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  1. Serge Aurier

    If he really goes to spuds for 23 million and we were at all interested thats insane. If Conte didn't want him then whatever, its fine.
  2. Oh and just another game where Thibaut shows why he's absolutely at the top of the class in world keepers. Lloris would have let several of those chances in.
  3. Really really well done today and the physicality of this team is really going to be huge this season. Bakayoko is going to be so good for us for years. Same with Christensen. So excited to see him get a chance. Willian was poor but had a 10 minute or so stretch where he turned it on and was untouchable. Morata's legs quit about halfway through but he kept pushing. Glad we got to remind the spuds who their Daddy is.
  4. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Wish we had him around for next weekend...
  5. Shocking reffing out there today - out on the left a burnley player went over the ball on alonso - yellow. Its as if the entire offseason was spent by the refs learning how to screw us over.
  6. Danny Drinkwater

    Please god don't spend money on drinkwater. I'd rather spend 30 on Ross Barkley and thats saying something.
  7. Are you worried about the squad size?

    Yes OP, I am. Thanks for the question.
  8. Bobby Madley is just f'ing awful. Regardless we should never get beat on a set piece against a team as small as the gooners.
  9. And what I would give for Matic to act like he's interested in making something happen...
  10. What is it going to take for Diego to wake up?
  11. Starting Pedro for Moses showing some warts and Pedro has been awkward going forward today too. Ready to see palace's net bulge several times in the 2nd half and shut these palace fans up.
  12. What a game holy hell. Costa reminded me so much of Drogba on that first goal. Aguero is quietly the dirtiest player in the prem. Hope he gets banned forever and if he doesn't hope his career ends poorly in pain. Not a bigger ass out there. Luiz has to feel good every time he walks off the pitch after playing him because wow he has had some bad ones on him.
  13. Oh, we still need a proper number 10 in January. Cesc and Oscar can't do the job. We need someone who can burst forward.
  14. I'm still gassed about this. It's 1am here and I can't help but just want to break sh*t. This team needs speed and needs it as soon as we can. I know some of the youngsters have it. I also know that as bad as Ruben looked a couple of his last time out he has it and force. Lay him in Matic's spot and let's roll. Get Aina in or Alonso and Ivan on the bench. Zouma can't get healthy soon enough but Terry and Luiz can do the job for a while. Costa is ready this season and we still have a chance. We can take 3 off the scousers and the gooners when we see them again if we decide to get some athletes on the pitch with JT to organize them.