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  1. Dzeko the Gecko

    1/22/18 23:22| Calciomercato | Author: Editorial Staff A double hit on the exit for which there are still some details to be closed: Dzeko-Palmieri at Chelsea from Rome . The next few hours will be decisive for the success of this negotiation: we continue to work to find the total agreement, with the Blues who have not yet accepted the conditions of the Giallorossi (request for 50 million plus 10 bonus for both). It will also remain to be seen whether or not Batshuayi will also be included in this operation, despite the fact that Rome appeared more 'cold' about this hypothesis. However, if the Belgian does not fall into the negotiation, Rome could think of Sturridge on which there is also Inter. The Giallorossi in all this but also reason in perspective: in this sense, for June we think of some young Italian talents . The names for the future are those of Cristante and Verdi,both blocked by their clubs for this session.
  2. Dzeko the Gecko

  3. Terrible. I am sure their hearts would bleed if we lost hazard.
  4. Eden Hazard

    Neymar Bale (when fit) Ronaldo Messi Suarez Lewandowski Kdb Cavani Dybala (maybe) Hazard If we are talking players who can do assist, score, and be the most influential player on the field then I would probably say that top ten. There's probably players I've forgotten who could go ahead of hazard though in top 10-20 though.
  5. If only Liverpool had van dijk to help them out today. Ohh...
  6. This is why I never understand clubs in relegation zone or trouble hire dinosaur managers like pulis or allardyce etc rather than foreign managers from spanish 2nd division segunda or Portugal as they're more likely to play well and not rely on totally disgusting tactics of hoof and hope.
  7. Palmieri

    i was desperate to see a lwb signing in the summer, but it didn't happen. now it's happening (i hope, touch wood) i am so relieved. alonso really needs back up and someone who can rotate with him so he can rest. i felt lwb was the most important area that needed strengthening.
  8. Palmieri

  9. Palmieri

  10. Dzeko the Gecko

  11. Dzeko the Gecko

    is this where ffp hits clubs like roma hard? i don't know enough about ffp, but seems like it does hinder the less financially well off clubs around europe.
  12. Dzeko the Gecko

    i try not to take what sky sports say seriously. their "sources" are twitter, and their spanish football "expert" is guillem ballague lol. not to mention they use football manager for their player stats ffs. do you take an outlet like that seriously? it's better to listen to fabrizio romano and dimarzio when it comes to italian news, or simon stone and matt law over here regarding us. sky sports don't know their ass from their elbow half the time. not saying they don't get things right, but they are always way behind of updates than other people.
  13. quite funny how everyone was saying barcelona were in turmoil at the start of the season and were raving about madrid again, oh how things change. not too disimilar to how people were writing us off last season. i don't think anybody realised how poor real madrid would be this season. they aren't safe in 4th either with villarreal up their ass. quite a few people who saw the real madrid game said their attack was good, but their defence was poor again, it's just that they were playing a really poor team who couldn't exploit their defensive weaknesses.
  14. Dzeko the Gecko

    sometimes a player doesn't want to bust a gut if they know they could be on the move, due to risking injury. not saying that's the case though
  15. Eden Hazard

    http://www.goal.com/en-gb/amp/news/hazard-my-dad-is-in-trouble-for-real-madrid-transfer/1egqaok8igauf1a5p4889izlp5?__twitter_impression=true Eden Hazard has brushed off claims made by father Thierry that he is holding off on signing a new contract to encourage an offer from Real Madrid in the summer. The 27-year-old was in fantastic form as he provided two goals in Chelsea’s 4-0 win as they got back to winning ways in the Premier League on Saturday afternoon. Real Madrid are understood to be interested in signing Hazard but Chelsea are also trying to offer him a big pay-rise to remain at Stamford Bridge. Hazard joked that his father Thierry is in trouble for the interview he made in Le Soir but clarified that he will begin talks after the season has finished. “My dad says some bad things,” Hazard told reporters after the win. “Yes. I talked with him [to tell him off], no, no worries. “I'm focused with Chelsea. I've got two years contract left and I'm happy here. Like I said 10 times before, I want to finish this year and then we'll see. But I'm happy here.” Chelsea showed great improvement up front with Hazard playing alongside Willian and Michy Batshuayi at the Amex Stadium. Their exciting attacking play was a far cry from the recent struggles against Norwich, while before that the club had registered three 0-0s in a row for the first time in their history. Chelsea are still looking to sign another striker in January and may loan Batshuayi with the likes of West Ham’s Andy Carroll and Stoke City’s Peter Crouch being linked. However, Hazard thinks that the display against Brighton shows Chelsea don’t necessarily need a big striker to win games. “Football is simple: keep the ball on the ground and try [to play] like we did. I think we have two very good strikers in Alvaro and Michy. If they are not ready to play I can play striker, so I don't think we need [another one]. “Because we are missing chances people are saying we need another striker, but if we are scoring goals we are the best attack in the league and no one can say we need a striker. It depends on the form of the team and I think we're happy with the team we have. “Who is the best team this year? Man City. The strikers, [Gabriel] Jesus and [Sergio] Aguero, are not big. It's simple. It depends how you want to play. If you want to play with long balls you need a target man, if you want to keep the ball on the floor you need a small guy. It depends how you want to play. “Yes, it sometimes happens. From the first minute until the last one you feel confident. When you score early it's easier because you have the confidence straight from the start of the game. “When you see the second goal with Willian, it's one of the best of the season because we create movement with one touch, one touch, and then the finishing is good. We want to do more like this. “No, no. Maybe one big boy can do that also! Of course we are sharp on the floor, so maybe it's easier to do the movement we are working on in training.” Hazard completed only his second 90 minutes in the last nine games as Conte tries to protect him during a busy fixture schedule. The forward also missed pre-season and had a broken ankle that he recovered from over the summer. Hazard spoke about his fitness and how he is being managed by his Italian boss. “Yes I was not sure, but now I'm sure! It's good to play, good to score, so everything was good today. You can ask the manager. The manager answered last week, so I don't need to talk about this. “When I'm on the pitch I try to give my best, when I'm not on the pitch on the bench I want the team to do the best. That's it. I think it's normal when you miss two months of preseason with an injury. "I had a good start to the season after the injury, and then it's not easy to stay on the top. But I try, I try to work in training and when I'm on the pitch I try to give everything. Sometimes it happens like today when we play an amazing game, sometimes not. I just keep going, keep training hard and try to do my best."