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Vincent Koziello

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What do you think of Vincent Koziello for Nice? He in my opinion has the potential to be on the level of Verratti and Nainggolan and will be cheaper than both. Players with extreme potential and good enough to play for the first team immediately are gold dust. This is an article from a year or so ago about him, the part i'm copying here is why i'm excited about him and would be delighted if we got him.



Thanks to his energetic demeanour, which is in stark comparison to the more minimalist work rate of OGC Nice poster boy Hatem Ben-Arfa, his movement off the ball is constant, and this results in him seeing plenty of it. Furthermore, when given the opportunity he likes to burst forward with the ball, similar to Ben-Arfa. While his dribbling isn't flashy, he glides forward positively when given the space, and has been successful in over 66% of the occasion he has taken on an opposition player. 


His work rate is crucial in defending as well as attack, and thanks to Koziello's awareness and intelligence he is able to use it to his advantage. Constantly throughout games Koziello is looking for spaces in the midfield or in front of the defence to fill in. This is particularly crucial in instances when midfield partner Seri has broken forward leaving a space in midfield alongside Mendy. Such good positional awareness has led to him averaging one interception and just under three tackles every game,

This defensive impact is surprising given both his attacking abilities and physical stature. Players who tend to fill the advanced playmaker role, and are of similar stature to Koziello, on the whole let their defensive work fall to the wayside, but instead Koziello uses it as another string to his bow. He is tenacious as a consequence of the aforementioned energy which engulfs him, and in addition to his positional awareness this gives him a plethora of opportunities to dispossess opponents. Furthermore, this bolsters his attacking impact, as he wins the ball in both the opposition half as a result of pressing high, as well as in his own half and this allows him to start attacks.

So while Koziello may not be the provider in terms of goals, he doesn't look to unpick defences with speculative splitting through balls too often, and prefers to be ready to foil a potential counter attack, rather than bursting into the overcrowded box as his team attacks, he is instead the enabler. His energy allows him to dispossess opponents and in conjunction with his precise passing, he gives his team a platform to mount menacing attacks from. 


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