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  1. Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    Twat! Sorry hit wrong key..... some of us had long day and tired. With sarcasm like that you could be a spud
  2. Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    Morate signed......
  3. Chelsea's greatest doubles

    Still chuckle over it. We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds......
  4. Missing Sunderland Fan

    Hope he turns up safe. Fingers crossed for you.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Too many for them
  6. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Actually i hope he retires as he could ruin his reputation by going elsewhere. He was not the same last night. Don't do it JT.
  7. I am confident of a top 2 finish lol Mighty spuds can still come 3rd. Oh how i wish they would.
  8. I would. They did the same last season. Cruising along, winning games (fair play) but it falls apart at the last minute. Anyway the league has to be ours now. Lets enjoy the moment AGAIN lol
  9. Chelsea's title credentials

    and look what JM did at Anfield on the day Demba saved football. Kalas in defence!! He may shake up the team but will still go with a plan to avoid defeat and try and snatch victory.
  10. Our New Stadium

    Spuds only at Wembley next year. Still think its wrong anyone can use Wembley. Should be a cup final stadium not a weekly stadium. Hopefully Spuds will lose every home game lol
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Totally agree.Win the league and spend nothing as we are already the best. Look at Mourinho's second spell. We could have won the league in his first year back after Gerrards slip but JM wanted to strengthen so we failed at last hurdle. Hence signings, hence league title. Agree we need a bit more strength in depth so hope Roman listens.
  12. Random Rumours

    He has dismissed Pirlo as he is still playing. Yes let him pick his own men. A Chelsea connection would be great. Shocked no one mentioned JT recently......
  13. Tottenham WILL drop points. They may even collapse like last year (sshhhh it still hurts laughing about it). We do not collapse anymore when the league is in sight. Yes the odd game may slip and Palace at HOME was shocking but I still believe winning the league by 7 or 9 points is realistic. HAVE FAITH. KTBFFH.
  14. Chelsea's title credentials

    Yes i think they bottled it last year