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  1. Dr Gonzo

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Best defender in premier league history. Possibly our greatest ever player with Lamps.
  2. Barkley just over Hazard for me but maybe because Hazard is relentless form wise at the moment. Barkley is growing into his role and he looks fit and hungry. Honourable mentions for Luiz and Kepa too.
  3. 100% agree it's the best we've looked football wise since Ancelloti. It's a genuine pleasure to watch us again. Still be happy to just finish top 4 as I see this season as one to build and improve, but we are far exceeding my expectations so far.
  4. Some goal that, this football is stunning to watch.
  5. Brilliant save by Kepa.
  6. He deserves that goal he's been really good.
  7. Get in, Barkley looks a different player this year.
  8. How the hell is that not a penalty.
  9. That'll do, fair play to them they were solid. The standard in the Europa League is pretty poor.
  10. Because they weren't at that stage. We very rarely think a title is ever nailed on for us.
  11. See I know quite a few and they think every player they have is world class. That 'this is our year' is not a myth.
  12. We are a negative bunch aren't we. Not digging anyone our I'm exactly the same. Must be growing up watching an average side surely. We are the polar opposite to Liverpool fans.
  13. That's it Morata is back, 30 plus goals this season....I'll get my coat.
  14. Is this incessant moaning a Spanish striker trait?
  15. RLC off strange, he's been good.