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  1. All time favorite player, not even close. First ever game at the Bridge vs Leeds in January 2003. Most remember it for Eidur's overhead but for me it was Frankie dragging us back with the two goals to win it. But too many moments to mention as evidenced by the various posts here. Thanks Frankie.
  2. Came here after the Tammy thread where Don was mentioned a few times. The lack of a loan surely means he's off in the summer for good with no new contract. Not sure which squad he is even training with at the moment? It's disappointing all around.
  3. Probably some fire to the smoke somewhere, and let's not downplay Mendes's role. And if you have a tinfoil hat lying about, Mendes is pretty close with Jose...
  4. I hope it's not one or the other - but it does seem a bit much to have both of them in the CB line, either side of JT. Was hoping to see Aké at LWB, although it sounds like that is further off for him. It's just three days before the Liverpool game so I assume both wingbacks would be rested.
  5. Glad we got Brentford. Small step up for Zouma... going to take games and time. Wouldn't mind him coming on in Prem if we're up 2 or 3 with ten mins to go. Needs testing bit by bit.
  6. Good to see his attacking output but seems his defensive work could use some help. Mainly watched highlights but he looks culpable for a few of the goals recently. Like others would love for him to make it here but wonder if he needs to be an A or A- prospect in one position rather than a B in three. Not sure he has the engine / discipline for LWB, height / command for LCB or strength / technique in central midfield (and he's not being played there now). Maybe LWB is most likely?
  7. I thought earlier in season that on occasion we might see a 3-5-2 for added protection around Cesc but I suppose 343 too effective for now and inside forwards have been doing well. With injuries and fatigue may be an option. Would accommodate Michy too (and maybe Chalobah to give one of Matic or Kante a rest?)
  8. Sadly for Africa's largest country but luckily for us, Nigeria didn't qualify so we won't lose him (or Mikel, if he is anywhere near the first team squad) this January.
  9. well, obviously we've let go a host of capable left backs besides PVA... one of whom was found playing against us yesterday. Alonso does seem to be strangely poor at, yknow... defending. he brings balance to the team, and is a steadier head to Baba, but as a sunk cost I wonder whether Baba could be brought back at some point. with luck Alonso is just adjusting to being back in the EPL again.
  10. Not clear cut from this horribly written article but perhaps this is what you're referring to.
  11. I'm with Davey here - I'm a tad worried about him defensively. Hopefully it's just settling back in to the league but he was not great Sunday 1v1 and we could have been punished.
  12. Maybe a bit like what Conte did with Giaccherini for Italy. I've liked Moses in the past but maybe not an 'as is' brilliant player in every team. In the right system with the right coach, he can play a key role as he is now. In part due to good coaching improving him and his own effort, but in part due to being suited to the team. Happy for him, and pleased we have an actual winger.
  13. Yeah, apparently contract talks reopened, so maybe he gets some minutes at the end of games (or as backup if/when Diego is suspended)? Not sure where he is in relation to RLC as second striker...
  14. I suppose Wilshere will likely miss a few games through injury... but this isn't great. Not to mention we could have used Ake as cover in midfield and at the back! Hard to anticipate when clubs will new signings, and makes it even more ridiculous we loaned out Ake so early on.
  15. I'm a little more on the fence about the transfer, but regardless of where one might fall on the "he's amazing/terrible" spectrum (or the value for money at this point in time), it's very telling that PSG was willing to sell on such short notice.