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  1. That's the first match that came to my mind as well when I was watching tonight's match. Just a horrid performance all round.
  2. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    I think he's done more than enough last season to deserve backing from the club for at least the rest of the season. In saying that, I don't think he'll be our manager at the start of next season.
  3. Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    I hope we're reverting back to our yellow away kit. http://www.talkingbaws.com/2017/12/chelsea-set-revert-back-yellow-away-kit-201819-season/
  4. Jose Mourinho thread

    I think he will implode at United eventually. There's signs of it already happening.
  5. Wasn't a great performance, but to get three points and keep a clean sheet is always a good thing. United dropping more points was great as well.
  6. our season so far...

    I think our transfer activity in the summer didn't address some deficiencies in the squad which has led to our slight decline from last season, but considering all of that we've done reasonably well to remain in the top 4 and to still be competing in all other competitions at this stage. The aim from now until the end of the season would be to consolidate our spot in the top 4 and win a trophy or two (most likely FA Cup and/or League Cup). Manchester City is an outlier. Statistically speaking, there hasn't been a dominant team like them for years, and I think our 2004/2005 team is the closest thing resembling them.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    All things considered, he's done a good job to steady the ship and have us comfortably in the top 4 at this stage. The aim is to consolidate our spot in the top 4 and win a trophy or two (most likely FA Cup and/or League Cup), which would be a good return in his second season. Whether he stays beyond this season is anyone's guess, but I would be disappointed to see him depart if that's how it transpires at the end of the season.
  8. Jose Mourinho thread

    Feels like yesterday when it was all happening. Totally agree with your statement that it was a horrible moment in the club's history. Sad that in many supporters' eyes, his legacy has been tarnished. I understand there's angst with him being at Manchester United, but I'd like to think the good outweighs the bad with him.
  9. Excellent win, as we keep up the pace despite the early scare. Great to see Hazard back to his best! We look so much better when he's up and about.
  10. One of the best performances we've produced all season, so that was excellent to watch. Clearly in third now and breathing down Manchester United's neck. Considering the shaky start we had at the beginning of the season, I think we've rebounded quite well.
  11. Jose Mourinho thread

    I understand people dislike Mourinho these days, but I'm still very fond of him despite the snide comments from him in recent times. It's hard to forget what he achieved with us as managers all those years ago. In saying that, it's a great feeling that we defeated his Manchester United team again and the fact that it hasn't been smooth sailing for him over there makes it extra satisfying.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I can't understand the rumours of Conte being potentially sacked in the near future. It's evident we haven't performed to the same standards as we did last season and we've had some shaky moments, but we're not in disarray and I think the talk of him being sacked is too premature to say the least. We're only one point behind Manchester United now and still sit in the top 4. We're in the quarter finals of the League Cup and there's still time to turnaround our Champions League form. I agree with another poster here that it's possible Conte could walk at the end of the season, with the lack of long-term commitment, but I think the club will cross that bridge when it gets to it. As it stands, Conte is contracted for this season and next.
  13. Huge relief to obtain the three points.
  14. Our league chances are gone now. At best, we'll be fighting for a top 4 spot this season.