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  1. enigma

    WC 2018

    Is it just me or has no so called "favourite" stamped their authority in these first games? Spain drew against a one man team. France were poor today and staggered over the line (literally and figuratively) vs Australia Argentina struggling to break down Iceland I think on Monday England need to really prove a point vs Tunisia.
  2. enigma

    Anthony Martial

    I do think it's too early to say. Has he even player no.9 at Utd?
  3. enigma

    Anthony Martial

    I think because there's a chance Morata goes. If Morata doesn't go, I don't see us going after Martial as would make no sense.
  4. enigma

    Anthony Martial

    This was the video he released yesterday about Martial.
  5. enigma

    Anthony Martial

    I thought you quoted me, but you just mentioned me haha. Yeah, I don't know entirely about his track record, but he had his supposed "source" on the channel a week or two ago. The guy didn't show his face, but he is a french guy who is involved with some players who has dealt with Chelsea, and apparently still does. I am not gonna say that NiNiFC is 100% accurate, but over the last few weeks he has been getting news out a day or quite a few hours before any other source has confirmed pretty much the same or similar. Maybe it's coincidence, I don't know, but he has two supposed "in the knows" (including the French guy). He also says that he cannot guarantee everything as football behind the scenes changes so quickly, sometimes within a couple of hours or an hour, it's impossible to predict anything 100%. I do think people should follow him and come to their own conclusions, but from what I have watched of him, I do believe he may actually be telling the truth about his sources and info. I would like to think I am a pretty good judge of character, and having followed his channel for a couple months, he comes across as a pretty genuine guy.
  6. enigma

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    west ham will be strong next season. i fully expect a tough game against them. could see them finishing 7th/8th. reckon they will be the new pre-2017/18 everton.
  7. enigma

    Anthony Martial

    utd won't sell to a club in england. not as silly as we are.
  8. enigma

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    I am not sure many would know who he is tbh. Quite impressive given he is worth so much money. Did you know who he was before reading about him?
  9. enigma

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    I don't even know who that guy is. I am surprised he is the richest man in Britain. Do they mean the richest Brit in Britain? I am sure there must be a Chinese, Arab, or Russian businessman who is wealthier surely.
  10. Just means more competition next season so don't understand the dread. Winning the league will mean so much more with 6 stronger teams competing. I think it's exciting. No more excuses for Spurs and Liverpool any longer, they have built their sides now let's go.
  11. They need to start winning then. They have had the money there to spend with the sale of coutinho and have done so. They have no excuses not to win something next season considering they will have the bestest side of all time.
  12. I would prefer to wait for liverpool to actually play a game next season before hyping up a couple of signings.
  13. enigma

    Random Rumours

    I can see why we're looking at Malcom and Lemar, both left footed attackers who are technically good for that RW side. We have been looking at those type of players for a while. We lack a left footed player.
  14. enigma

    Next Chelsea Manager

    We don't even know what the truth is, so until a manager is holding the shirt it's just same old, same old...
  15. enigma

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I'm beyond the point of caring, whoever comes in it is what it is. it's not like I can change the club I support haha.