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  1. It's possible the message is not a literal text but the sum total of us flogging him to China, pursuing another forward and in an end-of-season review where his January behavior and post Jan crap form was discussed. Or smoke signals. Hard to see a way back but also not sure where else he'd go. PSG? For just 20 mn I'd be tempted to just keep him as a backup.
  2. Urgh. Going public now brings down his price as they know we have to sell. And drives up price of replacements - Everton have previous of dragging it out and extracting maximum price for players (Stones and Fellaini come to mind).
  3. Would depend on price and potential replacements to me. If we sold him for same price as Bakayoko and we got in someone with more skill on the ball that may be okay. What I don't understand is why he'd go back to Jose. Somehow after being subbed off as a substitute (when he looked and later admitted to being humiliated) I thought they never made up. Given last year's links with Juve possible some of this is agent talk?
  4. Should snap their hand off at that fee. May have been rubbish rumors but last year was apparently 37.5 mn Euro (although only one year left on contract now).
  5. Good article here: Few things from my perspective: -I like how honest he is about height (one of things we've mentioned as an issue here) and in general comes across level headed -instructive he talks mainly about Emenalo -reporter was asking leading questions on playing time but in general get sense he will want more playing time or consider permanent move -has a bit of a problem about his utility player status. Interesting Conte mainly saw him as center half. Not sure being first backup in two positions helps him - even your squad John O'sheas of the world were starting regularly and unfortunately I'm not sure he does that. Would be a shame if he moves on
  6. Basing that on the Europa final? He's not starting eleven for sure but I think good to have him as part of squad, depending on how we stack our forward line.
  7. Doesn't seem like it but seems like that would be major determinant on whether he's here next year. ACL at seven months, so maybe in time for pre season. Wonder if we'll take it slow like with Zouma - in that case wonder if it may make sense for him to get playing time elsewhere for one more year to strengthen knee, but that doesn't help us next year with depth.
  8. Is he playing as a lone striker again or back out on wing? Seems like for us he'd be more suited to being one of the inside forwards. Hope he comes back with us - but will be tough, particular if someone like Sanchez comes.
  9. Well, I guess it seems consensus here that people are willing to go up to 50 million. Those are levels that make me a little leery, but I guess it's arbitrary to draw the line at 30 or 35. And it will probably cost us more than that to convince Arsenal to sell to us instead of overseas clubs. He does bring with him the flexibility to play him up front if needed too in case of injuries/tactics/stroppy strikers. I think we need another CM though so I wouldn't want to come at that expense.
  10. Wonder what a fair price would be for Sanchez, he's 29 with one year left on a contract and would demand massive wages. Someone mentioned 30-40 mn elsewhere, which seems a bit high to me. I like the idea of Sanchez as he provides options in multiple areas, but might prefer to spend the money elsewhere.
  11. All time favorite player, not even close. First ever game at the Bridge vs Leeds in January 2003. Most remember it for Eidur's overhead but for me it was Frankie dragging us back with the two goals to win it. But too many moments to mention as evidenced by the various posts here. Thanks Frankie.
  12. Came here after the Tammy thread where Don was mentioned a few times. The lack of a loan surely means he's off in the summer for good with no new contract. Not sure which squad he is even training with at the moment? It's disappointing all around.
  13. Probably some fire to the smoke somewhere, and let's not downplay Mendes's role. And if you have a tinfoil hat lying about, Mendes is pretty close with Jose...
  14. I hope it's not one or the other - but it does seem a bit much to have both of them in the CB line, either side of JT. Was hoping to see Aké at LWB, although it sounds like that is further off for him. It's just three days before the Liverpool game so I assume both wingbacks would be rested.
  15. Glad we got Brentford. Small step up for Zouma... going to take games and time. Wouldn't mind him coming on in Prem if we're up 2 or 3 with ten mins to go. Needs testing bit by bit.