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  1. Very interesting. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/09/19/chelsea-17-year-old-could-become-one-clubs-youngest-ever-players/amp/
  2. Callum Hudson-Odoi really does look the business tbh. Only 16, but already looking a class above in that youth team. Fantastic little player. We have 3 or 4 who, if they continue to develop as we hope, have got to get a place in the first team squad. I'll put my neck on the line and say Hudson-Odoi either gets a loan or gets a first team squad place next season.
  3. musonda sounds like he's starting as terry posted a good luck msg on his instagram for weds. i am assuming it will be hazard bats musonda up top. an all belgian front 3. zappacosta at rwb, kenedy at lwb, christensen, rudiger, cahill. caballero in goal. midfield maybe bakayoko/scott.
  4. has anyone actually seen scott play? i haven't. what are his strengths/weaknesses?
  5. Willian

    one poor game isn't an excuse. he's been pretty good this season.
  6. Willian

    He had a poor game, but usually he's never that poor. Let's not forget he travelled to South America the week before last, probably returning jet lagged and then has played vs quarabag and arsenal. he may just be feeling a bit out of sorts and tired. I think he needs a rest. The problem is, since the international break he hasn't really had a full game off. The other players have no excuses because they've only travelled within Europe. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's slightly burned out.
  7. rooney is so bad. he's even too poor for everton.
  8. Utd aren't going conservative. The way they're playing I can see them putting 4/5 past everton. Everton are too passive, just like they did against us.
  9. I agree about cahill, how he regains his place after such a solid defensive showing since his absence. If he wasn't captain he would be dropped no doubt. I think conte is being too loyal to him. His lack of pace doesn't help alonso either because it makes alonso more susceptible to pacey wingers like we saw today with him being targeted too often by bellerin.
  10. Its stupid. The rules are changing year on year, next year you won't even be able to overhead kick. I remember times when you could overhead kick and it not even be debated about being dangerous.
  11. I agree, conte got it wrong first half with the choice of personel and formation. However, arsenal played well and deserve some credit. 3rd in the table after 5 games so we're still in a very good position after so few games. It sucks that drinkwater won't be available until october though, we could use someone else rather than only having bakayoko as back up.
  12. They're an odd team though, they get trashed one week, play out their skin the next. I don't think it's good to take them lightly though. We still think we're playing qarabag.
  13. Arsenal always pull out their a game every time we've met this season.
  14. Play like this against atletico and city we will get slaughtered. Arsenal of all teams are making us look mediocre. Laughable really. We should have been one up early with that chance pedro had though, which was poor finishing.
  15. don't they have a couple players missing for them? its a derby so they will up their game no doubt