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Alex Sandro

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4 hours ago, enigma said:

why? tbh he hasn't looked that great this season. we also have palmieri now. i actually think that lb for napoli, ghoulam, is a quality little player. it is a shame he got long term injured. if he gets back to form it's worth going in for him depending on how palmieri turns out. as weird as it is, i think the wing back positions are less of an issue now than they were. i still think moses needs replacing. another central midfielder and cb, and an attacking player. 

You just put the Chelsea board on high alert. 

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21 hours ago, dansubrosa said:

Looking back, it’s crazy how we were heavily linked with Sandro when we didn’t even need him. 

Don't agree.

Sandro would have been an upgrade, getting us up the pitch much faster and able to put in decent crosses for dangerous positions. Morata would then have had two providers rather than just Azpi which got snuffed out by the opposition pretty quickly.

He would have strengthened our team instead we stayed the same, actually worse as both Morata and Baka faded.

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