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  1. ForeverCarefree

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Got to be our first choice striker for the remainder of the season...
  2. ForeverCarefree

    Our New Stadium

    Wasn't there a rumour going around that we were going to explore the option of helping to develop Loftus Road or Craven Cottage (or maybe another stadium closer to Stamford Bridge) to get it up to around 30k and then ground share with them for 3/4 years whilst Stamford Bridge was being rebuilt? I don't know about the logistics of something like that but that would, in my opinion, be so much better than completely relocating to north London for such an extended period.
  3. ForeverCarefree

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    A lot of it comes down to that the club needs to decide exactly what it is that they want the identity of the team to be. We put a lot of effort into scouting and identifying youngsters who showed a lot of potential but then appointed a manager (Mourinho) who is notoriously impatient with youth. We spent significantly a few years ago recruiting the likes of Lukaku, Courtois, KDB and seemed to have a career path mapped out for them which was to send them on loan to high profile teams, get first team experience and then after a couple of years bring them back to Chelsea. But then we appoint Mourinho who prefers older, more experienced players and did away with those players that were on the cusp of pushing for places in our team. There's nothing wrong with appointing Mourinho but why invest so much time, money and resources into youth if you're just going to appoint a manager who couldn't care less about your long term vision? We're not spending big these last few years, mainly reinvesting money spent from sales or buying relatively cheap, low risk signings (Zappacosta, Barkley, Emerson, Alonso). So we need to decide what it is we want to be because letting Chalobah and Ake go last summer tells me we still don't think youth is the way forward, so we might as well sell up the likes of RLC, Abrahams etc. and just plow more resources into the first team.
  4. ForeverCarefree

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Biggest lesson Chelsea should learn from Salah and KDB is to manage younger players better. Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi should both be in the first team squad next season and given plenty of minutes to develop and prove their worth. We can’t keep just tossing out players under 23 years old because we don’t have the patience with our managers so they don’t want to invest time in developing players.
  5. ForeverCarefree

    Ethan Ampadu

    Who knows? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of transparency about how they determine the fee at a tribunal. Do achievements for youth sides count for anything? Apparently not. I mean, Sturridge is one of the most expensive players to come out of a tribunal and it appears to be because he had a fairly significant amount of first team experience.
  6. ForeverCarefree

    Any game recommendation?

    God of War is insanely good. I've played maybe 10 hours, not sure... But it's a very, very good game. Graphics, combat, story telling are all excellent. As always with all God of War games the big set piece fights are epic, cinematic experiences. Can't wait to play more, if it carries on being as good as it has been it's easily going to be in my all time top 5 games.
  7. ForeverCarefree

    Swansea V Chelsea (PL) Sat 28th Apr 17:30 UK

    I thought it showed quite a lot of dissent on his part to essentially walk off of the pitch and then head straight down the tunnel. I get disappointment at being substituted but you have to put your ego to one side and respect the manager's decisions and show good grace for the good of the team. Just my opinion on it of course but I didn't like it.
  8. ForeverCarefree

    Ethan Ampadu

    In fairness, he's not really set the world on fire at Liverpool has he? Looks like he's now behind Danny Ings in the pecking order too. No goals in 23 appearances this season (albeit late subs for the most part). Tammy Abraham's modest 8 goals in 36 appearance looks to be the better prospect at the moment.
  9. ForeverCarefree

    Willy Caballero

    Me after watching Willy's performance yesterday. His distribution was awful, looked shaky on crosses and got away with one with the disallowed Southampton goal. I know he's been our cup goalkeeper but Conte really has to start Courtois in the final because there's no room for sentiment. Caballero looked like an accident waiting to happen yesterday... He's alright as a back up and would expect him to be here again next season because we really shouldn't be throwing money at a reserve goalkeeper when there's bigger problems to address in the starting XI... We'll just have to pray Courtois avoids any injuries.
  10. ForeverCarefree

    Swansea V Chelsea (PL) Sat 28th Apr 17:30 UK

    Should be beating this lot comfortably. Reckon we might see a front three of Hazard, Giroud and Morata.... Especially after the petulance shown by Willian after being subbed against Southampton. Another impressive performance from Emerson and Alonso might not be recalled straight away following his suspension. A start in midfield for Bakayoko might be on the cards too.
  11. ForeverCarefree

    Our New Stadium

    Stadium is going to be predominantly made from bricks so that it is in keeping with the aesthetic of the stadiums surrounding, especially the cemetery. Should be a very impressive structure when finished more resembling a cathedral than a modern day football stadium.
  12. ForeverCarefree

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Well for about six weeks after the new year, he was. His press conference were stinking up the joint and his general demeanor was awful. As I said, he hasn't been without his faults this season and he deserves his share of criticism. But. All said and done he was dealt a bad hand by the board regarding transfers this season and those that were signed have largely under-performed. He's just guided us to a consecutive FA Cup final which isn't something to be sniffed at and I just think with a few changes to his approach, the squad and the board's transfer policy/expectations I think Conte would be able to get us back on track next season.
  13. ForeverCarefree

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The passion is still there. Like I said a few days ago, if, and granted it is a big IF, Conte can resolve his difference with the board then I do think he's still more than capable of being in charge next season. He's a good coach and a good tactician. He's got his short fallings like any manager but his good points more often than not outweigh the bad. There's no question in my mind that should he leave he'll continue to be a successful manager because he's demonstrated at Chelsea and Juventus he more than capable. I'm just struggling to get excited at the prospect of any of the rumoured coaches coming to Chelsea because it just sounds like a continuation of our boom or bust style appointments. I'd be happy to see an attempt at a less chaotic approach to our managerial appointments.
  14. Graham Poll confirms decision not to grant a goal is text book application of the rules of the game. Conversation becomes, “rules are wrong and should be changed”. Ha ha, brilliant. We still won, so f**k em.
  15. ForeverCarefree

    Ethan Ampadu

    Daylight robbery.