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Vidahost - UK Web Hosting

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Mod Stark

Server Maintenance - Tomorrow night

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On 11/30/2017 at 17:15, Mod Stark said:

So what you are really saying is that it is deterring you from using the 'View new content' link where you have it set to display only certain things?

All you need to do is raise the issue buddy, you don't have to threaten to leave. I'd rather lose the sidebar than have people using adblock that will hinder contributions to next years hosting fee's. I'll lose it.

@coco It only displays on desktop, mobile/tablet it's not showing

I don't use the "view new content" link, couldn't even tell you where it is. I log in and go to the sections/threads I want to view.

I wasn't threatening to leave. I don't view my presence or lack of it as being of any significance to warrant it being a threat.

Do what's best for the site, i'm not important.

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