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  1. Sule has just joined Bayern so that's a non runner, unfortunately, since he's definitely going to be a top player in years to come
  2. Can you please use proper words? It doesn't take that much longer to type 'you' or 'your' or 'because'. Nothing personal, I just hate seeing text speak, feels like reading something written by a 13 year old.
  3. Taran was a character in disney's 'The Magic Cauldron'. He was a pig keeper as far as I remember. I'm sure conte has his scouts on the farm looking for a good pig keeper to lead the line
  4. He's not average 'compared to' anyone. An average is a median value, it's taken from a broader base than just two. He's shorter not average. This height obsession does my nut in anyway. If a player is sh*t at jumping, A la Matic, then a shorter player with a better jump will win headers majority of the time. Alonso is great, I love him, but Sandro is world class, alonso is very good but not on his level. If we need more height play alonso against the likes of West Brom, but majority of teams don't just thump balls to the back post hoping ofr the best, and i'd rather Sandro there for his pace against fast wingers. There's always pros and cons, but Sandro's pros far outweigh his cons
  5. Nah he's well below average. for a basketballer. The bloke is 6'4", he's even taller than matic and matic has a jump on him like a granny in a bomb disposal suit
  6. They're run properly these days, such a real footballing club
  7. The dream is dead. Now back to Lukaku-gate
  8. If this happens i'll post a video of myself eating my hat
  9. And my ma always reported that the dinner was on the table when in fact it was still 10 minutes away from being cooked. You learn after a few times to stop believing it
  10. Sandro is £100 million better than Bertrand. Bertrand is a mediocre mid table premier league left back. Sandro is probably the best LB/LWB in the world along with Marcelo.
  11. I personally love the third kit there. It's different, not ostentatious, but also has a bit of character. The colour combo is pleasing on the eye, and it's nice to have some option of kit that isn't just a solid colour with an alternate colour running down the sleeve. I'll be picking that one up for sure.
  12. I'd sooner have PvA than bertrand, van Aanholt is suspect defensively, but offers a lot more going forward. Bertrand is mediocre at best. Rose and Alonso were the best left back/ wingbacks this year by a long way.
  13. If we bought Bonucci and sold Matic, I'd have Luiz in midfield alonside Kante any day. He's a fabulous footballer wherever he plays.
  14. Nah we'll resign Papy for 15 mill. #Djilobodgeback
  15. This whole age thing is becoming more and more ridiculous, first it was don't buy players over 33, they can't be sold on even if they're good for the club for a year or two and help to win titles, then it went to 30, now 27? Soon we'll be at a point where signing a player who has just moved from nappies to big boy pants with be frowned upon. 27 is the perfect age to buy a player, who's the finished product, to compete for titles for 2-3 years. Not every player has to be sold for profit if you get a few good years out of them and they help you to win titles.