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  1. Like who? City have been dropping hundreds of millions on their defence over the last 4/5 seasons and they're still not happy. They'd love to of bought a player like Cahill who's bought us untold success for the messily sum of £7m. We consistently have one of the best defensive records in the league with Cahill playing and I won't accept that it's in spite of him rather than because of him. Yes, Cahill has his faults and weaknesses but then so do all of our other defenders but Cahill is a very talented and valuable member of the team.
  2. Difference is Jordan Henderson's trophy cabinet is a solitary league cup. Gary Cahill has won every trophy going, including wearing the captain's armband during a league title triumph.
  3. Conte mugging off Spurs? Sounds good to me.
  4. I'd probably take him as a replacement for Matic. With Bakayoko we have two quality, defensive minded midfielders. Barkley could offer something different and be an option for a three man midfield.
  5. Matt Hughes from The Times is reporting that we are exploring the option of borrowing £500m to fund the building of the new stadium rather than relying on Abramovich to foot the bill. Would make sense, what with our more pragmatic approach to transfers in the last few years. There's definitely a sense of the club trying to run more efficiently as business rather than looking to Abramovich to prop us up.
  6. Can only assume he made it clear to the club at the end of last season that he wants to move on. So Conte probably the decision to exclude him because he doesn't want players involved who don't want to be at the club.
  7. Has anyone mentioned he's been given the number 9 yet?
  8. 2 titles in 3 years with him our leading scorer in each of the last seasons. It's a nice hypothesis you've got there but I don't think we can ignore just how much Diego bought to the team... Morata has got a huge task on his hands to replace him.
  9. Personally I think we still need at least two more signings.
  10. Stats alone make a bad marker for judging a player. Look at the likes of Kezman, Depay and that striker Boro signed a few years back (Alves?). All had great stats in the Dutch league but all failed in the Premier League. If he's a talent that needs nurturing then why not invest in Boga and/or Musonda?
  11. You see that Madrid paid something like £50m for a 16 year old who has one senior appearance but he won't move to Real until next year?
  12. He's basically a poor man's Cesc Fabregas. We've got the real thing, so no thanks.
  13. If Conte wants to start playing two up front more, which is something he's played about with a few times then we definitely need more depth up front. There was a lot of talk before about him wanting to play 3-5-2, maybe signing someone like Llorente allows him to do that?
  14. I mean, is he any better than Boga or Musonda? Difficult to get about the signings of players from Brazil because they're always hyped as the next Neymar and then we buy someone like Kenedy who plays like a dog chasing a tennis ball.