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  1. Irish

    Yeah donantonio beat me to it by mentioning the rangers fan element, any fan I've come across that even brings it up is usually a rangers fan firstly or opposing fan like spurs or a Liverpool/man u fan trying to drill in the sentiment of them being Irish clubs first due to their history and I've even got the argument that it's because of Irish players from the past(which is diffuse enough). This is all good and well but let's not act like Andy Townsend didn't accept the poty award by making a speech with his thick West of Ireland brogue
  2. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    He's taking off immensely in doing what he's been doing best for the last few years in the league, and long may he continue to do so. There's no insight into his game I can give that hasn't been said here before really. Maybe the maka/kante DM roles can be trademarked to the 'Chelsea DM role' if keep landing ourselves with these warriors from hereon in to the future
  3. Poll on the Ox

    I voted good, in seeing it as a hypothetical. However, hold on tight btpark me boyo, you wouldn't like to blow the load with the missus during foreplay. So let's not put the cart before the horse and let's wait for him (to potentially) sign for us first.
  4. Dan Levene on the club transfer policy

    I guess you're not that gay for Diegod afterall seeing as you want to ship him off for Lacazette. What will your new username be?
  5. Poll: Diego's future

    Exactly my sentiment. Whilst we all love guile and have had some of the most delicately tidy attacking footballers in the premier league and or Roman era, we've been our most potent and successful with the presence of a brutish striker at our helm. Having said that I'm not fixated on the idea that this is our only route to success, I'm merely saying that we shouldn't overlook and progress to another striker than Costa whimsically and the best outcome (in my opinion) this summer is if we keep him and add another top striker hopefully.
  6. Haha, I was thinking the same, I'd say many bitter bar stewards were glaring at him in the training top and bursting at the seams waiting for him to whip out the full kit.
  7. WE KNOW WHO WE ARE, WE KNOW WE AARRRE!!!! Bats you little beauty, delighted for him... and Dave, pure class.
  8. I can f**king smell the trophy. Come on lads, do that gimp pulis in and bring home the goods. Buzzin', hopefully we get an early goal and that's all she writes.
  9. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    The press hyping up the kante-pogba match up earlier...was there ever gonna be a contest? N'Golo is really showing himself to be a different class of late.
  10. "If you have any flaws in your game, he'll expose them, because he (Suarez) is a top player." What Gerrard said when he was justifying Suarez diving. Propagating that defenders are complicity always guilty and that certain players should get the benefit of the doubt because of their skill. What a prick, what sort of tripe is that?, only sticking up for his rotten scouse crony.
  11. Alexis Sanchez

    People are running amok on the internet with Sanchez smiling after being subbed in tonights drubbing.... ..ah well why not.. come over here Alexis, we'll make a new home for you here where you actually win things..
  12. Sir Frank Lampard OBE

    Another good video by umaxit football, this time regarding Super Frank's time at Chelsea, via a statistical and tactical breakdown.
  13. Marcos Alonso

    0:35 Seconds in, "He could have been killed".
  14. Yeah, there's plenty of seething from clearly biased media folk in Britain & Ireland. But hey, seeing as you're from Cork, here's this gem, any excuse to post this.