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  1. Monday evening KO at 19.45
  2. Bonnetti Choppy Harris / Terry / Pates Makelele / Lampard / Hazard / Robben Zola Dixon / Osgood Subs: Cech / Greaves / Di Matteo / Webb / Drogba
  3. Sorry but £33m and he cannot get a game when Costa is out. Either he is not a Conte signing or something has happened behind the scene's. Again we all wonder........ when will it end.
  4. Maybe it will be the kick up the rear end he needs. Show him possibly league 2 to wake him up. He has the potential but too much too soon has caused issues.
  5. But he is a great coach. Cannot see it happening tho. Conte will get his own choice unless JT is being lined up?
  6. Maybe he has seen too much going ons and wants out. He never looks happy. Maybe his role at CFC has been lowered. Anyway best of luck to him in his part time role. Been a great servant to the club.
  7. Always up for a non league away. Best days.
  8. Can't wait for Roman to sack Conte this season as we failed to win the CL................ Sorry a little pessimistic as times but Roman does not do failure. Look at Carlo!
  9. and to think this pre 2004/5 when we had no fans! Glad Norwich took the whole of the away end. Shame no tractors tho. Did they park them down the road?
  10. See he is banging them in for fun again in France. Must be a S*it lrague lol
  11. Sorry if i am barking up wrong tree but is it only women and scousers trying to stop this??? Same people in my eyes. There is a reason its called SAFE standing! Lets us crack on and adhere to this. Perfect all round. f**k em all, united, west ham and liverpool................. Or am i missing the point?
  12. Legend!
  13. Still sends a shiver down my spine. I still remember it like yesterday.
  14. Personally i hate it. Sort of thing west scum would wear.
  15. In the Premier League, players on loan are not permitted to play against the team which holds their registration (section 7.2 of rule M.6). Loanees are, however, allowed to play against their 'owning' clubs in cup competitions, unless they have played for their owning club in that cup during that season.