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  1. The man was a miracle worker. He made @g3.7 and @just agree on something. Backed him to the hilt in his first stay here, sad that we sold him, glad about what he achieved this season. A combination of Luiz reigning in his impetuousness and Conte devising a system to mitigate his issues. Luiz's best years are ahead of him, and I hope we get another two or three top years from him yet.
  2. Saw this on ESPN and thought of you, hope you're ok. I'm here if you need to talk xo
  3. And Winston Bogarde!
  4. Zenden
  5. As long as he's got his pace, he'd be a very useful squad option particularly if Costa leaves. Vardy's biggest asset is his ability to race across the box from a marked position. His goal against us at Leicester and goal away against Man Utd are good examples of what he offers. It makes him a deadly threat if you have good players in wide positions. The problem is that when even a cyborg like Ronaldo looks to have lost a step of pace at 32, you wonder how much is in the tank for someone like Vardy. The other thing to consider is whether he would actually offer anything different to someone like Pedro.
  6. Like it or not you when you compare pros and cons you are making a statistical judgement. You are judging each player by a set of observations. That's statistics. So, again, I'm still not sure about your original argument which appears to be that context is important for Lukaku's performances, but not for Morata.
  7. The same arguments you make apply to Morata as well. It's like dismissing his record because he's largely a sub or starter against weaker teams, or because he plays for a team that consistently dominate their opponents. It's one thing to provide context to a player's stats but another entirely to mean that you can dismiss their numbers because of it. The biggest flaw in your logic is of course that Everton have to breakdown their fair share of teams who turn up to Goodison too. The EPL isn't exactly open slather attack.
  8. Yeah like signing Hazard and Fabregas and Costa and Kante. f**k that guy
  9. Morata is definitely a 15-20 goals striker but in this day and age that isn't enough without other sources of goals. Morata would be an excellent signing if we could somehow add another 20-goal scoring player. Lukaku probably won't improve our overall play as much as Morata but he is capable of getting 25-30 on his own, which might make him a 'cheaper' option as we won't have to break the bank for another player.
  10. That would be hilarious, but with the Europa League left as United's only chance at CL football there's no way they aren't putting out a second string side against Spurs, a shame because I have them nailed on to lose the last two.
  11. It baffles me that adults still prefer superstition over confidence. If we somehow contrive to lose things from here it will deservedly be Chelsea's fault, not because someone in England posting his opinion on the Internet tempted fate.
  12. Yeah I get your point and agree with the last bit, but you did bring up your own opinion, which I suppose people are entitled to respond to if they disagree.
  13. I never understand why people have this attitude - it's a forum, discussion is supposed to happen!
  14. Sorry, last night I got to experience the glory of a video referee system in person. The A-League is trialing video replay reviews for its finals series and it was used last night on two occasions to rule on goals disallowed for offside. Both resulted in the game referees being overruled and a goal given to Sydney FC. I have to say, it pretty much confirmed my opinion that video referees are an exercise in wasting time. One review was correct, one decision was clearly incorrect. Both reviews undermined the control the assistant referee had over the players. The problem I have with video referees is that it appears to be an exercise in appeasing a special snowflake generation, who incorrectly give referee decisions too much weight in determining the outcome of a game. As I've said elsewhere before, all video referee systems do is propagate the chance of error further down the chain. It is a problem of statistics that the more comparisons you have with a given error rate, the more likely you are to find an error. The NRL is Australia has had video review for years, and the error rate was so poor they had to introduce another level of centralised video review ("The Bunker"). This new system now regularly gets just as panned as the previous one, meaning a huge cost with zero net benefit. Unlike goal-line technology, which is a discrete yes/no situation, most decisions in football are in the opinion of a referee - so why don't we just leave it at that, and suck up the fact that humans make errors?
  15. I suspect that HMRC is looking for Chelsea's documentation regarding certain player signings to see if the values on our books match what other clubs have declared to the tax offices. The solution is to remove the provision for undisclosed transfer fees. Make it public knowledge so that the tax liability is publically known.