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Herman Crespo - Home and Away

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From the official club site, Thought it deserved a thread.

Some player !

Home and Away: Hernan Crespo

news Sat 12 May 2018

With the Blues finishing our Premier League campaign on the road this weekend, we speak to Hernan Crespo, who will be back at Stamford Bridge as an 'away' player for our Legends match on Friday.

The Argentinian striker is the latest addition to the squads for the Chelsea Legends versus Inter Forever contest, a game which takes place on Friday 18 May and is dedicated to the memory of our late, great former captain and coach Ray Wilkins.

However, in what will be a first for Crespo, he will be returning to the ground where he became a Premier League champion as a member of the opposition, as he has been selected in the Inter squad for the match, taking on his former team-mate Michael Essien and Blues legends such as Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise and Roberto Di Matteo.

The 42-year-old won three consecutive Serie A titles during his second stint with the Nerazzurri, but prior to that he left the San Siro to join Chelsea in 2003, one of a number of big-name arrivals during Roman Abramovich’s first summer as Chelsea owner. Just three years earlier he was, for a brief period, the most expensive player in world football, following his transfer to Lazio; his signing for the Blues was a clear indication of where the club was heading.

1526131788204.jpgThe exuberant celebration which typically followed any of the 25 goals Crespo scored for the Blues

Although he scored some spectacular goals in his maiden campaign at the Bridge, we didn’t see the best of a man with a reputation as being one of Serie A’s deadliest marksmen. He struggled to adjust to life in England and returned to his adopted homeland of Italy to join AC Milan on loan for a season, before making a surprise switch back to west London.

By this time we were defending champions, and our opening match of the Premier League season came away at newly promoted Wigan Athletic – and who could forget Crespo's breathtaking contribution in the last minute, as he blasted home a left-footed screamer from outside the box.

1526138369866.jpgCrespo's famous goal against Wigan on the opening day of the 2005/06 season

'That's why we're champions’ rang out around the JJB Stadium, and Crespo embarked upon a fine campaign, in rotation with Didier Drogba, which helped us retain the title. And he can't wait to see the supporters again on what promises to be a very special night at the Bridge.


How excited are you to be coming back to the stadium where you won your first league title in Europe?

It's going to be great. In the last 12 years I've only been back to watch one match at Stamford Bridge, so to come back and be on the pitch will be amazing. The game I watched was versus Manchester City, and it was a boring, boring match! This one will be different, for sure. I want to say I am also very nervous to be back. To come back to a pitch where you were very happy is not easy, but I think it will be good.

You're coming back with grey hair and less energy...

Yes, very less energy and without my long hair but with white hair! But the boots are the same and I will try my best.

The supporters will be very happy to see you, regardless. You had a great relationship with them, didn't you?

Yes, and it's difficult to explain how I feel. Maybe after the match I will be able to explain better, but now I am just looking forward to it, thinking, 'Wow!' The atmosphere will be great, the feeling with the fans always was great, and to come back and run onto the pitch at Stamford Bridge in front of Chelsea and Inter fans, two clubs I love so much, will be amazing for me.


The picture above is after you became a Premier League champion - you are staring at your medal as if it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

I know this picture. That moment was amazing for me. Finally I won a championship, something I tried so many times to win, and to win a title with Chelsea was amazing. For other clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United, they were used to winning the title, but not for us – to do it twice in a row was amazing. And to do it 3-0 against Man United, in front of our fans in our own stadium; no, no, unbelievable. Unforgettable.

Many of your best moments for the Blues came away from Stamford Bridge, though. Wigan away, on the opening day of 2005/06, provided what many would say was your defining moment for the club.

I felt great to be back and then the first Premier League game I scored a very important goal in the last minute against Wigan. Outside the box, left foot – it was amazing, magnificent. From the start it was a very great season. Everybody may remember that, but I scored a lot of goals. I scored against Liverpool, West Ham – a lot of beautiful goals. It was a great season. We only drew one game at home, every other game we won. It was unbelievable.

1526138430822.jpgCelebrating after showing the world why we were champions...

You made a similarly impressive start to your first season, too. One of your first appearances, at Molineux, featured two clinical finishes against Wolves.

