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  1. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Regardless of what you think of him we HAVE bought him. Glad we took the gamble of not signing him before the season. (1) He was never going to play again in 2017. (2) We saved £20m (3) We saved on his wages. Scousers paid for him to do sweet FA. At least a scouser has been robbed for once. Shocked Liverpool have not claimed to be the victims.....
  2. Chelsea all time XI

    It's not about who was at the club longest but the best players that the people think. Cooke was brilliant i admit but Robben has proved to be better. I love Wee Pat Nevin hence why he is in my team. Nothing personal lol Same i i have missed Dave.
  3. Chelsea all time XI

    I know we all differ so here goes my shout but on a 23 man squad, in theory 2 for each position and 2 GK's. First team 3-5-2 GK - Bonetti D - Chopper Harris, Terry & Carvalho M - Makelele, Di Matteo, Lampard, Hazard & Robben S - Drogba & Zola Rest of the squad more 3-4-3 GK - Cech & Niedzwiecki D - Bates, Desailly & Rougvie M - Gullit, Wilkins, Nevin & Wise S - Dixon, Bentley & Osgood
  4. Riyad Mahrez

    I am not suggesting Mahrez is not quality but Zaha shines at C.Palace. He was sh*te at M.Utd. Suggest we look at better teams than Leicester and Palace for player recruitment.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Must be August lol
  6. Chelsea Christmas pressies from yesteryear.

    I had a scouse step father (which team do you think he supported? Clue they are the victims) so he refused to get me anything to do with Chelsea. I had to buy it all out of pocket money, paper round money, xmas money from Aunts etc. Hated him then and still do. Best present i bought myself the umbro boxed kit. Chelsea/Rangers hat, Next was when i was 16 the celery t-shirt lol
  7. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    What has the FA said? Sweet FA me thinks......
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    My first kit as well. Before that i was bought plain top and shorts. Like a Tesco reject lol
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Now its folded into a carrier bag unless you go sports direct and they screw it up in a bag. Those boxes made it feel special.
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I had Glasgow Rangers, Scotland, Argentina (during Falklands war ffs!!! i was naive), Wales and Brazil. Rather walk around in stockings and high heels than wear another clubs colours.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    To be fair whilst trophies were shared around we should have won a league title. Maybe only one but....... The players we had were great but so was their lifestyle which meant they never always played to potential. If only they had won the league. They would be proper legends but i still hold them in high esteem. Bonnetti was my favourite only because i am (sorry WAS) a keeper, but Chopper, Hollins, Osgood to name a few
  12. Most hated opposition

    No Reading are ok. It is just one player i hate........Hunt the *unt
  13. Most hated opposition

    I gotta say its hard between Spuds and the Scouse victims. You are born with hatred for Spuds but the Scouse victims are so jealous they make you want to hate them more. So arrogant. I actually feel sorry that we don't hate Leeds or West ham as much....ggrrrrr
  14. Kerry Dixon.

    I played in a charity match at the bridge years ago and my manger for the day was Johnny H and the other managed by King Kerry. I met him after but think he was not at his best but still spoke and had pictures taken. A legend. Johnny H was top notch. Signed my shirt. We had a good long conversation. Bloody hero's. Good luck Kerry.