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Dawning of a new era on the Shed End

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Droogba, meet ThunderDan.  ThunderDan, meet Droogba.  You are both Good Eggs.


Note to TD : this is the highest praise a Brit can use to extol the virtues of someone!

I wouldn't have known that...

Is a bad egg especially bad?

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Christ on a bike - have you lot been in the match day thread today ?

Time the fight back began, two massive games coming up

I remember them being good comedy when we were en route to winning the title.


just absolutely full of people in tears at all times. after yet another win.


I wanted to start a match thread thread in which we could rate the posters' comments in the match thread in real time.


anyway, I imagine now we're actually having a bad season those people have a new perspective and don't all rush in to call ivanovic a c*nt seconds after a misplaced pass.

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Am I allowed to ask what is it that everyone dislikes so much about the match day thread?


Yes you are, and I for one appreciate you asking, but sorry I just don't have time to go over everything that gets on my tits. So I will try and sum it up....    


I would never be critical of any individuals who I have never met (that comment needs to be reiterated for a start) but I will say that I appreciate that we are all Chelsea fans so most are alright with me 


Generally I feel that finishing the top half of the premier league table is not even registering as a bad season. There is a level of disappointment with the start under Jose, but that's it, I am not a hypocritical enough to say there wasn't any. Some have been qualifying their posts in the thread with "by recent standards" which is fine, but still the whole underlying feel is one of spoiled fans... E.g. Wanting a clear out, playing youth, not appreciating the players, the club needs a style  it is frankly embarrassing and makes us sound like Liverpool and Man Utd fans (no need to remind anyone that it is public forum).


I don't mean to sound like I am discouraging posting this is a great forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion... I just read the football sections and cringe these days. 


And by the way, these are my views and they can't be argued with. You can disagree with them fine but don't judge me - which is another issue.

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