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  1. Dr Gonzo

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Too hard to say but maybe just Zola over Lamps then Drogba behind those two.
  2. Dr Gonzo

    WC 2018

    What a goal by Diego! Pepe is and always had been awful.
  3. Dr Gonzo

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He oozes class for me. Always looking for the ball and making a pass. Really hope he gets a chance for us or I can see him ending up at someone like City for £80 million in a few years.
  4. Ha ha I've got it on too. Stuart Maconie is on it!
  5. Jose his normal gracious self. United had possession but did f**k all.
  6. Absolute top class defender.
  7. One step beyond was straight on in our house at the end. Enjoy it everyone!
  8. VAR is an absolute joke, pointless.
  9. Why is Fabregas still on the pitch? Get f**king Willian on.
  10. Hazard having to do everything.
  11. Get in there!!! Red card all day long though.
  12. Shall we just start watching every other season?
  13. Who thought someone could be worse than Jokanovic!!!
  14. So who's next on the Chelsea management merry go round?