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  1. romfordblue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Shame we don't do it now rather than use an away strip.
  2. romfordblue

    John Terry back at The Bridge

    Not an issue anymore. Fulham have won
  3. romfordblue

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    Surely Roman knew about the visa or his staff did and should have been sorted ages ago as Roman does not miss games like that. If the government are playing games then half of east London are getting kicked out as well or is it just the rich ones? The plumbers and builders can stay?
  4. romfordblue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Surely if Antonio was to be sacked they would have done it by now. CFC are not know to hang around once the season has ended. I hear that maybe they waiting on a replacement but CFC would have already sorted it in the background. Also surely Antonio would be talking to the board about players he wants in. If he is still manager by the end of the week, then i think he is safe.
  5. romfordblue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I had a chat during the week with a Liverpool fan and he reckons they have City running scared already for next season and reckons they will win the league and the Champions league is a formality. Seriously. I had to ask when the delusion started or was he born with it? Come on Madrid and 19 teams next year.
  6. romfordblue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Carlo won the double in his first season and sacked after the following season for finishing 2nd. The board will sack him after the game today if we lose. I think they might keep him if we win. No way was he going before the final. As for his contract CFC are known for not paying out now. They sack them but continue to pay their wages and know he will get another job asap. Then the wages stop. Makes sense. I want him to have another go but with 3/4 world class signings. Hopefully he can think up a new system as everyone copied him this season.
  7. romfordblue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    So is Moyes
  8. romfordblue

    Away support

    i remember forgetting my membership one home game and the police asked me for the last 5 results and scorers. I impressed myself by answering with a minute. Got let in. Maybe an old trick they used.
  9. romfordblue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Guess after the final. If he cannot motivate the team someone else should take charge for the final.
  10. Seriously? I think he took it out on us in the second half aka their goal and some other dubious decisions. Guess the FA looked the other way for him tho? https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44076269
  11. romfordblue

    Race for Top 4

    Are the spuds bottling it again??
  12. romfordblue

    Ken Bates: The Chelsea Years

    Anyone have a link tom it?
  13. romfordblue

    Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    I prefer away kits to be white or yellow but i actually liked this one. A bit different to normal.
  14. romfordblue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Do you remember John Barnes of Liverpool? The songs those days....... "who's that up a tree, Jonny B" and "trigger, trigger shoot that ni**er"...and they moan about current songs!!
  15. romfordblue


    Imagine JT and Jody....... They were supposed to open JT's brother in laws dry cleaners in Chafford 100 in 2003 but had been out the night before. JT arrived with dark glasses and apologised for Jody missing it. My son had JT sign his shirt but i know their relationship runs deep. Think they could be a dream team. No holds barred in the dressing room. Bring it on.