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  1. Sad news, but a great innings. Not my favourite Bond, but certainly memorable.
  2. Happy for United and City to be favourites again. It worked for us last year.
  3. f**k the media. I'm proud of the way the whole club handled JT's farewell. It was classy and dignified!
  4. Hard to choose between Hazard's goal against Arsenal and Matic's goal against Spurs. Went with Hazard's goal in the end! Sublime Skill!
  5. Tactically, Conte was a brilliant manager this season but his ability to get this group playing with confidence again was the most outstanding feature of the season. Let's not forget that last season this squad was mentally gone after a terrible season and with an illustrious manager sacked. They were broken lost complete confidence in themselves. Even at the start of the season, Conte admitted that the squad was a fragile unit, but he could see massive potential if they got their heads right. When Conte's tactical methods started working, most notably implementing the successful 3-4-3 formation, the players then started to believe in his methodology and style of football. Even in September last year, the squad looked fragile mentally.
  6. The two most successful clubs in the FA Cup this century. Both sides have won five FA Cups each in this century and lost only one final in that time. Beating Arsenal would cap off the perfect season!
  7. I guess we're both acclimatised to cope with warmer weather.
  8. Welcome, John!
  9. Welcome, L1ONHeart.
  10. Eddie in his younger days.