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  1. It was refreshing to watch a match with Martin Tyler and Niall Quinn commentating, as opposed to the sh*te that was the commentary in our FA cup game. I like Quinn as a commentator since he's one of the few who actively likes Costa and respects the style he plays in. Great result against what are is a decent Southampton team, though they didn't have much to play for last night really, but our performance was excellent. Defending needs some work though, despite his goal I thought Cahill had a poor enough game really, I'd play him against everton since we'll need his size to try and combat lukaku, but I think i'd rather have Ake in that position, he's much more composed than Cahill with the ball.
  2. Never expected Alonso to turn into such a quality signing for us, he's a very elegant footballer, which i didn't expect. When i heard we signed him I really didn't know much about him, but was expecting an Ivanovic type (centre back converted to fullback), but he's so good going forward as well, and has great technique.
  3. They're both totally different types of centre back, and before Zouma's injury I would have said Zouma was ahead of Christensen. A bit disrespectful to malign his ability after being out for a year with a horrendous knee injury.
  4. Who is the other fella? I mean you have lineker, shearer and Lampard, three of the England's great players, and then . . . . that bloke
  5. I'd say the agents make more than any footballer to be honest, with their fat fees from every transfer, and a lot of them have probably got up to 50 players on their books. They're like the mafia of the football world
  6. I like this, just to elaborate on Willian's inclusion a little; he gets a fair bit of stick on here for not being creative enough and not doing enough with the ball in the final third, which to an extent I agree with, however what he does offer is ball retention. He's brilliant at retaining possession under pressure, it's very rare you see him get tackled or lose the ball without being fouled, which will be invaluable in games against high pressing teams like spurs, since he can skip away from defenders. That's in stark contrast to Costa who is a very poor dribbler and always runs straight into defenders, losing the ball. We need to control the game, so having players like him and Fabregas in the team would really help us set a tempo
  7. He's a big lad, i'd say that would hurt
  8. Looking forward to watching Juventus demolish barcelona at the Camp Nou tomorrow night, and hopefully then go on and draw madrid in the semis and demolish them too. Juve are favourites for me now, I just think that back to front they're the best side, and they play lovely football, much less c**ty than the Spanish sides, a Monaco-Juve final would be the dream
  9. Going to say that we should play a front three of Pedro, Hazard and Willian, they play a high line, and while their full backs are very good offensively, they can be gotten at one on one. I also think we should start Cesc alongside Kante in the middle, we need someone who can control the game, and Matic, while I think he gets an unfair ribbing on here, isn't up to scratch in that regard. We have to hope Courtois is back for this, and I'm sure Alonso will be fit anyway. This will be a tough game, going to say we'll score two late goals to win 3-1 though. Pedro, Cahill and Hazard to score.
  10. He actually hasn't, Conte bought him then left and never actually got to work with him
  11. Wow. So this is it. I've been following Chelsea since I was a young kid, and JT has been the only every present, it's going to be really strange to see us as a club without him around. The true definition of a club legend, and even if he joins another premier league club, he'll still be one of those few 'one club men' in my eyes. We need to win this title for him, send him out on a high note and let him lift that premier league trophy one last time. People are saying it's a strange time to announce it, but I think it's a good time, it should galvanise the fans and dressing room for the run-in with Spurs on our heels. Captain, Leader, Legend. Thanks for everything JT
  12. Alright, settle down.
  13. Seen others say what? I'm not really sure what you mean there Aaaaaanyway, back to Hazard, I do think it's between him and Kante, no question, but I'd personally rather Kante got it to be recognised for the stellar job he's done
  14. I take it you've been watching them after a few pints of whiskey? Because aside from one or two errors, he's been as good as ever. It is a witch hunt, if it was gary cahill, terry or dave playing like that people would be saying they're having the season of their life, but because of this view people have of Luiz as an error prone defender he rarely gets the praise he deserves for his consistency
  15. Arsebiscuits