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  1. Thoughts from tonight so far: willian is still quality ampadu is ready to replace Cahill in the first team squad giroud looks a solid buy emerson looks very promising zappacosta is fast Hudson odoi should be our bench option at winger over Pedro
  2. Luis Enrique?

    Carlo had us playing the best attacking football we've ever played, I'd much prefer him to any of the other options should Antonio leave. And he's also just such a likeable character.
  3. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Half the player of Makalele? Makalele's baby toe would be twice the player of Baka, but in fairness, he's the best defensive mid of all time.
  4. Zappacosta

    I'd say he's the life of the Christmas party. I think we underrate him a bit here though, he's rarely put a foot wrong for us and holy sh*t is he fast, has to be the fastest player in this squad, considering that other than hazard, willian, pedro and kante, we have a team of turtles
  5. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I'm not writing him off, but he's just been so underwhelming, his lapses in concentration and poor judgement are really costing us, and his touch is so poor, whether it's a confidence thing or not I don't know. He needs a LOT of coaching, defensively, to be an asset to our team. He has the athleticism and powerful running to be a top player, but it's his mental attributes that I worry about. He's young though, we may yet see improvement, but as of this moment he should not be starting games for us until he gets his head right.
  6. In brighter news, Giroud could be the most handsome player we’ve ever had
  7. I have contracted aids from watching this. Goodbye world
  8. You couldn’t write it. This will go down as the worst performance by a Chelsea player.
  9. 9 minutes in and Bakayoko has given away the ball 5 times and started 2 goal scoring chances for them
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I like Conte and think all this nonsense is blown out of proportion, however I do feel he's a bit frustrated that we don't have much depth in the squad to call on, and we aren't spending big bucks to upgrade, only replace those who leave. If he does walk at the end of the season then Simeone seems to be one of the few options left. He's also good at working within a budget, if that's what we want, Atletico don't spend fortunes in the transfer market and still do quite well. That said, I'd rather Conte stays with us. Even if we win no trophies, Top 4 and a respectable result or even a win against Barcelona would mark a solid season for me, no one has ever been in the running for the title other than City, so a top 4 finish is as good as it gets.
  11. Palmieri

    I'm excited about the prospect of this guy, looks quick and tricky for a defender, and young enough to grow a lot with us. Hoping this goes through
  12. Random Rumours

    If he leaves there's no payout, if we sack him we pay off the rest of his contract. I pray he doesn't leave anyway
  13. Random Rumours

    I think he was talking about Peter Crouch
  14. Dzeko the Gecko

    This is one I can get behind, despite his age he's been fantastic the last couple of seasons for Roma and would be a great addition to the squad. Cannot see Roma letting him leave in January though, especially considering they're still in the CL and 5th in Serie A