I remember these goals very well. It was a great start for me to come on as a substitute and score twice, it was not bad! They were two nice goals and we won the game by a big score, we all felt really good after the game.

We were also back in the Champions League after a three-year absence and there was a game against your former club, Lazio, when you scored in a 4-0 win which announced us as a European force.

This was a great match for us, to beat my old club 4-0 in their stadium. We played one of our best games and Lazio was very strong. We did very well in the Champions League that year and I think in both my seasons with the club we were unlucky in the competition. We arrived in the semi-final and lost against Monaco and then in the other year we lost to Barcelona – that Barcelona, which won the Champions League that year. The draw was not easy for us. But at the same time we built something special. Chelsea won another title and then it kept winning trophies. That's because we built something before. To be part of this build was something special for me.

Your most spectacular goal was arguably the one you netted at Highbury, albeit in a 2-1 defeat, early in your first season. Do you remember it?

Yes, of course – this goal is one I remember very well. Makelele passed me the ball and I tried to go inside and shoot the ball as hard as I could. I was outside the box and Lehmann could only watch the ball. It was an unbelievable goal. I scored some very beautiful goals with Chelsea in my two years. I don't want to say they are the best goals I ever scored, but there were a lot of beautiful goals. There was one against Aston Villa away which I remember, and another against Liverpool that was not bad. It is true I scored some very beautiful goals in that time.

1526132171454.jpgCrespo's 'not bad' goal against Liverpool

You were also first on the scene for the celebrations at Highbury when Wayne Bridge scored his famous goal that put us through to the Champions League semi-final.

Bridgey! I was there to celebrate with him and we all felt incredible at that moment because I don't know how many years it was since Chelsea had beaten Arsenal, but it was a long time. To beat them at Highbury, in the Champions League, was incredible and it took us into the semi-finals. We felt like the favourites. Even in the second leg against Monaco we were 2-0 up, so we had chances to go through to the final. It was a pity situation.

1526138576782.jpgCelebrating with Wayne Bridge after helping to end our Highbury hoodoo

The first leg against Monaco is the game everyone remembers, though, although with the late goals conceded it's almost forgotten you had scored to put us in a great position.

This situation was a pity. We were one man up because they had someone sent off and we lost two counter-attack goals and were beaten 3-1. It's a real pity because we had a chance to reach the final and maybe win the Champions League. But it doesn't work like this and it doesn't mean we'd beat Porto. They deserved to win the trophy and then Mourinho came to Chelsea. It's funny how football works, you never know what will happen.

Indeed – who would have thought you'd be coming back to Stamford Bridge to play a match at the age of 42? Do you have a message for the supporters ahead of the Legends game?

I never forget you. You are always in my heart and we lived a great moment together.

And maybe we can run it back at San Siro if it goes well.

Yes, why not? It will be an emotional day and a very special game.


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7 minutes ago, Backbiter said:

Great player. It really bugs me when some people write Crespo off as a big-money flop when he always played well for us. I know he and his family had issues settling in this country, but if you judge him on his performances he was a success.

Agreed, I think in 05-06 especially he has a good season with us.

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19 hours ago, the special one said:

Perhaps not in terms of contribution but I'd go as far to say talent wise Crespo may have been the best CF to ever play for Chelsea. Extraordinary talent.

I agree there mate.

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Hernan Crespo FC

Inside Blue Tue 15 May 2018

Hernan Crespo will be back at the Bridge on Friday as part of the Inter Forever squad taking on a team of Chelsea Legends. Here are some of his favourite former team-mates.

The Argentinian’s time in west London was short and sweet, a two-season stint staggered across three years, but in that time he proved himself to be one of the most natural finishers to ever pull on the blue shirt.

The second of his two campaigns here saw him play his part in helping us to our second straight league title and he was privileged to call some incredible players his team-mate. But which five get the nod for Hernan Crespo FC?

‘I can pick only five players?’ He asked when we caught up with him ahead of his return to Stamford Bridge on Friday. ‘That is not enough!

‘The first one in my team is the captain, John Terry. He helped me a lot when I came to Chelsea – not with words, but with actions. When you saw him you knew, “This is my captain.”


‘Every single training session he would fight and work very hard. That is a true captain. I like him so much.

