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  1. Announcements

    1. The Shed End Site Announcements

      Forum announcements appear here.  Like a firm hand, cast in leather, in many back alleys of Eastern Europe they keep you in line, but at a fraction of the cost. Any downtime or updates on The Shed End Forum will be posted here. Also if you have problems using any of the Chelsea forums, throw us a post in here.

    2. Newbies - Say Hello Here!

      Don't be shy newbies. It wasn't that long ago that youlots was a odious little English wannabe - now he is a little taller. Welcome yourself to our Chelsea community here, pull up a chair, pour out a drink and tell us where you're from and when you started to follow Chelsea FC. Any of your favourite Chelsea players? What you like to do? Anything! This forum is your oyster Noobs!

  2. Chelsea Forums

    1. General Chelsea FC

      OK we are a crooked, we buy kids in a way that puts Gary Glitter to shame and we are as big on equality as Hitler at a bacon buttie party. That aside we are charming...and at least not scouse. All Chelsea chat is in here that isn't covered in the forums below. Chelsea player topics, any news at Chelsea FC, this is your go-to!

    2. Chelsea Match Chat

      The game is over, Willian wasn't good and Kovacic made you miss Bakayoko -  We can replace them now the season is over...oh... All Chelsea match chat is in here. Can't get to the game and want to follow what is happening? You have something to say on a Chelsea match? This is the forum for it!

    3. Chelsea Tickets, Travel & Memorabilia

      Want a ticket? Flogging one?  This is the very place for you.  Face value only though - this isn't f**king Liverpool and there are only so many seats in a stadium. 

    4. Chelsea Rumours

      I say one thing for the transfer ban, it has kept the contingent liabilites in Roman's balance sheet to a record low. That said I did hear a rumour we were to blame for Chernobyl.

    5. Chelsea Vintage

      Chelsea pre Roman - when we were nothing more than a flower show and a poor alter-ego name for your 'cousin'

    6. Chelsea Reserves and Youth Team

      Aargh the youth team... for us nothing more than a place to dump Winston Bogarde, yet for the likes of Celtic it is a breeding ground.

    7. Butch's Prediction League

      The Shed End's long running prediction league. It used to be easy to win it in the Mourinho days (though I never did) - bit harder now.

  3. Football Forums (Non Chelsea)

    1. Football (Other Teams)

      Who do you hate most, Spurs, QPR, Millwall or Liverpool?  OK you also had cancer, necrophilia and Jimmy Saville to choose from but I think we can all understand why you chose Spurs and Liverpool.

    2. International Football

      International football, where your team's players get injured and fat England fans with bad tattoos prove they are as just as bad at throwing chairs. Anything International Football related is in here. World Cups, Euro's, you know the drill!


  4. Non Football

    1. The Shed End Lounge

      If football doesn't float your boat, much like the French at the Battle of Trafalgar, then this is the forum for you. That said you will be deemed a leper of modern society.

    2. Music, TV and Films

      Stuff that passes the time when the footie isn't on. What bands are you off to see? What are you watching? Any new films coming? Let everyone know in here. 



    3. Internet, Computing & Gaming

      Geeks apply here! Any questions to resident Nerds? Any new games coming? What are you playing at the moment? It's all in here.


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