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  1. Palmieri

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/30/chelsea-antonio-conte-michy-batshuayi-loan-dortmund “I don’t remember Palmieri [from his time in Italy] because he only came to Italy last season [actually 2015], when he had an important season for Rome,” added Conte. “Then he had a bad injury. He broke his ligaments. Now he’s recovering. I don’t know if he’s ready to play. I know that he played only one game in the Italian Cup against Torino. But we are talking about a player of another team in this moment.” Well, ringing endorsement from Conte! I know some of it is standard and he's hardly likely to say much else, but he seems doubtful that Emerson is ready to go (and perhaps is stung by Barkley). I do worry a bit about recovery time and whether he'll get back to previous levels. You'd have hoped we have early scouts gauging fitness and a medical inside track so we have at least a guess on how he'll fare. Pulling out due to a medical would seem to typify us right now.
  2. Danny Drinkwater

    He’s never been part of a team that dominates so will take him time to adjust, if he can. He’s a solid B player and has been remarked elsewhere feels like Chalobah could’ve been at his level with regular playing time. I’m quite curious as to who really pushes for his signing. Seen it mentioned was Conte in places but it was clear he was a specific target.
  3. Barkley

    Question: a few of you have talked about him being injury prone, made of glass, Studge Wilshere etc. but apart from this injury and a leg break at 16 he seems to have put in 30+ games a season since he was 19. Am I missing something?
  4. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Last year this would have been a disaster, this year it's not great but only so long as it's only a couple of games. Need him fully fit so no need to rush. Depending on Drinkwater, the other option is Luiz in midfield with Christensen in the back three.
  5. Zappacosta

    Thanks - I guess last year on Alonso I read a few things (English language) that seemed to be quite surprised (one thing I dredge up quickly here: https://www.violanation.com/2016/8/31/12724622/fiorentina-chelsea-marcos-alonso-transfer-sell-buy-official ), but I don't know much about those websites - and given your opinion/views on Morata have so far seemed to be quite balanced and accurate I'm inclined to go with you... Was hoping Zappacosta is more than ok, but at least he seems functional functional and Conte trusts him. I thought our RWB was more sorted than left (Moses, Dave, Rudiger) but here we are.
  6. Baba Rahman - The heir to Ash?

    MVG back at PSV - it was last year he was left out while similarly recovering. But agree strange he was loaned straight out, at least Pasalic had rumored work visa issues. Once upon a time I remember thinking MVG might have a chance with us Conte seemed to go out of his way to include Zouma and ensure he felt part of team - doesn't seem that way with a few others. Maybe it's that Baba isn't due back for another month or two, but still pretty depressing for a 14-21 mn pound acquisition.
  7. Baba Rahman - The heir to Ash?

    Just like van Ginkel last year. Pretty harsh considering Remy was included, and a clear signal he's not even remotely in plans.
  8. Danny Drinkwater

    We get nervous that we don't sign Drinkwater for 30 mm plus. What a time to be alive.
  9. Zappacosta

    I guess a bit like the reaction in Italy to when we got Alonso. Hope it works out as well. Think he'll displace Moses? And can he play LWB?
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    Still three non HG available if we don't register old-Costa giving us space for Zappacosta and others. I'm pretty happy with the price and specialist nature. Yknow, if we aren't beaten to him by Leeds or something last minute, since nothing surprises now
  11. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    That's what I don't understand. Whether it's suitable club, playing time or expected role, surely someone would have had to have that conversation. Combination Conte and Emenalo. It may also be the difficulty with signing backup / depth players who are happy challenging if not immediate first teamers or taking reduced time. Realistically now we have to find a way to make a backup / plan c player feel valued. Not easy. If I wanted to beat a dead horse we'd talk about youth as a way around this.
  12. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Wouldn't surprise me if true - it makes sense to me from his perspective. We seem to be thinking of him as a utility man/WB, and we always hear he wants to play CM. Much clearer path to that in Liverpool, especially if Drinkwater interest plans out. Conte must have spoken with Ox after fee agreed and they would have discussed what his plans for him were. I was never that wild on him (and not at price / wages reported in some places), but wouldn't have minded him since he was a warm body. Hope we have backups in mind. This also means other clubs will feel bolder in holding us up.
  13. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Curious as to if the Liverpool interest real. Seems like an agent (or Arsenal) may have been trying to push up prices. I'd be disappointed if he does move there (even if I have my doubts, who is our next choice if this falls through...) I don't want to be held up to ransom. But that's what happens late in the window.
  14. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I remember this article from last year and largely agreeing with it. So, on the positive side, Ox is finally taking a pro-active step to fulfill his potential. On the negative... well, see the mixed opinions on the thread. Will be very interesting to learn what his expectations are of role. http://www.football365.com/news/the-ox-must-look-at-the-house-that-jack-built
  15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I was keen at first for the reasons above (we need depth, he'll finally have proper coaching, he's young, English and has the physical traits) but recently have been struggling to recall a commanding / stand out performance from him over the years. I don't make it a habit to watch Arsenal so it's possible I've missed it, but how much of his mediocrity is now baked in / learned?