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FA Cup Final 2018 Chelsea V Man Utd Sat 19th May 17:15 UK

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9 hours ago, ForeverCarefree said:

Great to have finished the season with a trophy.

Feels like with all the rumour surrounding Conte leaving the cup win hasn’t been savoured as much as usual.

Still, I’m happy! 

I’m really happy too, on Sat I was convinced we’d lose and I think that’s what effected my mood even after we won it. I found it hard to get up for it but day after it really sunk in and felt great. Weird the contrasting difference to last year I was so up for it and we lost. If I’m honest even though we’d won the league last season it ruined it for me when we lost the cup final. There’s just something really special about winning a cup final that even winning the league can’t replicate. Which I know is a weird statement cause the league is the bread and butter.

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It's funny because I often have two conflicting views/feelings before a game.  One is what my head logically tells me is likely to happen and the other is a gut feeling.  Often my gut feeling is anxiety (my default mood when it comes to Chelsea) even when my head tells me we should be clear favourites.  

But on Saturday, whilst almost everyone thought Manure were clear favourites, my gut feeling disagreed.  I did acknowledge that we could easily lose.  But I also thought that they weren't great, were short of ideas, were turgid and although they finished three places above us, weren't any better really.  At worst I thought it was 50/50 which way it would go.  Even though my head (and other people) were saying otherwise, I really thought we had more than a decent chance.  

And I thought all along that the most likely score was 1-0 - well, both of us are pretty defensive and I couldn't see it being an entertaining goal-fest. 

I just wish I'd had a bet on it!

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On 20/05/2018 at 07:45, mclovin83 said:


Gutted for you that you missed the game mate..... 

Maybe have a bit more faith next time and you won't miss watching your team beat Manchester United in a cup final ;-)

I did miss watching the game I admit, but after watching the whole match afterwards, I don’t think my nerves would have held up through that scary second half where we had all hands to the pumps.

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