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  1. That was sh*t. Roma were sh*t. How we lost to them I don't know. Shows how bad we have been this season.
  2. Hazard has all the talent, but no hunger for goals.
  3. Roma only have Dzeko as an offensive threat
  4. To be fair salah had pace, dribbling skills and was a clinical finisher at basel. Bakayoko I agree, needs time, but he doesn't have any notable attributes tbh
  5. Embarrassing we drew 3-3 to this lot at home and lost 0-3 away
  6. Salah is everything we want hazard to be

    honest question. say conte gets the players he wants in the summer. do you really think we'll challenge next season? we've seen this season that with more teams challenging, he has shown to not have a plan b or c up until a week ago when he finally changed something. i honestly don't things changing next season. we are way too predicable to play against and it's obvious he loves that formation. i fear things will grow stale and next season won't turn out as people seem to think, with or without his targets.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    whether city back pep or not, we have a 1 billion pound stadium to build. to expect us to be throwing large sums of money at players, i don't think will be possible. i do think the board have been shrewd with some signings. the problem is, people are too impatient and not willing to allow new players a chance. it has to be immediate success or theyr'e sh*t.
  9. UEFA Youth League

    Disappointed with the result. Barcelona youth are very technically good though, they looked very good in the city game. It's a shame as city scored 3 goals against them with 10 men. Our youth side still have some quality players, but more that aren't that good. Hudson-odoi, redan, castillo, james, sterling and mccreachan are the standouts. I think hudson-odoi is definitely the best od the bunch. Still, most of them are 17/18 years of age and will continue to learn. Now on to winning the utd game for the domestic championship.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    i have thought that roman all along, ever since jose has wanted a better style of football. it is just the managers weren't available to do so. it was well known he wanted pep guardiola to take over the club, but guardiola didn't want to because of the changing of managers. ever since then it seems he's practically brought in jose and conte purely because they were the most successful available, but also another reason why they haven't 100% supported jose or conte. i believe the vision and philosophy of the club was decided years ago, but the time to change wasn't right - now it is. with pep not being an option, it seems this summer could be the best chance he gets to nab a coach with an attractive style roman desperately wants at the club. the style of football is certainly important when it comes to global support and bringing spectators to the game who otherwise wouldn't watch. we are now a business and the club are looking at it from a business pov too, which means trophies and attractive football. it is why the rumours of sarri, jardim and tuchel have been rife.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    it's f**king bournemouth and west ham for christ sake. not to mention drawing to leicester at home and also drawing at home to a weakened arsenal side without ozil, sanchez and wilshere. embarrassing all around really and we had the quality to beat all those teams at home.
  12. the one thing with salah has always been his proficiency in front of goal. i remember when he played for basel he was a quality finisher then too. if we could mould a player from morata and salah he would be perfect; great with the head and lethal with the feet, especially one on one.
  13. Sarri

    His style of football is called "vertical tika taka" because he believes in moving the ball forward as fast as possible, rather than keeping possession for possession sake. It's why some prefer his style over pep.
  14. Sarri

    You must understand that he doesn't have he luxury of a large squad of players capable to come in and do a job. That first team he has is his best team. Apparently there was a stat saying the current napoli first 11 have played 9000 mins more than juventus. Staggering. On top of this their best left back ghoulam has a long term injury and hasn't played since the group stages of CL last year. Taking those things into consideration, they probably shouldn't be close to juventus in the league.