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  1. Amazed that City haven't scored, they've carved open some great chances. Keep forcing themselves too wide though. Don't think Spurs can come out and played the second half in the same way, they look pretty toothless right now.
  2. Well sh*t! I would never have called that result! That is absolutely massive for us. Suddenly our game against the scousers doesn't seem all that important...
  3. Valencia is just a failed winger.
  4. Blimey, talk about a loaded question! So, to keep my point to it's most basic point. I keep seeing comments about buying an "upgrade" on Alonso. However Alonso has made only 16 league appearances for us. In those 16 appearances we have won 15 games and lost 1. During the last 15 games in which he has started (his 16th appearance being as a sub against Arsenal) we have conceded just 6 goals. Essentially, right now, I don't see the argument for "upgrading" Alonso.
  5. Personally I think he gets dragged out because of a lack of support/covering especially from Hazard who doesn't seem to have to track back as much/as far as Pedro and Willian. Any particular examples? What is it you think he isn't doing or what is it you would expect him to do? That's a bit of a vague criticism for me. I don't think pace is a key attribute. Players such as Ivanovic and Ferreria for us were never the fastest of fullbacks but were always solid if unspectacular. Comparing him to Victor Moses on the other side of our defence. They've both scored 3 goals, Alonso has 2 assists to Moses' 1 and the vague stat of "chances created" says Alonso has 17 to Moses' 14. Pass completion is 75% Alonso, 79% Moses. Moses has 20 appearances to Alonso's 16 for context.
  6. Clearly their offer wasn't to be sniffed at....
  7. Why's that then? What's he done wrong in his 16 appearances to date to (15 wins and one loss) that he needs upgrading?
  8. Wii sold over 100m units. Didn't have good games on it but it still sold well. The DS is one of the best selling handhelds too. (But I get what you're saying).
  9. Last line from the article: "One day Warnock will let it go. But not last night." The staggering lack of self awareness of that is just brilliant. The Echo is hilarious, it reads like a fanzine.
  10. He wasn't really though was he...
  11. La La Land. Really great movie. It's basically a love letter to the arts. Recommend seeing in the cinema if you can. Maybe avoid if musicals and love stories aren't you thing. My man crush for Ryan Gosling however grows stronger.
  12. Papy was a bizarre transfer whichever way we spin it. Given that he was signed so late in the day and thrown into the first team squad (and then subsequently replaced in January by Mizaga) tells me he was bought at the failure to secure a central defender who was going to compete for a first team place. RE Stones. If we never had any intentions on meeting Everton's valuation of him then we should never have spent so much time on trying to sign him because the evidence suggests that it was at the expense of signing a different central defender. Perhaps we left it too late after Stones to identify and sign a quality defender? Leaving it late with Luiz and Alonso. You yourself have said it's because we failed to sign Conte's first choice targets. So that's two summers running where we have failed to recruit the manager's primary target(s). Is this because we are targeting unrealistic options? Is it because we are undervaluing said targets (even if that's in the eyes of the parent club)? Either way I think it raises a question in how we've conducted transfer negotiations for the last two years, especially when contrasted to to the year proceeding when Costa and Fabregas in particular were recruited very quickly by contrast. RE lack of activity this month. I alluded to it in my previous post but basically I'm saying, we're in a much stronger position in the league than we expected so why not try to capitalise on that? There's not many (if any) other clubs with £60m burning a hole in their back pocket following a player sale so we find ourselves with funds to strength, especially after lightening to wage bill considerably too with also releasing Mikel. So given that Conte clearly has reservations about playing Michy, why not recruit another striker? Given that Alonso is the only natural fit at LWB why not add depth there? In isolation this window isn't anything out of the norm but in the wider context of how lackadaisical (I feel) we have been with regards to transfers for a couple of years I thought it worth comment.
  13. I think we just need to avoid losing those games. If we beat either of them then it's a bonus but the way I am looking at it is, if we drew both of those games it's 2 point both sides have failed to gain on us rather than 2 points dropped. Sure it might narrow our lead at the top but I think it would still leave us in a very strong position, especially if we continued to beat side outside of the top 6 so convincingly.
  14. But Willian has never played RWB for us (or anyone to my knowledge). I'm not sure there is anything to suggest he is considered an option there. Right now I would say Ivanovic, Aina and maybe Dave are all ahead of him them but none of them would necessarily thrive there. (Well Dave would, he's brilliant wherever he plays. You could probably stick him in goal and he'd win the golden glove).
  15. Goliath It's on Amazon with Billy Bob Thornton playing the lead. Very odd show. The tone is all over the place. The basic story is interesting but there's really weird choice of character arcs and the the "baddie" is this weird caricature of stereotypes. Ending was rather unsatisfying too.