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  1. Best in the world in his position in my opinion, with Marcelo aging and Alaba being more of a midfielder
  2. Matic is sh*te in the air, I don't see why we need to conform to this premiership faux pas that you need loads of tall players in your team, we have Gaz, alonso and Luiz, that's enough, I'd rather good footballers than a bunch of tall people
  3. Via SkySports here He's not ruling us out anyway, it would be amazing to have him here
  4. I liked him, he added tenacity and was a good character, I can forgive him his liverpool connections after his goal against benfica
  5. And mad hair. We've needed a tattooed funny-haired midfielder since Meireles left
  6. Agree with you, keeping Costa owuld be the ideal scenario, but i just have a feeling he'll leave this summer, I hope i'm wrong. Lukaku and Mbappe would be fantastic, we could even try a 3-5-2 with both of them at times as well, i feel they'd complement each other well.
  7. Until I see either of those confirmed I wouldn't be so sure, plenty of times players have seemed certain to end up at one club and ended up at another Mertens and Icardi are both close to Costa's level for me, Icardi is a great all round forward, Mertens is more of a technical Aguero-esque forward, but both score plenty of goals. Agree with you on Mbappé, he looks like he'll be top notch, but can we really afford to have an 18 year old leading us in 4 competitions? We could probably do with signing 2 strikers to be honest, especially since Conte doesn't seem to rate Michy. I'd take Mbappé alongside any of the others i've listed if we end up getting rid of Michy.
  8. There are replacements out there, it's just a matter of getting one of them. Griezmann, Aubameyang, Mertens, Icardi, Belotti, Lukaku would all be valid replacements for him in my mind.
  9. Florenzi for me, he's got everything, i know he's out this season with an injury but he's a top quality wingback, he's young, Conte knows him well from italy, wouldn't surprise me if we made a move for him.
  10. I stopped watching MOTD because of Hansen sitting there, looking like he's just out of the pub, shirt hanging open, talking absolute sh*te. BT are as bad. I do enjoy the Sky punditry though, Neville, Carragher and lately Lamps are great and actually give good insight.
  11. Joey Barton does not have a valid opinion, as a person needs a brain to formulate an opinion, not a lump of mashed potato between their ears. Let's all cast our minds back to these gems “Neymar is the Justin Bieber of football. Brilliant on the old YouTube. Cat P*** in reality” - Joey Barton "There are some good players up here. But I’m not coming up here to be another player. I’m coming up here to be the best player in the country.” - Joey Barton on joining Rangers "Scottish media built me up to be a Messi or Neymar" - Joey Barton on leaving Rangers after 8 games
  12. I really see Chalobah as a replacement for Matic, he's got the stamina and defensive discipline (I'd actually prefer him starting to Matic now, nevermind in the future), whereas RLC seems more of an attacking player, he's got great ball control and technique for a big guy, but he doesn't seem to have the workrate for a holding/ central midfielder
  13. Unsure, hasn't seemed the same player since that injury, I think he'd be well behind Alonso. Best for him to go to a lower team and if he performs well for a season or two, go back and grab him then, even if it'll cost a bit more
  14. Incorrect. My opinion as a fan from my Ivory armchair, despite never seeing players in a training session, is far more valuable than a coach with a longstanding career as a serial winner who sees the players every day.