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  1. For some reason they upload sideways but when you click on them (at least from my mobile device) they rotate to the right way... Looks like a job for the mods to look into *ahem*
  2. I won't regurgitate what's already been said. Always disappointing to lose a cup final but if you'd had said to me at the start of the season we'd win the league and reach the FA Cup final I'd have bitten your arm off for a season that good. Win or lose, up the blues. KTBFFH
  3. Roman has invested some billion pounds into the team since buying the club. How many of those players have scored twenty or more goals in a season and how often? Drogba is the only one I can think of and he scored 20+ goals twice in nine seasons. Costa has done it twice in three seasons, both times helping us win the league title. Too right I'd keep him.
  4. My boy Diego is going to sign a new contract.
  5. If he's off to another club so quickly I suspect we've closed in on signing someone ourselves already too. If we had been interested there's no way another club would have tied up a deal so fast. So can I be the first to say, welcome back Lukaku.
  6. How do you update to the newest version of Kodi when using a Kodi box?
  7. Promoting players from youth academies is over romanticised and I am lost about the obsession of clubs playing the "youth".
  8. Winning trophies.. It's what Jose does. As bad of a season United have had they've finished with two bits of silverware and qualified for the Champions League, by all accounts that's a success. Given the money they've spent as a club over the last 4 years I was surprised to see they only had 30% possession against what was essentially a youth team. I don't think United can continue playing that deep going into next season if they have any aspirations of competing for the league or having a decent run in Europe.
  9. The heir to Hilario
  10. You're dead to me.
  11. He had a clause in his contract that meant he could leave for free if Sunderland were relegated. Bournemouth bid for him in January and might even have agreed personal terms with him back them.
  12. Wouldn't have been JT if people weren't angry about him. Went out in true JT style.
  13. I thought Mark Clatenberg was a good referee.
  14. Here's Cuadrado's highlights reel for his time at Chelsea as a way of remembering the good times: .......