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Andrea Belotti

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Just now, BordeauxBlue said:

Seems to be the fee bandied around yeah.

I still think Belotti is obtainable for under 80.

i think belotti is worth every penny for his release clause 90m..

he is a perfect number 9 and is young too... hope we are in for a pleasant surprise dealine day deal...


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1 hour ago, didierforever said:

I think the last time Roman "took out his cheque book" would be the splurge on torres and luiz in Jan 2011.

After that we have bought players, but the club seems to be self sustaining than relying on the ROMAN money, imo.

Yes that is what I mean. We had a net spend of £75m in 12/13 and £50m in 13/14. We havent had a noticeable high net spend in any season since then. 

If we assume Costa is gone for 40-50m, then I reckon the board have £60-70m they are comfortable spending. Which will likely be Drinkwater and Ox.

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