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Hi team,

I think I found a bug.


I believe the site now actually stores draft replies so that you can send them later (which is awesome).

While using the site on my phone, I wasn't able to post a reply in a thread after using the quote function and leaving the page. When I hit reply, it would pre-fill the reply with the quoted post, but wouldn't let me type anywhere but inside the box. On my phone, I was unable to delete the quote box and the cursor would not initiate anywhere other than inside the quote box. The only way I could then reply to that thread was post as-is and then edit and delete the lot from my laptop.

I think this may actually be an Android issue rather than a site issue. The problem is that the phone doesn't recognise the area outside the quote box as a text box. This is a known recurring issue in the last two editions of Android though, as many apps and websites (including Facebook) have had similar issues where Android is not properly recognising a text field.


Love and hugs,


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1 hour ago, Scott Harris said:

I had this same problem on my PC. The only way i could fix it was to clear my cookies.

Had the same problem here on work/home PC (using Chrome browser)

To fix I just make sure the line below the quote box is selected and hit backspace twice

Hope that makes sense? Not sure if doing the same works on mobile (I use tapatalk)

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