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  1. we didn't want to sell cech to arsenal, but unforunately cech wanted to stay in london. if sanchez feels the same, arsene has no say. they also either accept money this season or he goes from free next season. if we outbid other clubs (and if he's genuinely our no.1 target, why wouldn't we?) then you cannot see arsenal accepting big money for him?
  2. he's played in italy so maybe true, we'll see.
  3. at least our fans don't attack their cars or shout at them when leaving the ground. there are fanatical fans, then there are real madrid fans. i agree with you that venting on a forum isn't always nice, but physically venting at players is another thing altogether. correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't remember our fans ever doing that sort of thing to our star players
  4. the issue i have with real madrid and specifically their supporters, they go on witch hunts if you're not playing as they feel you should be. imagine if hazard had a season at madrid like he had here last season; the fans would want him hung up from the nearest tree. the club and fans are fickle as hell, and if things aren't going well they harass their players with a lot of intensity.
  5. well of course they are. the locations of madrid and barcelona in themselves are likely more appealing than london, mainly due to climate and quality of life. like with nainggolan stating "give me the sun and i'll play in the premier league" it's a lot of the time about quality of life too for players and their families, not just a big club.
  6. anybody know when the kit photos will officially be released?
  7. i just see little point in signing a guy like bakayoko, when we have matic. a box to box would equal our midfield out much more. the only reason i could think we would sign this guy is it's possible matic is leaving.
  8. alonso hasn't been great, but he's been solid. i think we can definitely upgrade him in the summer. he lacks pace, which is something we will need at wing back if we go up against teams with fast fullbacks and wingers
  9. we also need fullbacks. i have heard we're monitoring mendy though, who i think is better than sidibe, and ideal as we need a lb/lwb. i am still not entirely convinced bakayoko is not another matic.
  10. getting lukaku hinges on costa staying or leaving. we can't play both.
  11. thought loftus-cheek looked good when he came on. there is obviously something conte sees in ruben that he doesn't see in michy. it feels as though more money has just been wasted though which could have gone back into the kitty for the summer.
  12. post match analysis of the game. look out for the rant on our youth system from 'arry
  13. who would have thought morris would be such a good coach. it seems it's always the average players who turn out to be impressive coaches.
  14. how did luiz play? a lot of fans online saying he was motm.
  15. we knew it would be a tough game, so this was inevitable.