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  1. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Love this, when we play Barca it always feels like a derby game in Europe, reminds me of 2012.
  2. I’ve been very supportive of Bakayoko, but he’s really not adjusting well to this league and our style of play, a lot of silly things he does aren’t excusable at this level. Needs to improve. The West Ham fella Masa-whatever-his-name-is is looking more like the 40 million pound player in this game
  3. The flopping to the ground is annoying the sh*t out of me
  4. Champions League Draw

    Would certainly put this 'English teams can't compete in europe' rhetoric to bed. I'd be ok with liverpool being dumped out early though. c**ts.
  5. Eden Hazard

    I honestly think he's happy here, nothing has ever shown me otherwise. All this 'He fancies madrid' stuff is smoke and mirrors. When he's asked about madrid he always says, 'In the future maybe, but I'm happy at chelsea'. That tells me he'd never push for a move, and unless he wanted out I could never see us selling him. He has the potential to become a real legend for us, of the Terry/ Lampard/ Drogba/ Cech ilk, if he stays here, and I think that's something that appeals to him. You can see he's a humble guy, he's one of the best players in the world but he never acts vain or aloof, which is why i couldn't see him trying to force an exit.
  6. Luke Shaw

    Absolutely, I'd take him for 20m, not many other homegrown left backs as good as him that would go for that price
  7. Luke Shaw

    Don't think so, anyone who trains like a professional footballer should be in peak physical condition with roughly a 10-12% bodyfat. I reckon it's his diet that isn't in check. I'm sure he'd still outrun me even if his diet consisted solely of coke and deep fried mars bars though.
  8. He'll never ref in the premier league again, he's sitting in Saudi making a fortune reffing their mickey mouse games. Nontheless, FIFA should intervene and ban him from refereeing, this interview is an admission of guilt.
  9. This reads as borderline match fixing, admitting there were three red card decisions and not giving any of them? Very odd. What a c**t, glad he's not a ref anymore
  10. Christiano Ronaldo

    Bloody football getting in the way of dramatics
  11. Christiano Ronaldo

    I'd of course take him, he's the joint best player of our generation and top 5 of all time. That said, it would never happen
  12. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Poor poor performance, tactically naive after scoring early, I felt 5-1 flattered them a small bit, but we were utterly outclassed by a side who fully deserved to go through. Eriksen, one of the best number 10s in the world, given so much space to operate and punished us for it. I’ll be hoping they do well now in the World Cup. Absolutely sickened to my stomach though after being to every home World Cup qualifier only to see it end like that. We can look back at one game that cost us dearly and that’s the draw with Georgia. Time to look forward to the Euro 2020 qualifier I guess
  13. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Enjoy the match! Should be a good one, and extremely nerve wracking! Season ticket has really paid off this year, saw tickets going online for 300+ quid. Hopefully the atmosphere is rocking and we can get the result
  14. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    I'll be at the match supporting the boys in green, I reckon if we start hoolahan we can unlock their defence, it was a dreary affair on saturday but I think that was the plan. Would have liked a blanket of an away goal however