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  1. Recently watched Arrival. A lot of hype surrounding the film. Got to say though, I wasn't really blown away by it. Some cool bits in there but ultimately the film ended and I was just left shrugging to myself. Last night I watched Manchester By The Sea. I like Cassie Afleck, I think he's a great actor. Again, some great scenes in this films but the ending was just so... Blagh. The lack of any real sort of resolution didn't do it for me.
  2. Moses is playing like Moses does. He's always been an inconsistent player. At times he can look a world beater and others someone with no end product. Personally I don't think he'll be first choice for us long term because of his inconsistent nature. He's had maybe his best season ever despite playing in a new role but he's faded heavily since the beginning of the season.
  3. And yet here you are.
  4. Positioning has always been a weak point of his, that's why he does so many last ditch recovery tackles because he loses his man a lot. He's never been the slickest passer of the ball, generally looks a bit clumsy and awkward on the ball, especially compared to players like Luiz and JT. The back three just seems to magnify his weaknesses, playing out from the back is a big part of what we try to do and he doesn't seem comfortable doing it. Personally I think Ake will be ahead of him because not only is he a lot more comfortable in possession, no doubt having played as a defensive midfielder before has helped but also his versatility of being able to play in defence, wing back and midfield makes him a good asset. No question Zouma is a very talented young player but for me I'm not sure he has the attributes required to play in Conte's system.
  5. That first half shows exactly why Matic plays. Too many attack minded players out there not able to disrupt Wolves. He gets a lot of grief from some fans but he don't half help bring balance to the side. For all their attacking talent Hazard, Willian, Costa and Pedro have been poor so far and none could complain if they were hooked at half time. And we knew it already but JT really doesn't have the mobility required to play in the back three.
  6. Typical, bloody foreigners spoiling everything.
  7. Indeed, I've just noticed some posters essentially spamming replies in certain threads recently and was just curious about the numbers.
  8. Special edition of the weekend's programme art
  9. On the old style of the forum there was a way to see who had the most posts within a topic, is that something we are able to view now? If so, how?
  10. Is he anymore likely to get playing time at Liverpool than he is at Chelsea? He'd presumably be behind Firmino, Sturridge, Ings and Origi.
  11. So bizarre. But fair play to him if he's able to get a good pay day out of it. Not many refs will end up as financially secure as he will.
  12. Yeah I mean Jose won 3 in 5 years for us and you're always calling him a c**t.
  13. I think we've done well to avoid drawing too many games up to this point in the season. Personally I think we'll drop a few points between now and the end of the season by drawing a few games just because we have some tricky away games to come like United and Everton.
  14. I reckon he could comfortably play there but being left footed I think you'd want him on the left side of the three to help transition the ball forward quicker/better.
  15. Wish someone would tell that to my line manager.