‘The second is Frankie Lampard. There are lots of goals from him, but also you must understand that it was very easy to play with him.


‘He scored lots, but he made a lot of passes too. If you move well, Frankie's passes are the best. I remember a goal I scored, Anderlecht away, and I have a lot of others that Frank created.

‘Now it is very hard to pick three more. I need a goalkeeper so I choose Petr Cech, who was in goal for most of that season when we won the title, but I’d like to mention Carlo Cudicini, who helped me so much when I came to Chelsea.


‘Carlo is the nicest guy and he taught me what I needed to know about the club and about playing in England.


‘I don't want to forget Claude Makelele. He was the one Ranieri said was the battery in the watch and you think football is easy when you see him play, but what he did was not easy. Playing midfield is very difficult, but he did it so well.

‘The last one I am choosing is Arjen Robben, who was incredible. He was so young when I played with him, but with the ball, wow. You look at him and you knew this guy was different.’


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3 hours ago, erskblue said:


Fantastic compilation. So many good goals.

I love his header v Betis, but mainly for SWP's phenomenal cross - one of the best I've ever seen.

I've got a vague memory of him having a goal disallowed in that Liverpool game, just before or just after the one he scored (it was at the Matthew Harding end). I'm pretty sure it should have stood, and IIRC it was an absolute stunner, but I doubt I'll ever see that again (unless someone puts up a compilation of 'best wrongly disallowed Chelsea goals').

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His reaction to the Matthew Harding stand singing his song really got to him! He stood applauding and bowing and looked emotional. I was invited to the party after and talking to the players they really love their songs and means a lot to them. 

I said that not all the current  players have songs or  regularly get sung and their isn’t the same connection with players as ten twenty years ago.

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On 16/05/2018 at 11:45, Backbiter said:

Fantastic compilation. So many good goals.

I love his header v Betis, but mainly for SWP's phenomenal cross - one of the best I've ever seen.

I've got a vague memory of him having a goal disallowed in that Liverpool game, just before or just after the one he scored (it was at the Matthew Harding end). I'm pretty sure it should have stood, and IIRC it was an absolute stunner, but I doubt I'll ever see that again (unless someone puts up a compilation of 'best wrongly disallowed Chelsea goals').

The goal he was incorrectly disallowed against Liverpool was an incredible goal. The linesman was utter garbage in that match, Crespo should have had a hat trick. 

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On 16/05/2018 at 10:31, erskblue said:


Back in time when Chelsea players could deliver some good crosses. Jesus, Duff, Gallas, Lampard, Essien, Drogba... and now Marcos Alonso or Moses. :D :D 

Hernan was a great player indeed. Still wearing the Fly Emirates with his name. 

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That game against Liverpool was when I really started to loathe the Fat Spanish Waiter. I mean I didn't like him before but that was when I really began to resent his nonsense. He used to come out with that crap that Liverpool has 'sussed us out' and were our bogey team. It was so stupid because the results didn't read that way at all but I guess the Champions' League result made many people believe him, certainly the media bought it hook, line and sinker. 

Then they came to the Bridge and we f**king battered them. They'd finished a million points behind us the season before and were simply not as good as us. This game showed it. We bossed them and in the ground you could feel it. We all knew it, their fans and ours, they weren't at the races. Crespo was magnificent. That disallowed goal was ridiculous, I was level with it and he was miles onside, it was just his brilliant movement (he was maybe the best at this that I've ever seen) but the lino couldn't believe anyone could be that far ahead of the defender and basically gave it because of that. It was a travesty.

Reina was humiliated by Crespo, completely humiliated. He was getting the piss taken out of him by the MH something rotten. I firmly believe this was why he raced out of his goal and scissor tackled Eidur, he'd completely lost it. It was a bad tackle and he got away with it. Then he weakly swiped at Robben's face in the area and got himself sent off. To be fair, Robben made a meal of it but I always felt he deserved to go for the tackle. I accept that he did get his toe to he ball but you could see it was always his intention to just take Eidur out. 

Anyway, what I hated about this is that the FSW managed to control the way the media reported the match by making it all about Robben's pathetic dive. The truth of it was that we had battered them. Reina was a twat that day, he'd lost control of himself, that should have been the story. 

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