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  1. this was there game vs bayern. these results happen and bayern had a couple of changes too.
  2. annoying this isn't on live. radio or a sh*t stream just isn't the same.
  3. tomori on right wing back and what he's learned. ‘I’ve been to Hong Kong before and I’ve just come back from the Under-20 World Cup, which was in South Korea, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Asia recently, but this trip is all about getting ready for the new season. ‘It was a great experience and I enjoyed it because I lined up alongside some great players and against strong opposition,’ he says, when asked how it felt to play in both of the matches we have played on the trip so far, most recently against Bayern Munich last night when he replaced Marcos Alonso. ‘It would have been nice if I’d scored the chance I had in the Arsenal game but it was a great result and it was really nice that the younger players were given a chance to prove themselves as well.’ ‘I’ve never actually played right wing-back before but I played right-back quite a lot in my earlier years,’ he says. ‘The manager has made me aware of what’s required in the role; where to be, where to run and where to pass the ball, which has made it a lot easier for me. I’m enjoying it and hopefully whenever I get a chance I can make an impression.’
  4. i don't personally see walker as much of an upgrade on moses tbh. pep is a big draw for players, but city have money to offer the big wages too so i dunno.
  5. Well it's just not possible for us to spend 50+ million on a player for each position we lack. It's not sustainable. Man City seem to have a never end pot of gold (or oil) and don't have to worry about repercussions now with ffp non existent.
  6. if he's anything below 50m they won't sign him ha!
  7. dunno what this is all about. read the comments underneath from the journalist.
  8. i heard we won't be changing the stadium name either, which means we won't get money from that. however, i would rather us stay called stamford bridge than be a slave for extra money.
  9. probably knew he would get limited chances with bakayoko now signed. i'm not a fan of selling to utd, but if the rumoured 50m is true then that's more than good for him. unfortunately he seems to have never picked his form back up since his first 12-18 months back at the club.
  10. interesting to know why ffp doesn't count now after roman decided to abide by them in the first instance. what was the point?
  11. he's not that exceptional. plenty of talented youngsters who were supposed to be "world class" tapered off and did nothing in the end. remember adriano? robinho? bojan was breaking messi records in barca b, but then he didn't do much after being promoted, it didn't stop people speculating him being a world beater. heck, even balotelli was hyped up beyond belief to be the next best thing. so many players are hyped but nothing happens. at 18 he needs more time to develop and less pressure on him.
  12. i don't think it's worth our time buying an u21 player when we already have good young players. if tomori can develop as a wing back, i would be all for giving him the chance. unfortunately we will likely buy first team quality for wing back. there is a young lb in our youth system we bought from ajax (i think) who has looked very good from what i saw of him.
  13. it helps that spurs give them a chance and have less pressure on them to do well. spurs, for the last two seasons, have gone under the radar and will do again next season allowing them to play how they want and with freedom for their young players to just play.
  14. honestly, i would prefer to swap moses with azpi at rwb to give that a try, then put rudiger and christensen in alongside luiz, and play alonso at lwb. i think cahill needs to be phased out tbh, he's just pretty limited as a defender.
  15. boga and tomori have been the surprising ones to come out of this preseason. i think both have looked promising, and tomori at rwb could be a thing (?)