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Signed John Terry Shirt Competition Result

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Hi folks

Thanks to everyone who entered the signed JT shirt contest. All the votes have been counted and if you're reading this during the Sunday night repeat please don't vote as your votes won't be counted but you may still be charged....


So we have a winner. A long haired soap dodging, living off our taxes winner. No not you G4, but everyone's favourite train missing latecomer.


Yes indeed Plokoon is the winner of the signed JT shirt.


Well done mate. PM me your address and I'll post it to you.

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Holy sh*t! I had honestly completely forgotten about this! Thanks very much to the forum for setting this up, I'd like to thank God, my mother, and also that twenty quid I slipped Loz last week.

I guess I should immediately going frame shopping - it will be a true honour to have a piece of Chelsea title-winning history on my wall.

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    • Remember Batshuayi steps up in the Champs League too, he can beat Atletico!
    • You may be right about that Mod. It was the Batshuayi comparison that felt bizarre. Good to see you posting.
    • That's the thing though Davey, it's easy to forget about the player once they've moved on (or it went sour with the club) in which, I think most are doing with Costa. How many games did Costa step up when we needed him, and win the game like Morata vs Utd. I'm not taking shots at Morata, I like him and hope he becomes a striker that is up there every season for us, but for me, at the moment, he isn't as reliable or confident in front of goal as Costa was for us, not by some stretch. Yes I saw the same yesterday in the champions league 
    •   Bizarre. Costa started like a house on fire for us but I wonder if he had as many goals for us after as many games, remembering that Morata has missed a few with injury. Morata's been brilliant and I just can't understand your comparison with Batshuayi, who has no idea how to play up front on his own, although he will score goals. Batshuayi is just a very limited footballer and it's clear Conte doesn't trust him.   Morata is better in the air than Costa, by far, he's faster, his link-up play is better, he's more skilful, and he'll get more goals. He'll easily surpass Costa's 20 if he stays fit, because although he misses chances, he also puts them away, and crucially the chances keep coming his way, because his movement and positioning is so good. All strikers miss chances. Morata is scoring crucial goals, big goals in big games, winners, opening goals. Costa invariably went missing in big games. Lest we forget, in both our title winning seasons of late, Costa faded badly in the latter half, when the pressure was on. It was Hazard that drove us over the line on both occasions.   Given the choice, I don't see too many people taking Costa over Morata right now, and as for Batshuayi, he's at least one tier below them two in my opinion. I'm not saying there aren't better than Morata out there, but I don't think we could have done much better, given the options. He's been as good as any of us could have expected, and his goal against Utd was simply a great header. When we needed him he produced. He was absolutely brilliant that day.   He gets injured and we're relying on Batshuayi our season takes a very different course in my opinion.