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  1. ForeverCarefree

    Alvaro Morata

    Loan with a forced purchase knowing Italian clubs. Looking increasingly likely we’re going to get Higuain so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Morata go.
  2. ForeverCarefree

    Leon Bailey

    It’s a rumour doing the rounds on Twitter but no one particularly reliable is running with it yet. We’ve had a long standing interest in Bailey so although the rumour is flimsy at best I thought the player worth a mention at least cause if we do sell Willian you’ve got to think Bailey is someone we’d be looking to bring in.
  3. ForeverCarefree

    WC 2018

  4. ForeverCarefree

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    More than a little passable.
  5. ForeverCarefree

    Aleksandr Golovin

    Monaco Vice President - “We have made an offer for CSKA Moscow for Aleksandr Golovin. A more than generous offer. Everything should be decided in the coming days, maybe even today. We cannot wait long. If it does not come off, we will look to another option.”
  6. ForeverCarefree

    Leon Bailey

    Rumours today that a Premier League club, possibly Chelsea, have bid £45m for Bailey. Getting Willian's replacement lined up perhaps?
  7. ForeverCarefree

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Official statement from Antonio. At least he had the class and grace to thank everyone.
  8. ForeverCarefree

    Thibaut Courtois

    Butland would be a massive step down from Courtois. Butland might not even have been one of the 10 best 'keepers in the Premier League last season, no way should we be looking to someone like that.
  9. ForeverCarefree

    Eden Hazard

    Plenty of places reporting already that Chelsea won't sell. The Times are saying if we did sell we'd only do it for £200m, upfront and not in installments which Madrid can't afford.
  10. ForeverCarefree

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    To think that since the last World Cup Kante has gone from playing in Ligue 2 in France, moved to the Premier League winning it with what was a mid table team, moved to Chelsea and won the league again and now he's won the World Cup. Not many players have such massive uplifts in their careers by the time they're 23. Phenomenal story and achievement. Hopefully he sticks around at Chelsea for a few years to come yet.
  11. ForeverCarefree


    Possibly, that’s what I mean. You would think Zappacosta is a player Sarri is familiar with and already has an opinion on his ability. I would imagine he’s someone he’s already made his mind up about whether he wants him there or wants an upgrade.
  12. ForeverCarefree

    Aleksandr Golovin

    Is he capable of playing on the right? Could he be lined up as a replacement for Willian?
  13. ForeverCarefree


    I reckon we might sign him and keep Morata, might end up playing two up top, especially if Willian goes... who knows. Could be that it’s Michy who ends up being the makeweight and Giroud stays as a backup.
  14. ForeverCarefree


    Have to wonder, given how little time Sarri has to work with the players before the transfer window closes... having managed in Italy you have to suspect that Sarri should already be quite familiar with Zappacosta. That might count in his favour.
  15. ForeverCarefree

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I don’t like the amount of personal abuse he gets. Modern football fans, hiding behind their online anonymity are toxic and a cancer. Bakayoko is a young lad and doesn’t deserve to be subjected to some of what is flung at him. Will be interested to see if Chelsea/Sarri give him a second chance this season or if they see a loan as the best way for him to find some form.