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  1. i would bring in diego lopez from espanyol, he's 35 but he can do the job for a couple seasons i reckon.
  2. i can't blame him when he passes it to costa, costa tries to beat his man and loses possession. hazard puts a ball in, nobody is there to attack it. he passes it to matic or kante they're reluctant to shoot. he passes to alonso, he passes it back. what other choices does he have? others around him need to start helping him out in offence. the only guy who does it is pedro and he plays on the opposite wing. i have exaggerated a bit there, but he does need others around him to give him the confidence his chance creating will lead to goals otherwise i think he just finds it pointless. i too would be frustrated if i was him. even ronaldo, messi, robben etc have people around them to ease the pressure off them and create or score goals they create.
  3. i would like to see us buy a player with the technical ability to compete alongside him, or bolster our attack and creative flair in other ways.
  4. #CFC & Costa will attempt to reach an agreement in coming days: a 3 year contract worth almost €15m/ year is the objective (via @DiMarzio) Like this only person worth listening to regarding rumours imo. british media seem to pull stuff from their ass.
  5. Conti, conte and kante? You can't make that sh*t up lol.
  6. honestly costa and moura are both very good when in form, but again it's consistency. i don't watch inter so couldn't comment on perisic, but it sounds like he is inconsistent too. then again, how many players apart from messi and ronaldo are consistent week in, week out? very difficult to find such a player
  7. how will people feel if lukaku goes to utd and we keep costa? the fact lukaku wants to place for us, and evidently costa doesn't, swings it in lukaku's favour for me. add to that he's young, has been in top 2/3 scorers for last two seasons in the league and will continue to improve.
  8. heard marco reus may have ruptured his cruciate ligament in the german cup. jesus, that guy is just not destined for a long term career in football is he, such a shame.
  9. i would take bale and keep hazard, but a swap, no. bale is injury prone and not worth the risk of a swap. meanwhile hazard rarely gets injured.
  10. good response by someone on there though: "I think the whole European football thing is overblown, I'm not expecting Chelsea to win it next season, but I don't think we're going to be embarrassed or anything. Just looking at yesterday Arsenal got a huge head start with a goal that should've been disallowed, and in the second half when Chelsea were getting back into the game Moses made an unbelievably stupid decision that got him sent off. Two huge moments that Conte could do little about, though the fact that Arsenal were looking so much more motivated and desperate for the win yesterday could be put at Conte's feet, but on the other hand circumstances around both teams make it sort of understandable. As for his European campaigns with Juventus, of which there were only two, his first year he lost in the Quarter Finals to eventual winners Bayern Munich having topped the group against Chelsea and Shakhtar Donetsk, and that was a f**king amazing Bayern team. Second season I can see why you can criticise, on paper Juventus should definitely have qualified out of the group as second place to Real Madrid. Contextually though the game that decided the group against Galatasaray was played under very odd circumstances, with it being originally called off after 30 minutes due to snow, and continued from that point the following day on this pitch. I dont think this totally excuses Conte, but it adds a bit of context, ultimately people are judging him in Europe off of a very small sample size though where I really don't think he's done that poorly as people make out. Perhaps it's just the comparison of the fact he's won 4/4 league titles in his last 4 seasons so the expectation on him is super high to live up to that sort of winning record in Europe. Winning in Europe can be tough when you aren't at one of the three super clubs, and even at them (Guardiola Bayern, Mourinho Real Madrid), and worth looking at Ferguson with Man United. Took him 7-8 years to finally win the Champions League after his first Premier League title win, and then another 9 years after that to win a second one, and you could say both wins were by the skin of his teeth. To sum up I basically think people are too eager to jump on Conte and say that he's sh*t in Europe."
  11. this reddit topic is a bit ridiculous. because he hasn't won a cup must mean his credibility as a coach is in question. not talking about the initial post, but the comments from other fans, especially a few juve fans.
  12. why would real madrid be in for him when they have benzema and ronaldo who can play striker? benzema is still a clinical scorer for real.
  13. it is a team sport though, he can't create everything himself. the players around him need to put in work too. arsenal have put in a shift today and were hungry, and it showed.