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  1. I have to agree there. In my mind's eye I imagined CFC players laying on the pitch in devastation but it was some handshakes and cheerio. I don't get that and I don't think it's just a CFC thing. I love the Cup and it didn't fit feel like a special occasion, which is gutting. Being interested in winning deffo helps as, despite what the pundits said, Arsenal didn't play brilliantly. They worked hard and it covered a lot of weaknesses. Mertesacker, Sanchez, and Ospina stood out for ability. The others mainly worked hard.
  2. I'd forgotten about how Hiddink handled Hazard: good point. Player power needs dealing with in some way, in general terms not just at CFC. The relationship between multi - millionaire players and their manager is something I don't understand. I know that a team relies on, for example, Hazard playing well, but there's still a basic employer/employee relationship where you try your best to work well. Payet's, drop in form at West Ham and subsequent move was a classic example of a player saying 'F*** you' but the clubs don't play hard ball, they let it happen. God knows what happened with JM. There are so many rumours but it looks bad and you now see JM investing time in player relationships at Utd perhaps based on what happened at CFC. Even he's had to adapt.
  3. There were issues though. I recall Hazard blanking Mourinho when he was taken off in a match. And the issue of how serious the injury was was a matter of opinion.
  4. Agreed. The one thing I've taken from the Chelsea (under JM) and Leicester stories is that it's essential to buy new players in the closed season to ensure the regular players - even if they make up a very good squad - are challenged for their places. One thing that surprised me a bit yesterday was the CFC players not looking gutted after the match. Was that just me thinking that?
  5. Interesting reply. There are things about our teams that we ignore or skirt over. I can't see Spurs ever abandoning a 'sensible' wages and buys policy - we won't make marquee signings and, tbh, everyone is for sale for the right price. It's a limiting factor on our ambitions. Re. Hazard, his performance in JM's last season epitomised everything wrong with player power in today's game. I'm not a fan of Dele Alli (he has ego issues).
  6. I can't argue with that. Re. the Ref, he did indulge Arsenal as they were - unexpectedly - physical at times and he let some things go. I've read this thread and, at the point where Moses got sent off, the comments made by posters are to the credit of Shedenders. There are many forums where the comments would have been 'eff the Ref' etc. Some posters have written that this loss might help Conte to make decisions about Summer selling and buying. I agree; it might allow Conte to head off some problems. I reckon it should help Wenger make some decisions too because Arsenal's chance to goal ratio is terrible. Whether Wenger does anything is another matter.
  7. A fair point re. Moses. My first thought was that the Ref probably had in mind recent publicity about simulation. Perhaps, anywhere else on the pitch, Moses gets a talking to for trying to get a free kick. But a dive for a penalty, in the current climate, seemed a split second lapse of judgment. It's easily done however.
  8. Just a gut feeling but, with 11 men, CFC win. Arsenal struggled to put chances away, even with a one man advantage. It was clear that CFC were in control, imo, until Moses' dive. Arsenal were sometimes dreadful in front of goal, despite the win.
  9. Please don't be offended by my thoughts; they are not a criticism of CFC. I don't think there were any problem performances from individual Chelsea players, Moses aside. Collectively, the team was off the pace and 'laggy' in the first half. CFC were much better in the second half and, but for Moses being sent off, would have won, imo. As it was, Arsenal struggled against nine outfield players and Willian in particular was a handful. The Moses dive was an example of a player going to ground when he still had options, had he stayed on his feet. Being honest, I can understand (though not approve) diving when you've run out of options but Moses achieved nothing and a CFC goal was coming anyway [Second half, Arsenal were on the back foot until the sending off, imo]. The Final highlighted the biggest issue facing a successful team - complacency. That's not a criticism of CFC, it's just human nature. Conte will need to buy, pour encourager les autres. It was a great game for neutrals; sorry the outcome was not what fellow Shedenders were hoping for.
  10. You are on form tonight
  11. Effective but dull. It's not the Utd way, to be honest.
  12. I still don't write off Ajax.
  13. Only 20 mins? Come on, be honest!
  14. Not even he'd be worth £34M. Oh to be a PL footballer for a year - I'd be made for two life times.
  15. A £1, or cash out by stopping viewing for £10. "Take my £10 so I can stop watch this ****"