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I wanted to quickly introduce myself and say I'm excited to be here! I'm a Chelsea fan living in America and my fandom is just now beginning to spike. I was born and raised in the USA state of Arkansas where football takes a back seat to sports like baseball, basketball, and American football. However, I began to follow the great game after the 2010 world cup and my interest has grown every year. I was introduced to the EPL a few years ago when I came across and purchased what was then a "random" shirt. I'm now happy to say I own many Chelsea shirts and consider myself a huge fan. I have recently moved to Chicago where there is a local Chelsea Supporters Group that includes almost 500 members. I'm excited to watch the Blues and expand my knowledge of the organization's history and future moving forward! 

I may not know as much as many of you, but I hope to get there one day! Please forgive me for the few spelling differences we have as well. :good2:

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