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  1. ForeverCarefree

    A new striker in January.

    Belotti is putting in Morata’s numbers in a worse team. Stands to reason that in a better, more consistent team (ie Chelsea) his overall output could/would improve too. Despite playing for three of the best teams in Europe Morata hasn’t been able to find any kind of consistency when it comes to goal scoring so we’re suggesting players who potentially could.
  2. ForeverCarefree

    Mateo Kovačić

    There's definitely a question mark hanging over Kante in the new role he's being asked to play. When we don't have the ball he's still the best in the league at helping to win it back and getting an attack started but does he have an eye for a killer pass in the final third? Is he capable of chipping in with 8-10 goals? The evidence in the first 7 games suggests maybe not but hopefully he can grow into the role and start contributing directly to more goals otherwise at the least I could see him starting to get subbed off for the final 25 minutes to be replaced with Barkley/Fabregas who have more proven attacking attributes.
  3. ForeverCarefree

    A new striker in January.

    Belotti got 10 goals and 4 assists (total 14 goals contributed to) last season for Torino who finished 9th. Morata got 11 goals and 6 assists (total 17 goals contributed to) last season with us finishing 5th. Not a lot between them and so far this season Belotti has 2 goals in 5 games and Morata has 1. If Belotti demonstrates some quality finishing again up to January he could be worth trying for given the likelihood that most other strikers won't be available. I'll be honest my knowledge of the European leagues isn't that extensive anymore as I don't following any football outside of Chelsea so I don't know much about players unless they're linked to us or they're getting lots of headlines. I just use Belotti as an example of the sort of striker who might be a realistic option come January.
  4. ForeverCarefree


    Checking his assists record, he has 24 direct assists for Chelsea in 207 games (not including domestic cup competitions as they're not included on the site I looked on). That's an average of 1 assist every 8.6 games. For a player that takes almost every corner and free kick when he's on the pitch that's appallingly bad. I have no idea where he got this reputation for being a dead ball specialist from because he's not and I wish he would stop being allowed to take so many of them when we've got players like Fabregas, Hazard, Jorginho and even Alonso who (in my opinion) have consistently shown better vision and passing ability than Willian.
  5. ForeverCarefree

    A new striker in January.

    For all the money we've spent, in the last ten years we've barely signed any strikers that you would say were A list, top of their game players. Last one we bought that was, was Diego and he was a massive success. Morata has never played week in, week out for his entire career and never scored 20 goals in a season, his signing was a gamble and it doesn't look like it will pay off but we were desperate to sign someone after the public falling out with Costa and United gazumping us in the bid for Lukaku. Other than that we've signed a 33 year old Eto'o, Demba Ba from Newcastle how was never going to be anything more than a stop gap. Fernando Torres in a January transfer window where his form in the previous 6 months suggested he was struggling to recover from injury. Remy, Pizzaro, Pato, Sturridge... None of them were ever going to be challenging for a place in the starting XI. Anelka was a success because he was fit and in form when we bought him with a proven track record of scoring goals wherever he went. We need to target a quality striker, playing well and scoring goals... Not trying to find a short cut or a cheaper option.
  6. ForeverCarefree

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Sarri's said he wants to get the group won as quickly as possible in the Europa League and it was important for us to start off with a win. Get the group won and the likes of CHO and Ampadu will get a chance. I can't fault his team selection against PAOK, he gave a complete rest to Luiz, Hazard, Kovacic and gave reduced playing time to Alonso, Azpi, Jorginho, Giroud. So there was plenty of rest and rotation going on. The team's flight was delayed coming home from that fixture and given the short turn around between games I think that hampered our preparations for the West Ham game but that's not Sarri's or anyone else's fault. It was a lesson to be learned yesterday, I've seen comments from a couple of players since the match saying what we should/could have done better to have got the win so it tells me Sarri's in their ear telling what needs to change and improve which gives us reason to be hopefully.
  7. ForeverCarefree

    A new striker in January.

