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  1. I hope it's true, because it's rather promising coming from a club that has historically backed its players over its managers.
  2. I think it's understandable to be anxious, particularly when the Manchester clubs and Liverpool appear to be making early moves, but settling business early in a window isn't an iron clad guarantee of success. Shevchenko and Ballack were both signed prior to the 2006 World Cup and that season didn't turn out great. Last year, Barcelona snapped up Umtiti and Digne very early in the window and looked to be ready to go by July, but they didn't exactly have an ideal season.
  3. Salah, like Cuadrado, excelled in Italy because the pace of the game is a lot slower than in England. Juve and Napoli aside, few of the teams engage their forwards in high-pressure tactics like in England. He gets a lot more room to use his pace and a lot more well-crafted situations for him to take advantage of. It's made him a much better player but I'd have doubts whether that would transfer back to England.
  4. Three at the back formations have one weakness and that's out wide. Look at the way players are arranged and you have open spaces in the corners. It isn't rocket science and of course teams started playing pinging balls in as soon as they got wide and we conceded a lot of goals from crosses isolating Azpilicueta in particular. The problem for opposition teams is that it's wholly predictable and wholly inefficient. They might score one goal after 10 crosses but it's unlikely they'll score two. And when most teams in the division still play with an isolated lone striker they still get crowded out in defense. Spurs happen to have a side uniquely suited to causing us problems when Eriksen and Alli are playing just off Kane. In the FA Cup they stupidly tried to match our formation and it played right into our hands when we were closing the game out.
  5. Dan Levene has increasingly become a propaganda mouthpiece for the club over the last few years. The club feed him information for him to 'leak'. Although he's right in asking for patience, the fact that he has rushed to a strident defense just days after the season ended makes me very worried indeed.
  6. I swear some people just roll off names and assume they're better than what we have because they are different.
  7. How many 'neutral' tickets are sold at Wembley these days?
  8. Given he's just 20 and who he has ahead of him in midfield, it's hardly unsurprising. I don't know much about him at all but Bayern are hardly a selling club, which makes me wonder if they rate him as a prospect at this level.
  9. Or when Wenger went trophyless for a decade.
  10. He's just not fast enough for this level. His athleticism lets him down. I think he could be a really good, top-flight level player in a few years but he just doesn't have anything outstanding right now.
  11. Emenalo has a proven track record in the transfer market. Conte, due to having the benefit of being at one of Italy's biggest clubs and with one of its best directors of football at the helm, doesn't. This idea that managers need full control over transfers is absurd.
  12. The man was a miracle worker. He made @g3.7 and @just agree on something. Backed him to the hilt in his first stay here, sad that we sold him, glad about what he achieved this season. A combination of Luiz reigning in his impetuousness and Conte devising a system to mitigate his issues. Luiz's best years are ahead of him, and I hope we get another two or three top years from him yet.
  13. Saw this on ESPN and thought of you, hope you're ok. I'm here if you need to talk xo
  14. And Winston Bogarde!
  15. Zenden