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Help with this chant please

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Posted (edited)

I can’t recall the last verse for the life ,so could anyone please step forward and fill in the blanks,or please correct if I have any of the first verses wrong.


We all went to wembley one fine day in may,a crowd of supporters all happy and gay.                                                                                                

The first was scored when bobby out jumped the rest,                                                                                                                                                     

the second was scored by a wee Georgie best.                                                                                                                                       


The streford end shouted,but I never did and the third was scored by a young Brian Kidd .                                                                                              


The stretford end shouted for more more and more,so bobby oblijed them by making it four,                                                                                      

the team to remember the team to recall,the great man utd the pride of them all.                                                                                                            


They came down to chelsea in 78,and they filled up the north stand,the shed and the sides,                                                                                      

but chelse were a many to many to ruck and the famous man utd got battered to fcuk. 


we went upto Manchester in 78 ????


now that’s where Iam lost after 78 bit ,all I recall is that chelsea ran them far and wide.


if any other parts of this chant are wrong please correct me,and thanks in advance.



Edited by ddrblue

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It was one of those songs you used to hear in pubs before the game- can't ever remember it being sung in the Shed when I was present ( 78 onwards)

Theres several verses- not sure who penned it- never know it might have been Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice!

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First time I heard it was at notts forest away in a league two fixture in late 1980s via fat kath ,during a pre match drink in whatever pub .

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