    I saw a rumour we've shown an interest in Mitrovic but Fulham only bought him in during the summer for about £22m, no way is he going anywhere until next summer at the earliest. I said in another thread that I wouldn't be surprised if we let Morata leave on loan in January with a mind of bringing in someone up front. No idea who that would be though, it's very rare for big name players to move in a January transfer window. If Inter Milan continue to their poor start to the season you'd love for us to go all in for Icardi. Torino are in the lower half of the table too, so Belotti could be worth trying for...
  8. ForeverCarefree

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Which is the point I am making. City have at least 3 players in their first team you'd feel confident of ending the season in double figures... At the moment, we don't. Throw in Jesus, Mahrez and Bernardo Silva and you're looking at maybe another 15 league goals between them. Looking at our team I can't confidently say we've got goals in us like that. Similarly with Liverpool, Mane, Salah and Firminho are all capable for scoring double figures. I just think that in addition to not having a 20 a season striker, we don't have a lot of goals throughout the team. Agreed but unless you have players making the right runs, that creativity counts for little. Lampard was a master of making late runs into the box, we need one of the midfield three to start doing that and giving the creative players something to aim at. The hat trick Morata scored against a Stoke defence containing no recognised central defenders really bloated his record last season. From November onward he was as close to useless as a centre forward gets and I think they said on the commentary yesterday he only has 2 league goals in 2018. For a £60m forward, that's pretty embarrassing and that after only 4 games he's behind a 31 Giroud whose biggest goal return in England is 16 I think says more about the lack of confidence Sarri has in Morata than the quality Giroud is showing.
  9. ForeverCarefree

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I think Kovacic is a more rounded player than Barkley but I think we need Barkley's directness. He set up Willian after a good forward run against PAOK and come close to give us the lead with his limited minutes against West Ham... He's just more goal scoring focused than any of our midfield options and for that reason I think he should be getting starts. No idea what will happen with Batshuayi. Valencia are sitting in the bottom half of the table but he's not made a start for them yet... If he carries on like that, even if there is an option to recall him from loan he's not going to get minutes ahead of Morata or Giroud. I think we're going to have some frustrating games this season where we're dominating the opposition but struggling to find a break through and I can see the club looking to invest in a new right winger and centre forward come next summer... It's just a shame nothing came of the rumoured swap deal with United of Willian for Martial.
  10. ForeverCarefree


    Can someone explain to me why he's still allowed to take all of our set pieces? We had 8 corners and 2 or 3 free kicks in good positions and they didn't lead to any good chances. The quality of his delivery isn't great, same goes for open play. Surely Hazard or Jorginho could whip in a decent corner?
  11. ForeverCarefree

    Mateo Kovačić

    He's a good player but out of one of him and Kante you need a goal threat goal or creative outlet to make chances for others. I'm not sure either of those players are that sort of player which could lead to an over reliance on the front three to create the goals.
  12. ForeverCarefree

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I raised the question before the start of the season and it's yet to be answered... Where are the goals going to come from in this team? There isn't a single player you would feel confident in scoring 20 goals during the course of the season. Hazard is our biggest goal scoring threat but after him it's pretty slim pickings. Pedro's goal record is probably the most impressive out of the rest of the squad and it's why I can see him starting the majority of the games ahead of WIllian whose best goal return was still under double figures. None of the first choice midfield options (Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic) have a record of scoring goals, in fact over the last three seasons they've all averaged one goal each. That's our biggest problem as I see it and somehow Sarri is going to have to try and solve it.
  13. ForeverCarefree

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    At this moment in time a loan move in January feels almost inevitable. Can’t see him breaking into the first team personally especially with our chances of signing Kovacic on a permanent deal looking pretty good.
  14. ForeverCarefree

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Not surprised he might leave, he’s still good enough to be playing regularly for a Premier League team but I just don’t think he suits Sarri’s style of play. He backs off a lot when defending and isn’t really suited to playing a high press, he isn’t particularly comfortable on his left foot and I think the way we’re playing the centre backs need to be able to play out on both feet. Tremendous signing though, bargain at £7m, arguably one of the best signings of the Roman era. Ampadu might be promoted to 4th choice if Gary does leave as I think we’re pretty well covered without needing to sign a replacement.
  15. ForeverCarefree

    Alvaro Morata

    I just feel like as a striker sometimes you have to make your own luck. He was unfortunate not to get a goal on Thursday but the top strikers turn a half chance into a goal. Morata doesn’t look to be able to do that and even chances that are laid on a plate for him he’s missing. I have no idea what the answer is because playing him regularly just seems to make things worse. There was a comment from someone on the punditry team who said he doesn’t seem to know when he’s playing well himself... which I think is true, his head goes down so quickly even when doing the right things.