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    • think this is a good chance to use willian and Pedro a bit more. Athletico could only manage a draw here, and it will definitely be a lot thougher than at the Bridge not just because we are away but also because now they have played a few games at this level they won't be as nervous. all that said we should be able to get a result. Once we get through the Liverpool game the fixture list is relatively kind for a while and I am hopeful we can be at least in second by New year's day  
    • After that Roma cock-up we have no choice but to play our best team, play the same squad we played with on Saturday, just maybe this time with Drinkwater & Moses playing instead. 
    •  I just can't agree with Carlo, sacking him was very harsh at the time. I agree with you that the league position definitely didn't tell a full story, we were never for a moment challenging for that title, but we had a f**king dreadful squad who were way past their primes. It was the summer transfer job that ruined that season, a transition was massively needed and we signed 3 players, one of them being a backup keeper.  Regardless Carlo was a superb coach, and sacking him was extremely harsh, in hindsight I like to look at it as a good decision because of what's happened. But come on the club were just harsh, Emenalo was just recently appointed and it looked like we had no idea what we were doing, we had another painful transfer window right after when AVB took the helm. Sacking Carlo for me at the time was incredibly illogical given the fact that we did nothing after it, we should have just given Carlo the money to spend and get the players playing again, backed the manager for a change and see how things turn out. We've never done it, Mourinho was the first one who we did it with and he ended up winning the league the next season. Okay, we had a terrible season right after but sacking managers for trophyless seasons (which we've been doing for years) backfires. Truth be told I think we've changed since then, when we gave Mou his 2nd season we changed, I think we've also changed with Conte, not massively, we are still ridiculously harsh but we've changed. We gave Mou leniency I'm not denying that that's not my criticism, leniency is different to support. 
    • I thought it was a troll but this is a user who has been here since 2007, holy cow. 
    •   Hmmm top scorer, I also thought he was basically pedro with goals, less refined but useful to keep around.