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Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

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Had to miss this game due to my army :sad:

Was so proud to see the score yesterday, Conte got the game right and we are on our way to another title. Can't be better!

Ake's tackle was something special, I also don't think he could deal with Kane's header. All the team did the job and that's how champions are playing.


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37 minutes ago, Shug said:

Never seen a pic of him in a Utd shirt though....

unless you have one.

No idea if there's any around on the net, but consider that JT is 13 years older, there were no digital cameras around and old family photos are much less likely to lose or to get stolen to be scanned and leaked. Doesn't really matter anyway, JT himself admitted to it so it's only logical that sometimes he did sport a Manu shirt.

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