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  1. Another good video by umaxit football, this time regarding Super Frank's time at Chelsea, via a statistical and tactical breakdown.
  2. 0:35 Seconds in, "He could have been killed".
  3. Yeah, there's plenty of seething from clearly biased media folk in Britain & Ireland. But hey, seeing as you're from Cork, here's this gem, any excuse to post this.
  4. "Arsenal need to put on a performance today, for the good of the premier league" "Good of the premier league", I think you said premier league instead of Liverpool Souness. You rotten bar steward.
  5. I was an excitable nervous wreck thinking about this last night remembering the first half in September. But when I woke up this morning I'd sullied the bed sheets after having wet dreams about Wayne Bridge's goal and the 6-0 drubbing and all the rest. I'm having a good albeit graphic feeling about this one, I have a feeling we'll stuff them, hopefully, ARGH!, COYB!!!
  6. You've basically deduced the football journo formulae for Chelsea transfer rumours because it's virtually what they're all doing. It's pretty damn annoying, but hey, I'd say studying journalism and tossing your critical theory, integrity and degree up your arris for a few clicks/pounds is annoying for the journos. Scratch that actually, said swines happily slip it up there for a couple cheques, bar stewards.
  7. Nice salient point at the end that makes one wonder, especially under the circumstances now with players heading towards China. Obviously it is the biggest club cup in the world, no doubt about it and it carries it's history and prestige. But perhaps certain players in the past when they have proclaimed they want to play in the champions league has correlated with the fact that recurrent champions league qualifiers in the bigger leagues in Europe (usually due to the fact that they are the richest clubs in Europe as well) and can afford the best wages. Obviously I'm being a 'captain obvious' here now, but it will be an interesting year or two in football to see who goes over to China for the riches and avoids the Champions league in the process, and we'll see how big a factor what has been touched on is the case.
  8. If this all goes through, the disputed thread title affix 'little diamond' will ring true. Maybe deep down we always thought he'd have some gem-like value and allowed the metaphor to pass
  9. Hopefully he fawns over Don Antonio as much as his parents do over democracy. Idioms aside, always enjoyed Kenedy last year, shame he went out on loan and it resulted the way it did. There's competitive opportunity here for him now, and like many here I think he's tailor-made for the LWB. He should be inspired by his surroundings now, along with the teams current form, and use the Moses archetype to make Antonio notice him. Go get 'em boy.
  10. Never mind that bollocks about football, I'm more interested in the fun time you had, "chilling eating dinner". Jason and Adrian sound like a right laugh, can I have their surnames? so I can add you guys on facebook and hang out (I swear I'm not a fking perv)
  11. If we had beaten Juventus in November 2012, instead of losing 3-0 with the disaster where Hazard played as a false nine. Maybe Di Matteo could have stayed on had we gone through in the champions league, and in turn never had that fat bar steward Rafa Benitez as Chelsea manager.
  12. Took the words out of my mouth. He's the type of player I think we've all been crying for, for the last year. I got ecstatic when we signed him, and now I'm getting giddier seeing him play and mop up. He compensates for so much of the midfield discrepancies that have plagued us. Fantastic start so far, long may his health remain and he goes from strength to strength as he fills the Maka sized hole we haven't filled for almost a decade.
  13. I always thought the sight of Jose parading himself around Manchester would make me crumble and lacerate my morale, but it hasn't really. The main reason being that Conte is incoming and seeing what he's done with Italy has been a joy and I'm buzzing for next season now (permitting we get a destroyer in midfield and a tactically astute defender to sure things up). Call me a sh*te if you want, but my favourite Chelsea moments have been when we were industrious bullies and got the job done. Irrespective of how ugly it can be to watch at times, when Chelsea did this they had that little bit of guile and finesse in the other end of the pitch to outclass opponents when it mattered. That for me would be the summation of Conte this summer, and from the few Juventus games I saw when he was at the helm, and that's what has me excited. That and the fact he got the best out of the players he had, makes me wonder who he can elevate in this Chelsea team. That's just my 2 cents, and I can't wait for the next season...
  14. Bang on the money as usual, took the words from my mouth. Admittedly I've only seen Witsel play about 5 or 6 times, but I've never been wholly impressed, like chelsbear said, he flatters to deceive. We need to upgrade on our midfield after they were so poor last year, not sell ourselves short. Let Everton sign him if you ask me.
  15. Great news, had a feeling after the adulation he received and gave with the fans at the Leicester game. Onwards and upwards for next season.