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  1. this will certainly be interesting development to follow. i would hope roman didn't sell though, he's spearheaded our success.
  2. Looking at sevilla stadium, I like their underground tunnels. I hope we get something like that. Similar to how real have theirs.i like the idea of players being separated as they go through tunnel.
  3. mendy of monaco is someone who would be a great wing back for us.
  4. Torres is another one who's found a lil bit of form too. Could just be playing in epl.
  5. Thought he was let go too early. Never really got a fair chance. He's still a good age for a striker, and once u got it u never lose it.
  6. terrible representation for england at the moment. Tomorrow will be worse. As much as I enjoy seeing our rivals lose, england are being shown up for another year in a row.
  7. yeah, the other guy we apparently were looking at is bakayako (thinks that how you spell it)
  8. he can play no.10 or right wing. i don't know enough about him to see with confidence he could displace willian/pedro. a lot of other fans around the web are confident he can be world class, as he's already a top player in their eyes. he's 22 too, so with the right coaching he could become tremendous, you never know.
  9. we're interested in this lad according to a few sources. youtube compilation:
  11. Wolves manager did say he would look at how burnley played and try similar.
  12. Zouma is pretty abysmal with the ball at his feet. Can't see where he'll fit in.
  13. wolves have got a nice stadium for a championship side
  14. Be Interesting game. We hear a lot about how spanish teams compare to english teams. Be nice to see Leicester put up a game of it
  15. If sevilla struggle vs Leicester it would be crazy. Sevilla are sitting 4th in la liga. I could see Leicester getting a battering tbh with you.