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  1. Gave up my Irish season ticket for the first time in 6 years this year, says it all really. Even the games we win are just abysmal to watch.
  2. RMCM


    From a technical point of view, Willian is a better player than pedro, but in terms of what they both add to the team, Pedro should be nailed on first choice. Pedro has goals in his game, regular consistent goals, and consistent running in behind the defence and an eye for the game. Willian has all the ability in the world but the footballing brain of my ma.
  3. f**k international breaks, we look so sluggish
  4. Hazard in for Willian and Kovacic in for Barkley would be my starting lineup
  5. RMCM

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Problem with Lamps and Gerrard was that they were players with very similar strengths and weaknesses. Kante and Jorginho are very different and compliment each other nicely, just needs some adjustment time
  6. RMCM

    2018/19 squad

    Dave for captain for the season anyone? He’ll be captain tomorrow but I think it should be permanent, he’s a guaranteed starter and one of our best, and most driven players
  7. RMCM

    Little Fekir

    I'd still prefer to go for Bailey in jan, Fekir is good but i think Bailey would add more to our team
  8. RMCM

    Mateo Kovačić

    No, if it was 4 years ago then yes, it'd be asking a lot, as of now, he's turning 23 in January, it's make or break time really. Managers believe in players when they see something there to believe in, not before that. If he stays with the squad and gets his appearances in the Cups and EL, then a decision can be made. I used to be a fan of him but more recently I just don't see enough impact from him that suggests he can be a starter for us.
  9. RMCM

    Mateo Kovačić

    Kovačić is miles ahead of Loftus-Cheek, and there'll be plenty of games for everyone when Baka and Drinkpints leave on loan. Loftus Cheek needs to step up if he wants to stay here, he always looks decent but never quite at the level where you'd want him starting, unlike say Ampadu or Hudson-Odoi
  10. RMCM

    We've got a new Kepa

    Willy could wear number 69 (Yes i'm an 11 year old)
  11. RMCM

    Mateo Kovacic

    Pato was certainly not world class though
  12. RMCM

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Let's hope he knocks up a girl from London so we don't have another Courtois situation
  13. RMCM

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    These stats from last season are going to be tough to beat!
  14. RMCM

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    Ok i'll stop milking it
  15. RMCM

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    The problem with Areola is that he's a bit of a tit