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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Clicked on it against my better judgement: no quotes, not even anonymous sources, just straight up speculation passed as truth and stirring the pot.
  2. Random Rumours

    Yes, this was the most puzzling thing for me - even more than chalobah (who wanted to leave) I'm not sure why we didn't keep on Pasalic, at least until end of window. I guess it shows we are confident of landing a few targets but there's a difference between confidence and foolhardiness.
  3. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Well, much as I hate reading the DM, I took a look. I don't recommend it, but it isn't the worst thing in the world, although it's annoying and timed for distraction and he's playing the innocent victim while badmouthing Conte on a personal not coaching level. Two things I learned apart from the not-new pointing fingers and overblown language: 1. He is being fined, sounds like because he is AWOL as he's been asked to return and train with the reserves. So I guess it isn't a financial hit to us at the moment (or a full financial hit) 2. He says he has turned down other moves. Wonder if this is AC Milan or a Chinese club Three things I don't really know: 1. What happened in January. He says he was fined due to his attitude and not behaving in the best way. Was there a fight? Was it then that he was touted to China? Did we do the touting or did he try to use it as leverage? Who knows, but seems pretty clear that was the rupture 2. Text message (yawn). Either way, he shouldn't have made it public, that was clearly a move to force his way to Atletico 3. How this will end
  4. Antonio Rudiger

    Pro: likes a pop from outside the box. Con: did he hit the target once?
  5. Virgil Van Dijk

    Not sure anyone is nailed on for top four now - including us. In a WC year Pool probably does offer more certainty in terms of playing time (certainly post Rudiger).
  6. The presser definitely confirmed all is not well at the moment. A bit worried now despite attempts to have patience / faith in club.
  7. Matic

    Did Pasalic return with the rest of squad?
  8. Leonardo Bonucci

    Thanks b&wlegends. Does seem odd and had non football reasons at play. I can't imagine the club will want to anger the base further by selling Sandro. Must be a dead deal now. (And doesn't seem like you really need Matic.)
  9. Danilo

    Only vaguely remember when he went to Real. Interesting if this is what we do for the RWB side, I guess I assumed it would be Moses and Dave rotating. There are some players that go off the boil after early promise, so there is risk for sure with him, but perhaps worth taking although it seems a high price for the risk. Seems like his main issue is his defensive ability, and perhaps playing as a WB as opposed to a back four may help.
  10. Antonio Rudiger

    Well, on the plus side, maybe the Sandro and Bakayoko announcements are simply being held up by the video production time needed.
  11. Matic

    It will be a bit awkward to keep Matic though - clearly we were happy to sell. Not sure if we end up offering him a new contract just to preserve some of his value.
  12. Alex Sandro

    Good find - same thing when you look at club calendars. Decisions made at different levels.
  13. Antonio Rudiger

    Glad we are going for cheaper options - will signal to other clubs that we can't be held for ransom. This is also not a budget option in the Djilobodji sense either - Rudiger is good, just had a couple of injuries. Yes, fine margins at the very top but not sure that VVD is really worth 30-40 mn more, and could spend the balance on a RWB for instance.
  14. Alex Sandro

    Not my pocket and I'd be happy with Sandro but I care about the price. We dont have an unlimited transfer budget so I understand the worry about blowing so much on one position (or overpaying). We still need a cover RWB CB and CF so there has to be enough left over to reinforce elsewhere.
  15. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    It's possible the message is not a literal text but the sum total of us flogging him to China, pursuing another forward and in an end-of-season review where his January behavior and post Jan crap form was discussed. Or smoke signals. Hard to see a way back but also not sure where else he'd go. PSG? For just 20 mn I'd be tempted to just keep him as a backup.