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Romford Pele

Last Movie You Watched

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Last night I watched Whisky Galore (the 1949 version). I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it. A superb film and one of my favourites. Very funny. Some wonderful moments in the film including the scene when the landlord of the pub tells one of his customers that there is no whisky. The thought of no whisky sends shivers down my spine.

One day I'll get round to watching the remake to try and compare the two.

A couple of scenes from the film including the one about there is no whisky.


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I watched a film called Jungle last night. Based on a true story starring Daniel Radcliffe about a group of back packers who decide to trek through the Bolivian jungle. I thought it was really good myself, one of the few films I’ve watched lately that actually holds my attention. 

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