary.
  8. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I think Zidane should be strongly considered if he is not going to last (which looks likely) at Madrid. He has impressed me with how strong he is in decision-making. He is his own man and will make whatever he thinks is the right decision. He runs his team and squad as a meritocracy and is not afraid to choose unfancied and/or young unproven players. i think this stems from having been the player and icon that he was. He doesn't NEED to be a success as a manager so he is completely free to be invested in the process rather than being overly obsessed with the end result. He's similar to Guardiola in that way and the opposite to managers like Mourinho, Conte, Simeone who work backwards from the result and will then plan what needs to be done to achieve it. My only doubt regarding Zidane is I don't know if he sees himself as a career manager or if he is of the mind that he landed in the Madrid job and when he's done there he's done outside of maybe the French national job.
  9. startedwithglenn

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Good post but it's not that simple. First of all if we signed one player to £300k a week it'd result in the wage bill increasing by about £1m per week over the next 18 months because a rising tide lifts all boats. Hazard and arguably Courtois would want parity and every single squad member who are on £80k-£100k would be wanting to be topped up to £150k or so to stay in line with their ratio compared to the top earners. Secondly, the squad did need filling out and that's largely down to the manager. You're not telling me this board that according to most on here are tighter than a nun's ... wanted to sell Ake and replace him with the more expensive Rudiger. Or that they rathered send RLC, Abraham and Musonda on loan and buy replacements instead. Thirdly, Drinkwater and Barkley are HG and we needed to get some in. Both are more than capable of being good squad players. Lastly and I know people hate this but in the business world it makes sense when you're trying to work within a budget to spread the risk when buying assets and as far as the business side goes that's what players are, they are assets.
  10. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I agree with you about the expectations and that when you look at it coldly all seems about par to this point. The caveat is it's been obvious to me since the day he signed the "new" contract on bigger terms but same length that this was always going to be his last season and that all parties have known the score since that day. If i'm right then that makes him a lot more vulnerable than on first sight because we are on a poor run and in danger of missing out on top 4 so the board will be a lot quicker to pull the trigger and replace a man that's going in a few months anyway if they believe it will lead to results improving in the short term and getting top 4. i think they ideally want to keep him until the summer and don't think he'll be sacked until we're at least a handful of points outside of the top 4.
  11. startedwithglenn

    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I think Hazard is overrated quite a bit by Chelsea fans and even outside of the club by other fans and pundits.
  12. startedwithglenn

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Guys i'm going to state the defence for the guy even though I voiced my concerns about the signing when it happened. I voiced those concerns because I watched a good 15 or so games of Monaco last season and he never stood out to me. Now he didn't stand out as being great but neither did he stand out as out of place in a very good side. So there is a player there. Now he arrived with an injury and I can't remember if he missed all, nearly all or just a hefty chunk of pre-season but it can have an impact no matter which it is. He's young, new to the country, league, language etc etc etc. There's no denying he's been very poor but he's being managed terribly if you ask me. Conte should have started protecting him as early as 10 weeks ago by taking him out of it and giving him his minutes from the bench now and again. It's the one area where he have some options in Cesc, drinkwater, Ampadu and Luiz, hell even Azpi has done a job in midfield and done it well a few times under Mourinho. Conte has let him down big time imo.
  13. startedwithglenn

    Watford Vs Chelsea (PL) Mon Feb 5th 2018 20:00 UK

    Can't start new signings because need to bang on about how the board are giving me players that are not ready
  14. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea owner

    There's a few on here should tak eover, i'm assuming they're all multi-millionaires the way they speak about "why doesn't Marina just pay the extra £5m and get the deal done now" etc etc. We'd never miss a target again either or ever be outbid for a player on fees, agent fees or wages. It'd be great
  15. startedwithglenn

    Watford Vs Chelsea (PL) Mon Feb 5th 2018 20:00 UK

    He's gone on loan to Dortmund mate.