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  1. I'm interested in having a threesome with Scarlet Johanson and Emma Stone but it ain't gonna happen.
  2. Gullit: "Chelsea won't sell Hazard at any price. From what I've heard, they're planning a summer bigger than 2004." (FoxSports NL) So I mean, there's that.
  3. Since the Champions League final win Cahill has won the league once and is on his way to captaining the side to a second within the space of 3 years. Also voted part of the PFA team of the year for the 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons. Not sure I can agree with him as being a worse player personally.
  4. Been enjoying Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. Frank Carter is the former front man of the Gallows, I didn't realise he had a new band but then found the Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces podcast he did a couple of years ago where he talked about the new stuff. Very good if you enjoy a bit of hardcore punk.
  5. Probably some time in July. We'll have to wait for the current year of the contract with Adidas to end before we'll see anything from Nike.
  6. Because we wear white socks. Because we're Chels.
  7. Drogba wasn't exactly a saint. He used to throw himself on floor at the slightest of touches forever winding up the opposition defences. He was as crafty as they come. Carvalho was pretty sly too, he was forever holding players and tugging their shirts etc on corners and set pieces. Makelele, I've never known a player to commit so many tactical fouls as he did. Basically, I don't think what Costa does for us is in any way unique.
  8. The Real Madrid, Spanish media propaganda machine has gone into overtime with this rumour in the last week. Picking out house and schools for Eden's children apparently? I wonder if Madrid have picked what colour he will paint his bathroom too?
  9. Only way I could see it happening is if somehow we were able to sign Sanchez from Arsenal. Even still, we would be extremely reluctant to sell Hazard. He's so valuable to our team and regardless of who we did sign I think we would be a weaker team without him because he's such a big part of the identity of this current Chelsea team.
  10. Can't see us selling Hazard unless he tries to force through a move. We have absolutely no reason to sell regardless of how much money Real might offer. He's got three years left on his contract and he's our most important attacking player
  11. Would love him at Chelsea but I can't help thinking that he'll end up at Barca or Real if he left PSG.
  12. Clearly why Wenger has persisted with the midfield workhorse that is Ozil.
  13. Well given that in this newest interview he's quoted as saying "Anything can happen. Why not? You never know. Now I'm happy at Chelsea" You'll forgive me for reaffirming that your assertion that he was unhappy was untrue.
  14. So question to the Shed Enders. Will Kante be able to maintain his high level of performance once he is playing two games a week. For his two seasons in England he's mostly only played once a week and I imagine it is much easier to play the way he does when you've got a week's recovery time... Will he have to adapt his game next year?