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  1. Willian

    Ten goals and ten assists in all competitions so far this season.
  2. Willian

    Arguably played himself into the starting XI for the Barca game with his performance.
  3. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I’d start him against Barca.
  4. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    It was against a very poor and weakened Hull side but he showed flashes of promise
  5. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He didn’t look out of place which is as good of a compliment as you could pay him really.
  6. Any game recommendation?

    I knew nothing about the series but saw a lot of good reviews, I think it's joint 5th highest rated game on Metacritic. Had a look at a few reviews and it looked like something I might enjoy. So I took a chance on it and gave it a go, I've replayed Dark Souls 3 recently, played a fair bit of CoD WWII but fancied something new to play and the reviews made this sound like a game you could your moneys worth from. I saw a few user reviews that made me cautious, saying that they'd put 5 or so hours into it and just flat out didn't like it. It was boring, frustrating, too obtuse. Anyway, the fact that straight away you've got 14 different weapons to choose from is a bit overwhelming, especially as the play style required can vary quite a lot. I started out with twin blades which gives you a bit of a button mashing, hack and slash style approach but ended up settling on the greatsword because I've liked playing as a tank type character so it's natural for me to go with a big hitter play style. The game's tutorials are almost non exsistant beyond some really basic pointers so if you want to make the most of the game you'll have to look a few things up, thankfully there's plenty of forums, youtube videos etc. to help out. You end up grinding areas and monsters a lot to get weapons and armour you want but honestly, that's the fun. Slowly improving how you fight the various monsters, learning their move sets, learning their weakpoints, learning the environments and how best to use them to your environment. It's quite a geeky game but we're discussing video games on a football forum on the internet so I'm sure that won't put most of you off.
  7. Any game recommendation?

    Monster Hunter World. Believe the hype.
  8. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    ....Not sure I agree with you there old chap.
  9. Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    Conte on using youngsters tomorrow: "In the Carabao Cup and also FA Cup, I gave them the chance to play. We are talking about two of the best players from our academy. We are talking about Ampadu, it is not difficult to predict a brilliant future, same for Hudson-Odoi" Conte says Trevoh Chalobah, Dujon Sterling and Kyle Scott will also be part of the squad ahead of the game. Possibles for the bench. Conte on injuries: "Bakayoko is out, Luiz is out and Barkley is out. Then I have a couple of situations that I have to check Conte says Morata has come through his back problem after being used against West Brom. He will play some part against Hull City but is unlikely to complete 90 minutes. Conte on rotation with Barcelona coming: "We have in front of us two weeks that are very tough, for this reason it is right to have a programme and a plan to face these two weeks in the right way but as you know, we want to try to go through to the next round of the FA Cup"
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Left without comment.
  11. Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    Courtois Dave - Christensen - Rudiger Zappacosta - Kante - Bakayoko - Alonso Fabregas Hazard - Morata I would expect to see something like that. Not thrilled at the idea of Bakayoko starting but maybe, just maybe he can pull a performance out the bag like he had against Atletico away... We can only hope. I like Cahill but I think he's days are numbered as a started and the thought of Messi and Suarez running at him feels me with dread.... I can picture him already, furiously back peddling towards our goal. Zappacosta would be my preference, personally I think Moses has looked a bit sloppy recently and his couple of goals have covered up relatively poor performances.
  12. Cesc Fabregas

    Thing is, with three centre backs and two fullbacks playing we should be able to afford the luxury of having Fabregas and his lightweight defensive contribution on the pitch. No one else in the team spots passes and makes them with the effortless ease he does and I just think if we want to dominate the ball/possession then he's the sort of player you want in the team. As for replacing Fabregas, I would assume the plan is for Barkley (remember him?) to start taking his place over the next season. Don't think Barkley will ever get close to the type of vision Cesc has so we have to hope he develops more into a player who can score 15+ goals a season from midfield, hopefully giving us more of a threat from outside of the box.
  13. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Regardless of if Conte is at Chelsea next season or not I would expect to see Luiz moved on. He'll be 31 come the end of the season, Christensen's emergence means we have to look at him to be in the team going forward, plus you'll have Zouma returning from his loan at Stoke and also the Ampadu looking a good talent. Given the wages Luiz is probably earning it doesn't really make sense to keep him around given he's unlikely to be first choice any more.
  14. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Having a bad season. He didn't do anything wrong as such last night but never really looked like contributing anything of note in attack. And that's been the story of his season really.
  15. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Captain's performance last night. Looked out of sorts and out of form for a few games so was good to see him back to his reliable self last night. Our most important defender.