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David Luiz back at Chelsea

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18 minutes ago, Jackbuchanan said:

Am i the only one that really liked David Luiz. Would love him back. 

Well he's a left sided centre back. We need a left sided centre back. We need experience to fill the void left by JT. He has experience. Throw Kante into the mix and can see it working personally. Can't see PSG selling though??

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45 minutes ago, bjd said:

A new low.

come now BJD - don't pretend you don't want to see those locks flowing in the wind as he starts his marourding run from our own goal line!! the pashion, the tenacity, the force of nature that is Luiz


I want this to happen and not happen in equal meshure - that's not to say that im indiferent. I would Love him back in our team but at the same time I think hmm probably not

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