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  1. Our league chances are gone now. At best, we'll be fighting for a top 4 spot this season.
  2. I feel sorry for Carlo, but it sounds like his tenure at Bayern Munich became increasingly toxic. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to cash in and head to China.
  3. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I was very happy for the club to sell KDB and Lukaku back in 2014. I didn't enjoy the Ancelotti era compared to the majority of other supporters, despite the frenetic nature of our scoring ability. I'm forever grateful for winning the title in 2009/2010 and also winning the FA Cup in 2010, but I found Mourinho and Conte's teams more enjoyable to watch.
  4. Excellent post, Davey! You beautifully articulated my own thoughts on the game. We haven't had an easy start in terms of the difficulty of our fixtures, compared to Manchester United, but it's pleasing to see that we're overcoming any obstacles that confront us. The competition is tougher this year, but I trust Conte enough to believe that we'll be right up there at the end of the business end of the season. You raise an excellent point that the depth of the squad is beginning to emerge and in the event of injuries/suspensions, this will come in very handy for us. It's deeply satisfying to see Morata perform well and adjust to the English game as quickly as he has. He possesses so much talent and it makes me happy that we chose to sign him over Lukaku.
  5. Alvaro Morata

    Feels great to see Morata firing. I always preferred him over Lukaku and I'm glad the club signed him.
  6. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    It didn't end on good terms, but he was a great player for us especially in our two title winning seasons and for that I will always be thankful for his contributions. I wish him well at Atletico Madrid.
  7. Jose Mourinho thread

    These are Mourinho's quotes about the League Cup. He never said it sucked. "If you ask me 'could English football survive or be even be better without this competition?' Maybe. "Maybe we would be fresher for European competition." "If the competition is an official competition then it is important for Manchester United and for me as a manager," "I want the players to think the same way. We have this competition, we have to respect the sponsors, we have to respect the opponents and a lot of us are trying to do our best. "If we can win it, we win it. If we don't win it it's because the opponents are better than us." http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41342603
  8. An excellent win, and fantastic to see some of our fringe players get a chance to show their worth. I'm pretty confident we'll beat Everton in the next round. Under Conte, we've definitely had the wood over them.
  9. Jose Mourinho thread

    Today marks 10 years since Mourinho first departed the club. Time flies.
  10. After the stumbling block we encountered at the beginning of the season, it's great to see the team has regained its mojo quickly. I think tonight demonstrated that we have the depth to compete with the best.
  11. Our two goal scorers celebrating:
  12. We've beaten Everton on the last three occasions scoring a combined 10 goals without conceding. We seem to enjoy playing them under Conte.
  13. Up to 5th for the time being. We hear your fear United!
  14. Excellent performance. Very composed and never looked losing. After the blip of the first game, things are looking better now.
  15. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Congratulations to Antonio on reaching 50 matches as manager of the club. His celebration yesterday was f**king brilliant. Silenced his critics.